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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Andhra MP Raghu Raju writes to PM about misuse of SC benefits by Christians, illegal missionary activities

Rebel YSRCP MP Raghu Raju has submitted a letter to Dr. Jitendra Singh, MoS, PMO India demanding action on fraud in the census, misuse of SC reservations by Christians in Andhra Pradesh, child evangelism in Christian children homes and misuse of FCRA money to fund conversion activities.

In his letter to the PM, he wrote:

Subject: Representation seeking action against Misleading Population Census – Misuse of SC Reservation Benefits by Christians – Large Scale Christian Conversions in Child Care Institutions & Diversion of FCRA Funds for Conversions activities in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Through this representation, I wish to bring to your kind notice the large-scale injustice being meted out to Scheduled Castes citizens in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This situation has arisen due to a large number of Christians in the state of AP claiming themselves to the members of Scheduled Caste community.

Large-scale conversions from Hindu religion into Christianity is taking place in the state of Andhra Pradesh for many years. Unfortunately, the state of Andhra Pradesh does not have any legislation to regulate or monitor the change from one religion to another. In the absence of a mandatory provision to register the change of religion, most of the conversions from Hinduism to Christianity are being neither noticed nor recorded in any official records. Majority of the said conversions are out of SC Hindu population in the state. The enormity of the problem can be gauged by the fact that the word ‘SC’ and ‘Christian’ are being used interchangeably and being exploited.

This is corroborated by the data collected during Census operations. While the population of the state of AP has gone up by 78.43% between 1971-2011, the population of Christians has moved in the opposite direction, declining by -54.13 %. Total number of Christians has gone down from 14.87 lakhs in 1971 to just 6.82 lakhs in 2011. 

Census data for 5 districts of AP highlights the seriousness of the problem of vanishing Christians of Andhra Pradesh. In just one district – Guntur, the number of Christians has come down from 4.15 lakhs in 1971 to just 0.89 lakhs in 2011. Where have all the Christians vanished? The answer lies in the next table where Christian and SC population of the district are studied.

This has led to a ridiculous situation there are zero Christians in a village but in the same village, there are 11 churches. Example: Maddulaparva Village, Reddigudem Mandal, Krishna District.

In Pedda Aravidu Mandal of Prakasam district, 33 pastors were paid an honorarium of Rs. 5,000 by the Govt. of AP while the entire Revenue Division has just 16 Christians as per 2011 Census.

The data for Guntur district is even more shocking. In 1961, 5.24 % of the population was from Scheduled Castes and 13.40 % was from Christians. By 2011, the figure for SC’s has risen to 19.59 % while the figure for Christians came down to 1.84 %. Is it not safe to assume that those practising Christianity have obtained Hindu-SC caste certificates to garner every opportunity and facility given for benefit of SCs – like reservations in elected posts, nominated posts, jobs, educational opportunities, scholarships, hostels, housing etc. This is the gross misuse of the special facilities granted by the constitution for SCs.

If we translate this data into the number of people, amount misused and the length of time for which this has been going on will stand out as the largest fraud on the Constitution of India and violation of the law of the land.


The gross injustice arising out of Christians declaring themselves as Scheduled Caste is enabled by a huge inflow of FCRA funds from evangelist organisations around the world. The Christian evangelist lobby aided and abetted by their foreign counterparts have gone on a massive evangelisation and conversion spree in the state of Andhra Pradesh. A strong and well-knit organisation of Churches, religious workers in the shape of pastors, padres have gone on a massive church planting drive all over Andhra Pradesh. These well-organised groups encourage converts to declare themselves as SC Hindus and corner all the benefits legitimately due to genuine Hindu SCs. Acting as a solid vote bank they are dictating terms to the elected representatives and officials of the state administration. 

The large scale conversions are leading to social strife, law and order issues, families being torn apart. Converts are refusing to cremate their departed elders, refusing to attend family ceremonies. The aggressively proselytising evangelists are sowing the seeds of secessionist, separatist ideas in the minds of converts. They are shifting the loyalties of the converts from nation to extra-territorial, extra-constitutional evangelical/ Christian religious heads located abroad. This does not bode well for the unity and integrity of the country.

A number of complaints backed by documentary evidence of misuse of FCRA funds by various evangelist organisations have been lodged with the Ministry of Home Affairs by organisations like the Legal Rights Protection Forum, Hyderabad. 


A large portion of FCRA funds are being utilized for running educational institutions and Child Care Institutions (CCIs). A cursory examination of the activities of these schools/colleges and CCIs are full of shocking stories of minor children being forced to undergo compulsory daily Bible classes and are being converted without knowledge/consent of parents. This is a serious crime but the rabid and fanatical evangelical NGOs are least bothered about the law of the land. 


In the course of running evangelical NGOs, the functionaries of these organisations and their foreign donors are making several statements accusing present government of being bent upon abolishing Christianity in India, projecting our beloved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in very bad light etc. These acts have seriously damaged the reputation of the nation in the eyes of the world. There is an urgent need to rein in these evangelist NGOs before they cause more serious and permanent damage to Indian nation and Indian society.

 In view of the seriousness of the nature of issues raised in this letter, we request you, sir, to: 

    1. Constitute fact-finding committees of National Scheduled Castes Commission to study the issue of rampant misuse of Scheduled Caste benefits/ schemes by Christians.
    2. Expedite inquiry into all the complaints lodged with the Ministry of Home Affairs, National Child Rights Commission, National SC Commission. Details of complaints lodged so far given in annexures. 

MP Raghu Raju had earlier revealed that there are 25% Christians in the population of Telugu-speaking states (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) though the official record shows them at just 2.5%.

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