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Monday, December 11, 2023

Mohammed Hasan rapes minor ‘adopted’ Hindu daughter; Indian Express hides his identity

Mohammed Hasan (50) aka ‘Pappu’ from Quarsi area of Aligarh, UP has been sentenced to 20 years jail for raping his adopted minor daughter (10), originally a Hindu.

Hasan took the 3-year-old Hindu girl from a brick kiln around 8 years back. He claims to have ‘adopted’ her, and then changed the minor’s name and religion. Once the girl turned 9, he started sexually abusing her, as per a report in Dainik Jagran. Hasan has 2 sons and 2 daughters of his own.

His daughter-in-law found him raping the child on October 25 last year. A social worker who lived nearby lodged a complaint on October 27. Shockingly, or maybe not in our apathetic colonial secular State, it is alleged that police refused to lodge an FIR for 3 days. They called the minor child to the police station for ‘questioning’ in the absence of a woman constable.

BJYM’s local leaders Dharamvir Singh Lodhi and Saurabh Chaudhary approached the CO (Circle Officer) and got the FIR lodged. Thankfully, the case was then fast-tracked by the UP govt and after 15 hearings, a judgement was delivered within 41 days of the charges being finalized on April 4, by POCSO court judge Surendra Mohan Sahay.

Mohammed Hasan was convicted for the heinous crime and given 20 years imprisonment and fined Rs 50K. The girl is currently living in a shelter home – police has not been able to trace her original parents, and neither is there any documentation of her ‘adoption’.

Indian Express’ sleight of hand

Indian Express also covered (archived here) this case, but in typical Lutyens’ media manner, the name of the accused was erased from their report, in all probability to uphold ‘secularism’. For Indian left-liberals, ‘secularism’ means fooling/shaming/guilt-tripping Hindus, and on the other hand provoking minorities and amplifying their most fundamentalist, orthodox and intolerant voices.

Incidentally, Indian Express has reported the girl’s age as 13.

Dangers of Islamic ‘adoption’

It must be noted here that adoption is prohibited in Islam, as per most Muslim scholars. This prohibition is said to have come into force after Quranic verses were revealed to Islam’s Prophet following his marriage to Zaynab, previously the wife of his adopted son Zayd.

AIMPLB, the self-styled organization that our secular state treats with reverence in matters of Muslim personal law, claims that adoption is not permissible in Islam due to fear of sexual relations between an adopted son and mother or an adopted son with a biological daughter. Even those who argue that adoption is permissible in Islam put certain conditions: the adopted child cannot use the last name of the adoptive parent; an adopted girl will have to observe hijâb in presence of her adoptive father and brothers after turning 9; similarly, the mother and sisters will have to observe hijâb in presence of the adopted son; the adopted child can even marry the child of the adoptive parents.

This is not the first such case. Last year, an even more horrific case was reported from Tamil Nadu, although it is not known if the victim in that case was originally non-Muslim or not.

A 17-year-old college student, who had lost both her parents in childhood, was adopted by Sharif (64) and his family when she was just one-month-old, as he had 3 sons and wanted a girl child. She was reportedly brought up well by Sharif, his wife Jameela and their sons Imtiaz(34), Irfan (29) and Hanif (26) like one of their own. She was even enrolled in a famous school in Chennai.

But things changed once she attained puberty at 15. Sharif, the adoptive father repeatedly  raped  her when she was alone in the house. The victim told about it to Jameela, the adoptive mother, who asked her to not talk about it to anyone else. So the sexual abuse continued and the girl became pregnant at one point. She was made to undergo abortion and her ‘brothers’ also came to know about her situation. They also started taking turns in raping her repeatedly and the girl faced sexual abuse almost everyday for the past two years. It was only when the girl somehow came in touch with her biological siblings that police was informed and the accused arrested.

Knowing the proclivity of the Lutyens’ lawyer cabal like Sibal, Dave, Singhvi to represent convicts like Md. Hasan and the ‘every sinner has a future’ legal philosophy prevalent among our judicial elite, it remains to be seen what quantum of punishment, if at all, Mohammed Hasan ends up serving for this horrific crime.

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