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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Muslim plumber traps Hindu woman with fake Hindu identity, abandons her after second nikah

Yet another tale of grooming jihad – deceit, sexual exploitation, ‘marriage’, followed by violence and attempted forced conversion, and eventual abandonment (luckily no murder this time).

Amir, a plumber from Meerut pretended to be AK Chaudhary and messaged a divorced Hindu woman who works in a beauty parlour over Instagram in 2019. He met her in Delhi, professed his ‘love’.

Around 1 year back, the woman found his true identity. He said you can follow your Hindu customs, no need to convert. They had a court marriage in 2022. He said they should also have a nikah, ‘just as a formality’. So a Maulana came and read the nikah, marriage contract.

Now, the respectful, tolerant mask was done away with. Amir started asking her to read the Quran, and insisted she convert to Islam, not surprising because all his life he would have learnt that Islam is the ‘only true religion’, the only way to win God’s blessings and a sureshot entry to Jannat – it is only Hindus who are taught ‘all religions are same’ and that ‘all religions teach us to respect other religions’.

When the Hindu woman resisted and asked why he is going back on his earlier promise to let her follow her own customs, she was assaulted. One day she found Amir chatting with another girl on a video call. He had carried out another nikah with a girl from his own community. When the Hindu lady protested, he gathered all their belongings in a tempo and left Delhi for his village in Meerut, UP.

She has now lodged a case and police is investigating.

These cases occur everyday. Islamist men know that assuming a fake Hindu identity to strike up a relationship with unsuspecting Hindu girls is as easy as changing a T shirt. Even generating a fake Aadhar is not that difficult.

There are 0 social consequences for such identity theft & deceit, from either their community or from disorganised Hindus. Islamists know the weakness of our law enforcement machinery, and how, in the off chance that an FIR is lodged, the case will drag out and at worst they will get a slap on the wrist. They know that even if lower courts pass strict judgements, powerful lobbies and lawyers will be arranged for their defence in higher courts in name of secularism and human rights. They are not fools, they catch the signals our elites are giving when even child rapist-murderers from their community earn sympathy of courts and ‘saint/sinner’ analogies.

These daily assaults will not stop unless Hindus do the following

1.) Teach true understanding of Dharma (and not what a certain ‘Mahatma’ preached), and of Abrahamic religions, to our children

2.) Impose heavy cost through social boycott and other means to create deterrence against identity theft and sexual predation.

3.) Re-establish Dharma as the guiding light of the Bharatiya State and take our nation back from the hands of the deracinated elite.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @hindupost on March 15, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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