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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Halal certified food sold as prasad in HRCE controlled temple in TN

Tamil Nadu HRCE department has stooped to a new low by allowing Halal certified food items to be sold in a temple. After devotees questioned why food items unrelated to the temple and Halal certified are sold in the temple HRCE has sent notice to the stall owner.

The Sangameshwarar temple in Erode, Tamil Nadu is located where 3 rivers, Cauvery, Bhavani and Amruta, confluence much similar to Prayag and is known as Dakshina Prayag as well. The legend is that river Amruta that emerged out of the nectar given to Sage Parasarar, at this place by the Devas, joins the two rivers invisibly. The temple and deities find mention in Sangam literature and are sung upon by Shaivite saint poets as well. It also has the speciality of having both Shiva and Vishnu in the same complex.

On New Year day, the Prasada stall located near the Adi Kesava Perumal sannidhi was found to be selling food items which are unrelated to the temple. Usually foods that are prepared in the madapalli (temple kitchen where naivedya is prepared) and are sold to the devotees after puja. Every temple kitchen prepares only specific food items and some are even famous for their recipes. Only food, sweets and other items that are prepared in the temple kitchen should be sold in the Prasada stall.

But there have been complaints that those who are given contracts to run Prasada stalls are selling items unrelated to the temple for commercial interests. Likewise the Prasada stall located in Sangameshwarar temple was found to be selling some snack items which were unrelated to the temple and on top of that were Halal certified. While only Sweet Pongal, Tamarind Rice, Curd Rice, Laddu, Adirasam and Murukku that are prepared in the temple kitchen should have been sold, the lessee Vijayalakshmi is said to have bought some snack items from outside and sold them inside the temple.

When devotees went to get some prasadam they found that some of them were Halal certified. Shocked by this violation they informed Hindu organisations. BJP, Hindu Munnani and Hindu Makkal Katchi functionaries questioned why they were sold inside the temple and inquired the whereabouts of the Executive Officer. 

They accused the DMK government and HRCE of colluding with abrahamic forces to convert Hindus. They also wondered why it is called “Hindu” Endowments Board if it allows such products inside a temple. In the video doing rounds in social media when they question the stall owner, a shopkeeper can be heard saying “officers are allowing it after accepting bribes”.


Later they escalated the issue with the temple’s Executive Officer who ordered the stall to be shut down for the time being. EO also assured that such incidents won’t repeat in the future. HRCE is said to have sent a notice to the lessee demanding an explanation.

At a time when the Halal certification is fought even by Christians owing to their religious nature and economical importance, Hindus remain ignorant of what it even means. HRCE being a secular organisation doesn’t concern itself about such details unless pointed out by devotees. This issue shows yet again why Hindu temples should be freed from government control and the myriad of ways abrahamic religions wage war Hindu Dharma.

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  1. HALAL doesn’t merely means it adheres to Kuran. It’s much more evil. It means that in the manufacturing of halal cert item (even non meat items) ONLY muslims have been employed. This way halal economy ensures that each of their community person is employed. Plus, 2.5% of their earnings go twds ZAKAT funds. These funds are used for all jihadi activities and to fight legal cases against muzzis in any state of India. How else u find every muzzi getting bails within hours of arrest? Halal economy is a license to k1ll every kafir!

  2. Halal is Arabic for permissible. Halal food is that which adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. The Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry, dhabiha, involves killing through a cut to the

    So, halal means mutton ! ?

  3. The time has come.
    Even at this stage if Hindus fail to act against the administration, whether it is State ( Govt) or any of its office bearers or any private individuals Hindutva will lose its sanctity.

  4. Do not allow Halal certified prasadam to be sold as temple prasadam. My request to all Hindus is to henceforth avoid buying Prasadam from temple.

  5. Very unfortunate to see such events , Hindus time to take control of our temples .
    Bring in credible loyal board to govern the temple . Mostly people of the local samaj who have dedicated family history towards the temple .

  6. Any one who is against hindu religion and faith is unfit to chair HRCE meetings. HRCE is Hindu Religious and Cultural Endowment Board and it can not be secular organisation, as it has to play crucial role in developing hindu temples and culture. Stalin has hindu hate mentality and has spoken against Hindu faith and belief in other religious and general meetings. Hence, he should be directed by Madras High Court, to take pledge of his hindu belief, before he or anyone chair HRCE meetings as well as while entering hindu temples. DMK leaders and family members should take pledge of their belief in hindu faith and culture, as these leaders play double standards and minority appeasement politics.

  7. God saved Tamil Nadu good that Sanjeeb Bannerji was transferred. As otherwise his inconsistent views according to his whims on a particular a day would have continued to torture one and all.


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