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Friday, June 9, 2023

Pujari confronts missionaries preaching in front of temple in Andhra

A video of a temple pujari confronting missionaries preaching in front of a temple in Andhra Pradesh has gone viral on social media. While many admired the pujari for standing up to the missionary mafia, others criticised the onlookers for being indifferent. With a Christian as the CM of the state, missionaries appear to have been emboldened to proselytise in front of a temple.

Recently, a video of a pujari arguing with some people in front of a temple went viral on social media. Bala Gangadhar Tilak, a pujari from BC Palli area in Marripadu, Nellore had confronted a group of missionaries when they camped in front of a Bhagwan Rama temple and preached the gospel. In the video, the pujari can be heard asking why they were doing it near the temple to which missionaries said that they had permission to do so.

Missionaries claimed that they were only going on the road. But from the video, it is clear that the auto with musical instruments they used for preaching is nearby the temple. When the pujari said that he had been observing for 15 minutes and they were preaching near the temple, one of the pastors replied, “How does it matter which god, we are also talking of god only”. The pujari countered saying, “I will read the Bhagavad Gita then and give Prasadam, Will you take it?”

Rattled pastors started whining and asked, “Who gave you permission to stop us? This is a public road, we can do our preaching on the road”. The pujari pointed out that they were not moving and deliberately stopped in front of the temple to preach. The video went viral on social media with many admiring the pujari for his courage. In contrast, others pointed out how many Hindus, probably those who came to the temple, remained mute and observed the confrontation meekly.

Sanatana Hindu Foundation of Nellore felicitated the pujari for bravely confronting the pastors all alone. Leftists preach Hindus to be tolerant towards other faiths. But imagine a Hindu upanyasaka doing what missionaries do in front of a church. Why, even after multiple incidents of attacks on Ram Navami processions came to light from various parts of Bharat they point out one single incident of Hindus raising Jai Shri Ram slogans in front of a mosque and crying persecution. How can Hindus co-exist with missionaries and Islamists who miss no chance to target Hindu temples and festivals?

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  1. Reply to other Anonymous:

    Some authors Journalists have Advocacy Rights as Citizens to also put forth their Honest Opinions along with Reporting -if there is a Need for it in view of being Vigilant for self and others.

    Some Hindus are abused by some missionaries as being satanic for not going to a church that is full of nonsense , conflicts and abuse of those who cannot oppose/ are vulnerable;

    If a Reporter viewed this , and there is no Advocacy for vulnerable, it is just to add for Reporter to include his Opinion and bring justice/ or atleast Awareness to try prevent more hurt

  2. Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired.
    As a journalist your job is just to present the unbiased facts, not try to push your personal opinion also into this.
    Just imagine in the U.S if a pastor and some christians went outside of the church to the public road and started harassing a “Hare ram” pandit who is distributing tracts… The police would get involved and there would be a public outcry against the pastor.
    Go read the constitution – All ppl dont just have the freedom to practice their religion, they also have freedom to share their faith publicly as well

    • Bigots like you just can’t stand Hindus combating your supremacist nonsense and antics, can you?

      Here’s a suggestion – ask your masters sitting in USA who run these vile evangelical networks, in the misguided and evil belief that theirs is the only ‘true religion’ and that all other spiritual paths are ‘false’ – ask them to just ban the ‘Hare Rama’ movement and ban all Dharmics from even practising their religion in the US & other Western nations. Just do it.

      You bigots think we don’t know how ISKCON and all Hindu traditions are mocked/denigrated/exoticized in the West, including in popular culture like serials and movies? No Hindu ever says to a Christian or any non-Hindu “your religion is fake, only Hindu Dharma is true”, they don’t call Christians ‘satan worshippers’ or ‘worshippers of false Gods’, they don’t harass/denigrate and abuse Christian children in schools to regard their own culture and tradition as inferior – that is something your White Christian evangelical masters excel at, and which bigots like you have imbibed.

      It’s too much to expect uncivilized yet loudmouth bigots like you to understand the Constitution and the Constituent Assembly debates. Article 25 has a clause that says ‘subject to public morality and order’ – you rabid proselytizers have abused the good nature and inherent respect for diversity that we Hindus have. You have grown emboldened through nakedly biased judges like KM Joseph and CMs like Jagan Reddy into thinking that you can do whatever you wish as you have a ‘God-given right to rule over pagans’. Here’s a wake up call – NEVER..we Hindus will NEVER succumb to Abrahamic supremacists like you, Bharat will ALWAYS remain a land of DHARMA. The Constitution has been abused and hijacked by bigots and Western slaves like you – it is time to remove your ‘Right to proselytize’ altogether.

  3. The missionaries are of several kinds- some genuinely think they could offer seekers a better& worth belief – thus they evangelise; some missionaries are used to insulting others ( due to their own inferiority complex etc.
    ) and some are paid workers doing their work.

    Dialogues, discussions and Laws at both,
    Enforcement and Education level are Solutions.


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