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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Hindu youth Kishan Bharwad shot dead allegedly for sharing video proclaiming Sri Krishna is greater than Allah

A young man was shot dead on Tuesday at Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad district, days after a furore over a video shared by him on social video. Although media reports are silent on the exact contents of the video, social media sources state than an FIR was lodged against Kishan Bharwad over the video which showed Sri Krishna as bigger and stronger than other Gods including Allah.

Police had worked out a settlement between both parties over the issue and Kishan was also forced to offer an apology, it is said. However, that was evidently not enough for Islamists and Kishan was shot dead by two bike-borne assailants on Tuesday. Following the shooting, the police have registered a case and started searching for the accused.

As per a TV9 Gujarati report, there is anger among local Hindus with the Maldhari community to which Kishan belonged demanding speedy investigation and refusing to cremate his body in protest. It was only after police met community leaders and gave assurances that the body was taken for cremation.

Kishan’s Instagram account details have been shared on social media: he had a large following of 109K, although the account is now private. There is also speculation that one Mohammad Yusuf is behind the murder.

HinduPost has not been able to independently verify all the details of the case and official confirmation is awaited. But if what is being said on social media is true, it is yet another reminder of how skewed the public discourse of Bharat is.

At the very root of Islam are the declarations – “Allah-o-Akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) and “La ilaha illa Allah” (There is no God but Allah). These are drilled into minds of Muslim children at home and in lakhs of madrassas/mosques across the country. If this supremacist indoctrination or “Jesus is God’s only son” is allowed, even encouraged by our ‘secular’ state, why should anyone take offense when Hindus proclaim their deities as supreme?

Hindus are reviled and demonized by liberals and elites for merely demanding legal action against Munawar Faruqui and other comics/OTT serials that denigrate Hindu Dharma, its deities and sacred texts. Social media is choc-a-bloc with anti-Hindu hate messages and sacrilegious content – either coded slurs like ‘cow-piss drinkers’ or direct attacks on our deities and texts. Such is the sheer volume of such content that most of it goes unchallenged, and even when reported, usually no action is forthcoming either from the social media platforms or authorities. We are told to ignore all this in order to uphold ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’.

But the same left-liberal cabal goes quiet when Muslim fundamentalists take umbrage at the slightest pretext, and carry out physical violence.

Kamlesh Tiwari was accused of hurting Muslim sentiments when he allegedly criticized Mohammed in response to a crude jibe by SP leader Azam Khan. He was arrested under NSA, spent almost one year in solitary confinement, and was being prosecuted as per the full might of the law. Yet, there were open calls made for his beheading and he has finally assassinated – incidentally, his assassination was plotted in Gujarat too by a Muslim cleric and others. The case against his murderers is dragging on – all 13 accused are out on bail and the SC recently acquiesced to transfer the case from Lucknow to Prayagraj.

Here is a partial list of some other murders and violence in recent years by Muslim fanatics over ‘blasphemous’ comments – Lautan (Loten) Nishad was shot dead by a Tablighi Jamaat supporter, Muslim atheist M Farook was hacked to death by Islamists in Comibatore for an alleged anti-Islam FB post, Luqman Pasha was murdered for refusing to join Tablighi Jamaat, and there has been rioting in places like Baduria, WB and Bengaluru over social media posts deemed anti-Islamic.

Will Kishan Bharwad get justice, or will this case also peter out and get swept under the carpet like so many others under the benign gaze of our ‘secular’ state? Your guess is as good as ours.


8 PM, 30 Jan 2022

The original version of the report had given the name of the deceased as Kishan Boliya, based on his Instagram account. But his name has been confirmed as Kishan Bharwad. The error is regretted.

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