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Anti-Brahmin and anti-Hindu hatred on Dravidianist YouTube channels

In this age, more than guns and bombs, it is information which is considered as a more potent weapon. Dravidianists who excel at propaganda recognised it correctly and are excelling at it even more after the advent of social media. Especially in YouTube, they have built a fort of misinformation against Brahmins to ensure that the hatred against the community keeps growing. And if you scratch the surface, you will realize that the real target is Hindu Dharma – ‘anti-Brahminism’ is just the first stage, the Dravidianists’ hatred actually extends to the entire Hindu religion.

Here are a few samples of such YouTube channels and their anti-Brahmin content:

Dravidam 100 is a prominent channel that hosts Periyarists and most of their videos are exclusively reserved for Brahmin hatred. One of their videos has the title “Temples from which Brahmins looted wealth”. Periyarist Arulmozhi who speaks in the video says that temples that follow Agama were either built by kings of the yore or by the public. Hence they don’t ‘belong’ to Brahmins.

However, nowhere did Brahmins say that temples belong to them. Yes, some groups or clans do claim the hereditary right to do puja and look after the deities as prescribed by the ones who built the temples. And it’s not just some Brahmin clans claiming this right – some of the most famous Murugan shrines across Tamil Nadu have non-Brahmin priests from particular castes. However Dravidianists accuse Brahmins of ‘controlling temples and stealing their wealth’.

The HRCE Act was brought to effect in 1959. Today more than 44,000 temples are under HRCE’s control. It has been more than 40 years since Dravidianists took over the ‘responsibility’ of administering temples and ‘protecting’ temple wealth from Brahmins. Yet temple belongings gone missing and properties encroached are an everyday affair.

Also, these same Dravidianists and other anti-Hindu forces are silent on hereditary control of minority religious institutions – the famous Ajmer dargah has hereditary khadims (caretakers); appointments to Catholic Church are controlled by the Vatican and Christians from marginalized communities lament their gross under-representation in posts of Bishops & Cardinals; there are hundreds of sects among Muslims and Christians with separate hierarchical institutions rigidly controlling appointments; even Bohra Muslims, considered relatively more progressive, appoint their religious head i.e. Syedna in a hereditary manner and have an ingrained practice of social boycott to control ‘reformists’ – shockingly, in 1962, the Supreme Court even upheld the Syedna’s power to excommunicate members of his community.  

Another YouTube channel run by Dravidianists, Yean, spews unbelievable amounts of venom on Brahmins. The video with its title “The boy with a Shika and the government of Shika” is one such. The title itself shows the hatred Dravidianists have for Brahmins. The much admired Brahmin kid Abhigya Anand has been abused in this video for predicting about Covid-19. He hasn’t asked anyone to listen to, or follow his predictions. But Periyarists take pleasure in abusing this kid saying why the government which is ‘controlled by shikas’ (Brahmins) couldn’t prevent the pandemic with such predictions. Thus, BJP or Congress, whichever party rules at the centre, everything is blamed on Brahmins. People can be seen commenting under this video calling him a ‘virus’ and that the boy’s shika should be chopped.

Anti-Brahmin Periyarist ‘art’ (Source: Facebook)

A channel named Asuran recently uploaded a video with a title “India in a worse state than Afghan” and a description “If Taliban is dangerous Nooliban (Taliban with thread(janeu)) in India is even more dangerous”- this video explains how and why ‘Brahmins are more dangerous than Taliban’. We have written earlier about this criminal passion of demonising Brahmins as more dangerous than Taliban.

U2 Brutus is the most popular Periyarist channel with a large following. One out of every 4 video released here is full of anti-Brahmin hatred. Even the videos on other topics somehow link the issues to Brahmins. For example, one of the videos in U2 Brutus abuses a newspaper for a movie review. Tamil movie Kannagi’s first look poster showed a pregnant woman’s umbilical cord ready to be set on fire. Dinamalar, a Tamil daily founded and run by a Brahmin group, published a piece condemning such insensitivity in the name of artistic freedom.

Just because the umbilical cord also looks like a cotton thread, U2 Brutus linked it to a ‘child being born out of inter-caste/inter-religious marriage, or out of wedlock, ready to be murdered by Brahmins’. The YouTuber arrived at this reason to explain the Dinamalar piece condemning the poster, and abused Brahmins in a 15 minutes video.

Such is the toxic environment Brahmins have to survive in TN and it has worsened since BJP leader KT. Raghavan’s purported video of an explicit chat with a woman went viral. Dravidianists are having a field day judging the whole community based on that video and painting every Hindu/Sanatani with the same image. With no organisation or individual to counter this vitriolic propaganda, the attack on Brahmins and Hindus is expected to escalate even more as DMK government helps Periyarists running these channels behind the scenes.

(Featured Image Source: Facebook)

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