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Thursday, December 1, 2022

AAP leader Rajendra Pal Gautam attends mass conversion event: Neo-Ambedkarism and Neo-Buddhism are now naked Hindu-hatred

Hinduphobia has plagued Bharat’s politics to such an extent that most opposition political leaders take pride in either issuing anti-Hindu statements or associating themselves with Hinduphobic forces. After Gujarat AAP chief Gopal Italia’s statements came to light, it has now come to the fore that now-suspended AAP MLA and Delhi minister Rajendra Pal Gautam attended a Buddhist mass conversion programme where Hindu deities and Hindu Dharma were abused.

The event was reportedly also attended by a second generation nephew of Dr BR Ambedkar, who made a hate speech against Hindu Dharma calling it ‘narak‘ (hell) and Hindu deities as ‘fake’.

An OpIndia report on the matter notes:

On Wednesday (October 5), AAP MLA (Seemapuri) Rajendra Pal Gautam was spotted at an event where 10,000 Hindus were (allegedly) converted en masse to Buddhism.

The controversial event, organised by the Buddhist Society of India, was conducted at the Dr BR Ambedkar Bhavan in Jhandewalan in New Delhi.

Gautam, who serves as the Social Welfare Minister in the Delhi Cabinet took to Twitter to gloat over the mass conversion of Hindus. The event coincided with the Dusshera celebrations during which the Hindu community celebrates the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana.

The AAP leader wrote, “With the support of Mission Jai Bhim”, more than 10,000 intellectuals took a pledge to make a caste-free and untouchable India by converting to the Faith of Gautam Buddha.”

During the event, a saffron-clad man administered an oath to the crowd, which closely resembled the controversial 22 vows of BR Ambedkar. The man urged the Hindus to disassociate themselves from their original Faith and desist from the worship of deities.

“I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, nor shall I worship them. I shall have no faith in Rama and Krishna who are believed to be the incarnation of God nor shall I worship them,” he was heard as saying.

“I do not and shall not believe that Lord Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu. I believe this to be sheer madness and false propaganda. I shall not perform ‘Shraddha’ nor shall I give ‘pind-dan’,” he further added.

The man, dressed in saffron, continued, “I shall not allow any ceremonies to be performed by Brahmins. I renounce Hinduism which is harmful to humanity and impedes the advancement and development of humanity because it is based on inequality, and adopt Buddhism as my religion.”

During the event, AAP Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam was seen repeating the controversial vows and sharing the stage with the man.

For the record, MLA Rajendra Gautam’s constituency Seemapuri is a hub of Islamism where poor SCs and other Hindus are unsafe and being forced to flee, as a VHP leader rightly pointed out.

After Gautam’s presence at the conversion event went viral, a rattled Kejriwal fearing backlash from Hindus in the upcoming Gujarat elections ensured that his minister quits as a face-saving exercise.

Neo-Ambedkarism spreads Hindu hate

“But Dr Ambedkar was sceptical, and rightly so. He was not sure about the sincerity of non-SC/ST Hindus. He realised that if he were not to provide a catharsis of transformation to the SC Hindus they might be lost forever to Indian culture and civilisation. So he chose Buddha Dharma”, writes Aravindan Neelakandan comparing Gandhi’s Hinduism and Ambedkar’s Buddhism.

Ambedkar’s 22 vows are all about disowning every aspect of Hindu Dharma. But its now almost 70 years since Ambedkar’s conversion, and only a anti-Hindu propagandist would claim that Hindu society has not evolved since then. However, the neo-Ambedkarites are taking this hatred to the next level.

The 2011 census says more than 87% of Buddhists in the country are Ambedkarites. Neo-Ambedkarites have now found common cause with Islamists and hence we see them issuing statements such as the one in the mass conversion programme. As pointed out by Kapil Mishra,  “the original plan was to showcase it to Muslims in Gujarat. But, the video got leaked to social media”.

But let’s examine the basis of this vitriol openly spewed at Hindus and their Dharma.

Jati and Varna are means of organizing Hindu society, just like ethnicity, clan, tribe, caste (from Portugese ‘casta’), lineage exist in other societies. Hindu Dharma does not sanction any sort of social discrimination. But no society is perfect – the fight against social ills and inequality is never-ending and one that even so-called first-world countries like US and UK are continuously waging.

The distortions introduced in Bharat’s society due to centuries of colonial rule and proselytization by foreign religions are never acknowledged or studied, and every social evil in Bharat and our subcontinent is conveniently blamed on Hindu Dharma by the anti-Hindu intelligentsia. At other times, Hindu Dharma is dismissed as an ‘artificial construct’ or derisively termed the ‘Brahminical religion’.

