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Thursday, June 1, 2023

A stable and prosperous Pakistan is NOT in Bharat’s interest. Part-II

Part-I – Read here

Learn from the mistakes of Roman Empire…

Pakistan is one of those rare geographical phenomenon in monumental stupidity where Military got for itself a nation, rather than the other way around.

While it can certainly be said that no amount of fabricated history written with the ink of opium would manage to convince anyone in the world that Pakistan is, was or will be anywhere close to the height of Roman Glory days… that’s for bloody sure, but, the fall of that majestic empire certainly have some definite parallels with the continued crisis mode our western neighbor seems to be in.

For example, in ancient times there wasn’t usually a concept of ‘Standing Army’. A king maintained a minimum contingent of soldiers, to patrol the borders and keep the peace in his empire. (Because remember: in those times there’s no separation of duties between military and police work. Both tasks were carried out by empire’s soldiers.) In times of a military conflict, the King would send its senior commanders to all over the kingdom, who would recruit the soldiers for war and raise a fighting force. Depending on whether the Empire had a system of voluntary service or mandatory conscription or a combination of the two.

These recruits used to be farmers, laborers, blacksmiths, sculptors, fishermen whatever. They would be trained for a minimum discipline for war, then they’d fight in those wars, and when the war ended – irrespective of winning or losing – they’d return back to their regular work (if they were allowed to live by the enemy), with their spoils of war.

Rome changed this military model with a ‘Standing Army’ principle. In which there’d be a large army made of professional soldiers ready to march at any moment. They received a fixed salary from the imperial treasury and hence were reassured of continuous profitable employment even without there being a war.

This helped them tremendously in the initial founding of their empire.

But keeping a large military ready at all times is no joke. For all nations. Bigger or smaller. Historical or modern. It doesn’t matter. Because it’s one of the rare constant in the zig-zagging river of ‘bloody’ time: They need to be fed, equipped and paid.

So Romans decided to solve this problem by aggressive military conquest. Where the expense for the military was paid by conquest of the nearby territory and taxing its new subjects to maintain the upkeep of armed forces.

But as the empire grew bigger, there arose the need for more men to defend its borders. Thus negating all that balance of profits.

Worse, as the empire grew bigger, the bureaucracy to maintain it became even more bloated. Corruption became rampant in the system. While citizens became addicted to government welfarism and expected the bloated bureaucracy to take care of every need of them.

And when the republican system was overthrown by Emperors, it only exacerbated the problems.

And then there was also the matter of Christianity proselytizing the loyalty out of its citizens and high officers from Roman religion.

And of course, such a rich, opulent nation attracted the eyes of barbarian invaders too.

Which meant more military spending to defend against the outsiders, while citizens were overtaxed, had been addicted to socialism, and held no real loyalty to the throne.

In fact, the “class-divide” of rich and poor was so stark that the rich would disproportionately influence the political system as well, by buying votes and doling out favors. Even the job of emperor was once up for sale! While the military conquest provided the constant supply of slave labor necessary to maintain the empire but when the bad days came, then, to avoid the tax-authorities, the rich fled to the countryside to set up their own fiefdoms while slave labor supply itself dried up.

And then there was a partition!

Of Eastern and Western Roman Empire.

Following the declaration of a new, Abrahmic faith as the State religion, a religion that greatly undermined traditional Roman values while the church (naturally) interfered a lot in political administration and gobbled up lots of State resources.

While the East prospered and became strong, West descended into increasing degeneracy and corruption. And was ultimately routed out by Germanic nomad tribes who themselves were fleeing Huns’ invasion of their lands. Eastern Empire stood tall for a 1000 more years until it was overwhelmed by the Ottoman empire.

The fact of the matter was that Romans needed to hire foreign mercenaries to keep the invaders out, which were even more expensive than the regular army. And mercenaries were never fully “Roman” in their heart.

In short, the military was more loyal to their generals, than their cities or even the sovereign.

Which meant the generals had abundant influence over the emperor, and consequently on day to day workings (or non-working) of the Roman empire.

In the end, the empire disintegrated into smaller factions and eventually collapsed under its own dead weight.


2000 years later…

Compare all that to Pakistan.

Military there is the top institution.

It has a damned preferential treatment going on for it, when it comes national treasury.

More-over, Pakistani military is not just defending its borders. It is, in fact, the biggest business conglomerate in the country. Its ‘Fauji Foundation’ and ‘Army Welfare Trust’ and what not, are perhaps richer than anything else in the country (we’re talking about 100s of billions here.)

From fertilizer to cement, their dirty hands are in everything – and since they’re military (forget their status of being the most powerful intuition), they get everything at a massive subsidy. Land, Loans, Investment, everything.

The regulators can’t enforce anything on the military now, can they? If they want to live.

And when these companies get rotten from inside, the loss is paid through taxpayer money.

Which is even more ironical given so much of centralized, socialist control of pakistani economy by their federal government where lots of goods and services were subsidized to citizens!

And Pakistani degeneracy, corruption and the mammoth divide of its rich vs. poor need not be explained.

While normal people were rioting for flour, there existed a class who was lined up to get entrance into a famous Canadian coffee chain which doled it out for 650/- per cup!

Not to mention their lavish foreign bases hoarding decades of loot and plunder.

And then there are of course the matter of barbarians and mercenaries!

