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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Depressed by Shamshad’s harassment, Hindu girl commits suicide in Sachendi, Kanpur; UP Police say he is a ‘minor’

HinduPost had recently published an IANS report about 3 girls committing suicide in 3 days in Kanpur district, UP due to stalking/harassment. The report, obviously, did not name either the girls or the accused – the personalization of crimes is done only where the media wants to build a strong emotional connect between readers and victims such as in the case of Md. Akhlaq, Junaid Khan or Tabrez Ansari.

Now, the name of the accused in one case, from Sachendi has come out. A 20-year-old girl in Sachendi was about to get married – her pre-marriage Godh Bharai ceremony had taken place on March 31. This is a ceremony that usually takes place among Hindus, implying that the victim was likely Hindu.

But a Muslim youth Shamshad, who had probably been stalking the girl for long, barged into the girl’s home and threatened her and her family that if she dared marry anyone else other than him, he would abduct her from the marriage mandap. She would have to do nikah with him only, he threatened.

This information was shared by Atul Kushwaha, an entrepreneur who also happens to be part of BJP OBC Morcha’s social media team as per his twitter account. Atul shared an image clipping of a website called lucknowkhabar.com along with his tweet.

Incidentally, a Dainik Jagran report has also confirmed that the accused in the Sachendi harassment case is one Mohammed Shamshad. The report says that Shamshad and two of his associates barged into the girl’s home and molested and assaulted her when she was alone.

Now, let’s go back to what the IANS report had to say –

“In Sachendi, a 20-year-old young woman hanged herself after a man of her village entered her house, threatening to murder her if she did not marry him.

She was engaged to another person on March 31, but the youth was building pressure on her and she took the drastic step within minutes after being threatened, said her brother.

“She hanged herself the day we were at the police station for the third time on April 7 evening. Police did not heed our complaint, nor did they act against the boy who threatened her twice, first on April 4 and then April 7,” he said.”

So in this case too, the aggrieved family did what the secular state advises all citizens to do when faced with criminal elements – approach the police. But as we see in case after case, our police is neither willing, nor equipped, to deal with such crimes. Their preferred way of tackling such complaints is – plain apathy, or attempt to get both parties to reach a ‘compromise agreement’. Lodging an FIR is put off as far as possible, because then the case officially enters the system and gets tracked to closure, questioned by higher ups etc.

But police alone is not to blame – let’s say an SHO does arrest an accused. Our judiciary is ever-ready to let even serious offenders out on bail, driven as they are by distorted ideas of liberalism and ‘restorative justice’. A Muslim WB policeman who had groomed and exploited a Hindu girl was released on bail within a few weeks by a ‘Hindu’ judge who even refused to take cognizance of the Islamist feigning a Hindu identity.

Two other methods devised by police & activists to deflect attention away from an unwanted ‘communal’ crime – describe it as a ‘routine crime’ or ‘personal rivalry’ as we saw Amravati Police initially do with Umesh Kolhe’s murder; or claim that the accused is a ‘juvenile’.

In the Sachendi case, while replying to Atul Kushwaha’s tweet, the Kanpur Police shared a byte by ACP Nishank Sharma, where he says that the accused Shamshad is a ‘nabalig’ i.e. minor.

We have seen how Islamist networks across the country are experts at churning out fake Ids, even managing to get valid passports using forged documents and travelling overseas! So what is to say that Md. Shamshad has not managed to procure such fake documents to prove himself minor, and then escape punishment for his crime?

Should police really take such criminals at face value? Is giving a byte to show ‘responsiveness’ all that the police and our law enforcement system is capable of doing to stem the tidal wave of such crimes by Islamists?

As it is crimes by alleged ‘juvenile’ Islamists are growing with each passing day. Actually, the very definition of juvenility needs to be re-examined for a community where their religious law says that one can be married as soon as they hit puberty (usually 15 years).

Thankfully, we now have a growing breed of intrepid Hindu reporters who are digging deeper into these stories, and bringing the truth that our mentally colonized system and media want to keep buried. Reporter Subhi Vishwakarma has just tweeted that the victim’s name in this case is Manorama Devi, an SC Hindu.

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