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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jharkhand: Hindu teen Suraj Das driven to suicide by Christian conversion mafia

18-year-old Suraj Kumar Das was driven to suicide by the rampant Christian conversion mafia operating in his Jharkhand village. Suraj stoutly opposed the conversion agents but, tragically, members of his own family had fallen prey to the Christian missionaries and were pressurizing him to convert.

Suraj jumped into a well late Friday evening at his village of Pannatand Ravidas Tola, Kataiya Panchayat, Chatra district, reports Prabhat Khabar. He was an inter-student. The family brought Suraj out of the well and took him to a doctor who pronounced him dead. In a shocking display of macabre superstition, they then brought the body home, closed the door, placed a religious book (Bible?) on the chest and head of the deceased and started praying for him to come back to life.

On Saturday morning, after getting information, Vashistha Nagar police station in-charge, Sunil Kumar Singh arrived in the village and sent Suraj’s body to Chatra for postmortem. Villagers said that the young man opposed the conversion activities in the village. But others in the village and his own family used to persecute him for this. Suraj’s father Kamlesh Das works as a mason.

As per locals, Suraj was disillusioned after failing to stop the rampant conversion in his small village which has a population of 100. Most villagers have converted to Christianity lured by the message that doing so will quickly bring them prosperity, peace and happiness. Worst of all, Suraj’s own family members were forcing him for conversion which he was upset with.

Kailash Das, the grandfather of the deceased boy, said that conversion has taken firm roots in the area. Some local youth have come under temptation and made innocent people their prey. Religious texts and prayer books are being spread among the people.

In a textbook response of a ‘secular’ state functionary, Police in-charge Sunil Kumar Singh tried to downplay the matter by saying that “no one can interfere with proselytization of a religion, all religions have the right to proselytize”. He further added that “cause of death is being ascertained and lawful action will be taken”.

This incident has parallels to a horrific case from Tamil Nadu recently where the dead body of a Christian policewoman (she had separated from her husband after conversion) was kept for 20 days in her house by her sister, children, and a pastor who told the family that she was ‘only resting and would be resurrected like Jesus Christ’.

Missionary Mafia SOP

The well-oiled and funded Christian missionary mafia has a standard operating procedure as this case indicates. They first establish themselves in an area with a benign face, under guise of providing health care, education or in the service of some other social cause. Slowly, Christian prayer services are started where people are invited with the promise of material and spiritual salvation – ‘prosperity gospel’ is a favorite tool. The Dharmic religious & cultural beliefs of the natives are denigrated and mocked, subtly at first. Quack healers soon descend and elaborate charades of miracle cures are played out to dupe the gullible. Financial assistance, scholarship and other allurements are offered to sweeten the deal.

Women and children (4-14 window) are especially targeted because the missionaries know that once they are in control, the rest of the family usually follows. Once a critical mass of converts has been obtained, they are used to coerce others in the community with a carrot & stick policy.

If all else fails, hitherto tightly-knit communities are instigated against each other using faux history or manufactured activism: the Church even has a doctrine for ‘rights-based approach to global evangelization’! Exhibiting a canny understanding of Bharat’s uniquely distorted polity, the missionaries now even threaten to foist false cases under the SC/ST Act to intimidate those opposed to their shenanigans, or just play the tried and tested minority victimhood/persecution card.

Our secular state has singularly failed to protect Hindus and all Dharmic communities, including our tribal brothers and sisters. A relentless foreign religion is being allowed to uproot our priceless religious and civilizational heritage, preserved for thousands of years by our ancestors, under cover of ‘freedom of religion’.

The likes of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren, who fashion themselves as champions of ‘tribal rights’ and are obsessed with proving ‘tribals are not Hindus’, are silent on the single-biggest threat facing indigenous tribal faiths like Sarna Dharma, i.e. Christian missionaries! The nexus between Christian radicals and Maoist terrorists, in which poor converted Christians end up becoming fodder for #BreakingIndia forces, is well-known in Bharat’s tribal heartland.

We need to urgently amend the Constitutional provision of ‘right to proselytise’ which was added despite warnings against the exact abuse of this right we are witnessing today. Anti-conversion law needs to be introduced at the national level with the sort of provisions Russia’a Yaravoya Law and other laws passed by truly sovereign nations have.

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