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A opinionated girl-next-door with an attitude. I'm certainly not afraid to call myself 'a proud Hindu' and am positively politically incorrect. A Bharatiya at heart who loves reading, music, sports and nature. Travelling and writing are my passions.

‘Caste’ politics – 7 decades of quotas have failed to fix feudalism & only fueled divisiveness in Hindu Samaj

Caste politics is the flavour of the season, with Bihar's caste census making headlines. However, Bharat's caste politics is nothing but a means to...

Dharma and Politics cannot and should not be separated – How Pran Pratishtha can become the starting point of true Dharmic awakening

Hindu Dharma is at a crossroads with the recent Pran Pratishtha at Ayodhya Sri Ram Mandir, bringing about some Dharmic revival and reawakening among...

Did Sri Ram eat deer meat during Vanvas?

Prabhu Sri Ram is Maryada Purushottam, who taught how to lead an ideal life through his actions. As the centuries-long wait for Hindu Samaj...

No, Vidur never blamed Pandavas for the Kurukshetra war; How ‘Speaking Tree’ in Times of India distorts Mahabharat

This time, Vidur is the casualty of a misinformed article on Hindu Grantha Mahabharat. Quoting Granthas out of context, presenting distorted meanings of verses...

How the Hinduphobic ‘Gaumutra’ jibe is being normalised by the INDI alliance

DMK MP Senthilkumar used the pejorative 'Gaumutra' jibe that is often used by Hinduphobics, including Islamist jihadists. Senthilkumar, an ally of Congress and part...

Firecracker issue in courts, again – what it tells about the nature of the Indian state?

No sooner Deepawali is around the corner than crackers are made villains of rising pollution. According to available information, the Supreme Court (SC) has...

Yes, Hindus should definitely be more communal!

The Hindu Samaj is fighting battles on several fronts, the most important of which is keeping Dharmic values alive and passing them on to...

10 Ancient Hindu Temples in Pakistan

The vast expanse of ancient and medieval Bharat once stretched from Afghanistan to Arunachal Pradesh, embracing diverse kingdoms united by shared traditions and culture,...

Rediscover Dharma: the importance of Adhik Maas

Adhik Maas is a unique Hindu concept that is also known as Mal Maas, Londa Maas, or Purushottam Maas. Adhik means extra and Maas...

Being Hindu: 15 simple things every Hindu should do

Hindu Samaj needs to take steps to give a firm Dharmic rooting to the present and future generations. Subbu Publications provided a list (Tweet...

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