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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Islamic concept of “Waqf” and the battle to re-conquer Bharat

Nothing in Islam is random. Everything is planned. This didn’t happen because Nupur Sharma quoted the Hadith. This happened because Islam keeps waiting for an event like this to further its goals of world domination.

Islam’s goal is world domination by conquest; and ultimately conversion of the whole world to Islam. This is because from Islam’s point of view, the whole world was a Muslim property, given to them by Allah, as per the Hadith. We, the non-Muslims usurped their lands.

Absurd as it sounds, the whole world is considered legally the property of Muslims, bestowed on them by Allah even before the Prophet was born. So, we, the non-Muslims, are squatting on Muslim lands. It is their divine right to get Allah-bestowed lands back.

From that view, Muslims are not ‘claiming’ our land. They are ‘reclaiming’ it as their scriptures tell them. From this point of view, all non-Muslims all over the world are illegal squatters and it is the Muslims who are the legal evictors. They are just following law.

The Prophet never crossed the boundaries of Arabian Peninsula. But Muslims have a ‘legal’ claim on Jerusalem and the Dome on the Rock. The Hadith tells them that the Prophet, flew on Al-Burraque, a flying horse/mare, and claimed the Dome by touching the land with his feet.

The idea of Waqf, the concept of Islamic land ownership dictates that ‘Once a Waqf, always a Waqf’. Just like once you become a Muslim you can never leave it; when a land is owned by Muslims, becomes ‘Waqf’, then it can never revert back to non-Muslims.

All the lands that Islamic armies ever controlled are considered Waqf by all Muslims. It’s their divine duty to reclaim all those lands from the heathen. This principle adds to the original idea of the whole world as Waqf, adds to the zeal of Muslims trying to re-conquer Waqf.

In that view, some of the greatest Waqfs to be reclaimed are Bharat, Spain, Lebanon, Greece, Israel and Eastern Europe as these lands were once ruled by Islamic armies but which became heathen once again as they did not entirely convert to Islam.

What is happening today in Bharat, according to Islamic scriptures, is that Muslims are regaining their legal property. Bharat is an unfinished agenda of Islam. Muslims can’t tolerate that something which was once a Muslim land is now ruled by heathens.

What happened in 1947 and what is happening today is the reclamation of Waqf by Muslims. They will not stop until the whole land is Islamized, ruled by Muslims with all its Hindus converted to Islam.

In our times this can be traced by various similar partition movements across the world in which partitions happened because Muslims denied living under the rule of non-Muslims and demanded separate country. After they got their country they cleansed it of all non-Muslims.

And the non-Muslim country was declared as a secular one under the pagan or non-Muslim benevolence. But Muslim minorities in these countries never left and instead stayed to make that country too an Islamic Waqf.

It happened between Lebanon and Syria; Greece and Turkey; Israel and Jordan; Bharat and Pakistan. I am starting a series of threads in which I will analyze each case one by one to show that this is a global strategy of Muslims and Islam.

Nothing with Islam is local and incidental. Everything is global and planned, because the world is a Waqf of Muslims and the goal is world domination. Muslims NEVER react. They always first ACT. But they spin narratives as if they are reacting to non-Muslim provocation.

I will illustrate all these claims here by four examples one by one in the coming series. Please stay tuned to the daily morning updates of each particular case titled: Unfinished Agendas of Political Islam.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of PankajSaxena84.)

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