If some Hindus today are mis-interpreting Dharma to justify their wrong actions, how can it be used to smear Dharma itself and the invaluable, timeless, spiritually-uplifting message of Vedas and Bhagavad Gita? Do these Hindu-haters blame Islam and Christianity for every wrong act committed by a Muslim cleric or Christian pastor, or for the genocide of millions of indigenous people that followed the Pope’s decree authorizing colonialism? Is Sikhism slandered for the discrimination faced by Mazhabi Sikhs and the supremacism rife among many Jatt Sikhs?

Hasn’t Hindu society made enormous strides in eradicating ill-practices and empowering previously disadvantaged sections over the last 100 years, including due to tireless efforts of maligned Hindutvawadis like Savarkar, Arya Samaj, RSS and others? It’s an open secret that most of the social bitterness and feudal discrimination, as well as exponentially growing reverse discrimination, that exists in Bharat today is due to multi-party electoral politics and the regional, political fiefdoms operating in guise of social justice movements like Dravidianism/Periyarism, Lohiaism etc.

While neo-Buddhists spew venom against Hindus, Bharat has provided asylum to Dalai Lama and his followers. Tibetan Buddhists were provided asylum in Bharat in spite of the risk of incurring Chinese wrath. Not only do tens of thousands of Tibetans live peacefully in Bharat, but a separate Army unit has been formed comprising of Tibetans.

No neo-Buddhist or ‘Dalit’ intellectual like Prof. Dilip Mandal can explain why Buddhist civilization was annihilated in Afghanistan by ‘egalitarian and peaceful’ Islam? Why did Jogendranath Mandal have to return to Bharat in 1950 after resigning from the post of Pakistan’s law and labour minister? Why were the Bamiyan Buddha statues destroyed by Taliban, but all sacred Buddhist sites in Bharat are honored by Hindus? Why are Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus, most of whom are SC/ST i.e ‘Dalits’, suffering inhuman persecution and genocide?

Let’s turn our glance to Buddhist-majority nations in our neighborhood. Are they classless utopias without any social strife or discrimination? Didn’t Bhutan carry out ethnic cleansing of its minority Lhotshampa (ethnic Nepali) Hindu population? Isn’t Sri Lanka struggling with ethnic strife and economic inequality, and haven’t Sinhalese Buddhist supremacists discriminated against Tamil Hindus? Didn’t Myanmar crack down on Rohingya Muslims and isn’t that country’s military dictatorship fighting an ethnic civil war today?

Neo-Buddhists and other Hindu-haters claim that Christian conversions happen because ‘caste discrimination is inherent to Hindu society’. So would they care to explain why the same Christian missionary mafia is active even in Buddhist majority Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?

There is a sinister plan to demonize the ‘majority’ Hindu community and its practices in order to embolden the radical and supremacist elements among ‘minorities’ and balkanize Bharat. Dreams of a ‘post-Hindu India’ seeded by Hindu-hating intellectuals like Kancha Ilaiah promise an egalitarian utopia, but if these dreams come true the nation will be plunged into civil war, similar to the situation in some Middle Eastern and African nations. The secular state’s apathy towards the so-called majority only adds to the woes of Hindu society which repeatedly bears the brunt of hate politics. The hatred and fake history have become so deep-rooted that radical neo-Buddhists have also vandalized temples in their hate.

We had earlier highlighted why our Devis, Devatas, and Dharma should be kept out of caste-obsessed conjectures of the Islamist-secular cabal with whom Ambedkarites have joined hands; even some nationalists fall for these baseless theories. Neither Dharma nor our deities are tools of modern-day notions of ‘social justice’ and ‘social engineering’. Hindu Dharma’s message is simple and universal – every human being has a divine spark within them and is capable of achieving self-realization i.e. union with the paramatma (absolute and ultimate reality).

While religion might be a personal choice, spewing venom against Hindus counts as hate speech and cannot be tolerated or justified. With little support from the secular state, judiciary, and political system, the majority community has to fend for itself and fight back against such baseless and venomous attacks against its Dharma.

(Featured Image Source: Hindustan Times)

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  1. neo-buddhism or navayana is not a buddhism but it should be called as amberdkarism as all spiritual aspects of buddism is removed in navayana.

    navayana buddism has nothing to do with teachings of buddha. navayana is just a religious platform for anti hinduism.


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