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A opinionated girl-next-door with an attitude. I'm certainly not afraid to call myself 'a proud Hindu' and am positively politically incorrect. A Bharatiya at heart who loves reading, music, sports and nature. Travelling and writing are my passions.

Annadaan: Hindu Mandirs, Mathas, & Sansthans keep up the age-old Hindu tradition of feeding the hungry

Annadaan is considered to be the Sarva Shrestha of all Daanas in Hindu Dharma and is known as Mahadaan. Shastras say Annadaan earns merit...

Sinauli chariots & shields – is it another step closer towards further debunking the Aryan Invasion myth?

A theory is only as good as the proofs it produces and an arbitrary one is certain to fail in the face of evidence....

Nayanmars – 63 Shaiva Bhakti saints of Tamil Nadu

Shaivism has been one of the dominant sects of Hindu Dharma in Bharat. Nayanmars (alternatively called Nayanars) were a group of Tamil saint poets...

Significance of celebrating birthdays according to Janmatithi & Janma Nakshatra

Birthdays are important events in our lives. In earlier times, Hindus celebrated birthdays according to Janmatithis & Janma Nakshatras. While the English calendar has...

Real Bharat – the importance of giving Daana & Dakshina to devotional bards, pujaris and Dharmic scholars

Daana and Dakshina are essential practices of Hindu Dharma. Some sections of the society were ordained to spend their lives in the study and spread of Dharma. It is the duty of a Dharmic Hindu to provide Daana and Dakshina to them for their sustenance and livelihood.

Thaipusam: when Maa Parvati gave the Vel to Bhagwan Muruga to fight Asura Surapadman

Thaipusam is one of the important festivals dedicated to Bhagwan Muruga/Kartikeya. It is largely celebrated in Tamil Nadu and by Sri Lankan Hindus &...

Rediscover Dharma: some everyday lessons from Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita has a very special place among Hindu Granthas. Unlike all other religions, Hindu Dharma doesn’t have a single text guiding its...

Vivah Panchami: two divine couples who exemplify marital relationship

Vivah Panchami celebrates the divine marriage of Prabhu Sri Ram and Devi Sita. It falls on Margashirsha Shukla Panchami which is on November 28...

Being Hindu: Why it is important to root children in Dharma?

The Aftab-Shraddha case has left the country in shock but has also provided a lesson to Hindu society (if at all we are willing...

Peshwa Madhavrao I – the reviver of Maratha power & Hindu Pad Padshahi

Peshwa Madhavrao I is credited with stabilizing the Maratha Empire at a time when it was faced with numerous threats, both internal and external....

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