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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Christian evangelist Sundar Selvaraj says Covid vaccine has been infested with Satan

The canards Christian evangelists spread in the name of religion has reached its zenith with a self-styled pastor spreading misinformation about the vaccine being invented for the Covid-19 virus. Mainstream media reports a lot about so-called fake Hindu sadhus, but never the likes of this one.

One Sundar Selvaraj who claims himself to have been a staunch orthodox Hindu, calls himself a sadhu and the evangelistic world is projecting him as some kind of prophet. This man wears a robe and traps the gullible poor Hindus of India through his preachings in Angel TV, a channel owned by his ministry. Selvaraj founded Jesus Ministries which has two registered charity organizations in TN and WB apart from a Non-Profit organization in the USA and a private limited company in Singapore.

The FCRA organization of Jesus ministries has received 2 crores in the financial year of 2019-20 alone from his US nonprofit. Selvaraj claims to have been shown the path by Jesus to pursue the path of Sadhu Sundar Singh, a missionary who proselytized in Tibet. He has visited more than 40 countries all over the world as per the information provided on Jesus ministries website.

Now he is in the news for spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine teeming it to be infested with Satan, in the form of a chip. In one of the shows aired in August on Angel TV, he alleges that tech companies are disguising a chip as the vaccine for coronavirus to collect private data of the individuals.

He takes the name of Bill Gates, who is already working in the field of vaccinating children in poor countries, to claim that he has joined hands with GAVI, a company that invests in developing biometrical digital identity and alleges that they are developing a biometric-chip in the form of a vaccine to collect the personal data of individuals. He fear-mongers that the vaccine is nothing but a chip that will be injected into everyone and even financial transactions can be made through that in the future.

In his show, he further says, “If this is an ordinary vaccine, it is no harm. But if the other two forces are joining together, the digital identity and a financial transaction ability joining together… then in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I warn you today run away from it”. Even though there are fears about Bill Gates and his foundation in the field of vaccination, Selvaraj’s fear-mongering stops with digital financial transactions. He warns his followers that those who opt out of vaccination will not be allowed to make financial transactions.

As if this is not enough he also made a serial to further instill this fear among the audience. A poor mother and her son can be seen watching the above discourse on TV. The son asks his mother what the ‘grandpa’ (Selvaraj on screen) is saying. The mother who is visibly panicked says, “He says they have invented a vaccine for the pandemic. But it has the chip with the mark of the beast. So we must not get vaccinated”.

In another scene, the mother-son duo can be seen standing in the queue to get vaccinated in the vaccination camp. The mother keeps thinking about what the evangelist said on TV and hears a voice, supposedly of Jesus, calling her “Dear daughter Sumithra, look at the injection. It’s not a vaccine at all. The mark of the beast is hidden in it. This is what you read in the book of revelation. If you take the mark of the beast, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven”. A visibly shaken Sumithra asks, “what should I do now?” to which the voice replies “warn them about this”.

She then says that she won’t take the vaccine and asks others to do the same. “As the Lord has said in the Bible, it has the mark of the beast in it” she shouts at those who have gathered to get vaccinated. Another two women comment that the pastor also warned them about this.

While some people ask whether Sumithra has gone mad, a man, supposedly a politician with a saffron shawl, shown as having organized the vaccination drive, gets Sumithra’s husband to inquire what’s wrong with her. The doctor says it’s only a chip and that it’s for her own good. Agitated, Sumithra remembers what Selvaraj said in his discourse and runs away with her son.

So far only Muslims have featured in news, particularly from Muslim majority regions like Malappuram in Kerala, for refusing to vaccinate their children and assaulting health department officials in the process. With such irresponsible and malicious propaganda against a vaccine for a pandemic that has been raging in the world for almost a year more such news can be expected in India unless the government comes down heavily on them.

Angel TV is telecasted in many parts of the world. So it’s not just an Indian problem. Fear mongering in the name of prophecies isn’t new for Selvaraj as he had, in the name of prophecy, tried to spread a lie that a flesh-eating disease was spreading in Thailand in 2014.

In 2013, Selvaraj visited the Philippines for the 24th annual National Prayer Gathering. He claimed himself to be a prophet and claims that “a deadly outbreak of the flesh-eating disease would spread across the globe and that the epidemic would begin in Pangasinan in the northern part of Philippines”, as reported by The Diplomat.

It has also carried the transcription of his speech, “The Lord says there is a place called Pangasinan. The Lord says it is in the northernmost part of your land. From there a grievous disease will spread all over the world. That will consume the flesh of men; all their upper skin will begin to decay. It will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The Lord said that this [disease] will begin from the Philippines”.

He instilled fear in the gathering by saying that if they didn’t repent and pray, they would face destruction all over the Philippines and that ‘The Lord’ would give them over “to flood and waters”. He used fearful phrases like “the Lord will torture your land with typhoons and hurricanes. The Lord will plague the land with diseases. The Lord will punish your land with famine and scattering” in his dramatic prophecy.

In 2014 a news channel in the Philippines aired an exclusive story about how a mysterious flesh-eating disease has appeared in Pangasinan. It showed ‘exclusive’ images of the infected people with their reporters in full protective gear. Mysteriously #PrayforPangasinan also started to trend on Twitter in a few hours with people flooding the platform with messages of the end of the world. 

Curiously evangelist Selvaraj’s so-called ‘prophecy’ was reminded by some people with claims that he had predicted an earthquake and typhoon in the previous year. The health department of the Philippines government had to step in to control the rumor and identify the reported ‘flesh-eating’ disease as a severe case of psoriasis and adverse reaction to drugs meant for leprosy. Before the fear-mongering against the vaccine for Covid-19 finds roots, the government must act swiftly to prevent such misadventures.

(Featured Image Source: Jesus Ministries)

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