Funny thing is, Pakistan itself has created them.

The Taliban. The Mujahidin. The unlimited number of Jihadi groups for whom not the law of the land but their own interpretation of Sharia holds supremacy.

Remember the Good Taliban vs. Bad Taliban violent nautanki a decade ago?

Yeah, that sort of thing.

And with Taliban getting a nation for itself, with a disputed Durand line problem, Pakistanis will have even more ‘barbarian problems’ than ever before. As is evidenced by the increasing TTP attacks.

And we need not concern ourselves with partition, the establishing of a foreign Abrhamic faith as State religion of the partitioned country, how it hollowed out traditional Hindu value-systems of the natives and the overall economic, political and social decline of the society as a result. All of it is well-documented.

The point is that when a military gets for itself a nation, it needs to justify its continued superiority over all other State organs by constantly waging war – or doing the dishonorable, low-grade, proxy-war stuff to keep the pot boiling, at the very least.

And if its hands are in the till as well…

if it’s in the business of doing business…

Well, the simple math is that the profit (if it manages makes any profit at all), will go to the Military expense, which will then be used as an investment to continue justifying its existence i.e.: more military adventurism against all enemies; real or perceived or just self-created.

Therefore, it is unthinkable that a “stable and prosperous Pakistan” is in Bharat’s own interests.

It’ll never be.

If we open and normalize trade and business relations with them, or if Pakistan manages to somehow get truckloads of money anyway (without our help), it’ll only mean that we’re doing business with Pakistani military. We’ll be enriching the hateful murderers and cowards. Whose ‘profits’ will be used by their military to try and occupy all of Kashmir or keep sponsoring more vicious anti-Hindu Islamist terrorism to hurt us.

Look at the times when we did try those things and when Pakistan was ‘stable and prosperous’ (by their own standards).

During the Soviet-Afghan war, it received tremendous amount of money and weapons from all Abrahmics (yes, even Israeli Mossad collaborated with Pakistani ISI! Imagine that! ) to support ‘Jihad’ against Godless commies. That was ultimately used to start a bloody insurgency which saw the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri pundits.

Later, after 9/11, when again Abrhamics armed and enriched Pakistan and we had an ‘Aman ki Asha’ gang of lunatics running the show under the Italian influence probably, we suffered tremendous amount of Jihadi terrorist attacks that were no longer limited to just Kashmir! They attacked all over Bharat! Even the Bhartiya parliament wasn’t safe from them! Just 3 months after 9/11.

3 bloody months!

And that was when US, NATO and west was already firmly established in Pakistan.

What it did it do to protect ‘Shared Democratic Values’ and to protect ‘Rules Based International Order’ or even an effective counter to ‘War on Terror’?


But this is the matter for another article. Let’s keep ourselves focused on Pakistani treachery.

So when it’s prosperous, stable and rich, it keeps killing Indian citizens. Mostly Hindu but Muslims as well.

But when its economic back is broken and we had terminated all engagement under a very realist, supposedly pro-Hindu government, Pakistanis had hurriedly agreed to a cease-fire (that is more or less still holding) and are desperately talking about forging ‘peace’ with Bharat, with trade and ‘cultural’ relations (read anti-Hindu propaganda) resumed to help them tide over the crisis.

You don’t negotiate “peace” with an idea that’s very core of ‘peacefulness’ is about total eradication of your own way of life.

Remember: Pakistan was formed on a central idea of institutionalized anti-Hindu hatred.

Thus its military has a constant ideological justification for its supremacist posture in the Pakistani national apparatus, to ensure its citizens’ loyalty.

If those citizens are dissatisfied with it for their daily troubles these days, it’ll have no bearing, none at all, when it comes to their support to the military against Bharat and its ‘kaffir’ Hindus.

The Nazi problem was not solved by “freezing” the occupation of Europe for 20 years. (As is being speculated to be the crux of an alleged deal between our NSA Mr. Doval and Pakistani military chief Bajwa, over Pakistani occupation of Kashmiri.) It took comprehensive de-nazification of Germany for it to be reintegrated into ‘Rules based International Order.’ And relative peace to return on that war-mongering imperialist continent.

Similarly, the détente with the Soviet Union was never considered a permanent solution in the Cold War. And it only ended with the fall of Berlin Wall, a comprehensive defeat of Communism across Soviet Union, and every single former Soviet Satellite adopting Capitalism and Democracy instead of Brutal Marxism – after a territorial disintegration of the former Soviet Empire.

That détente meant brutal proxy wars, assassinations, regime changes and election riggings in smaller countries, who paid the price of ‘détente’ with their own citizens’ blood.

That, is a crucial lesson to learn here.

When you’re fighting an evil idea – or any idea that wants to eradicate your own way of life – what ultimately matters to forge permanent “peace” in such situations is the comprehensive defeat of that poisonous, genocidal idea.

In Pakistan’s case, that means defeat of the 2-Nation Theory based on institutionalized anti-Hindu hatred.

And since remedying that would require intense scrutiny of the Islamist theology working behind it, about what it asks do to Kaffirs, chances are, it won’t happen until we get some wholesale reform in the core global ideology itself.

You want peace? Focus, for once, on ‘Idea of Pakistan’, rather than ‘Idea of Bharat.’

Part III Read Here

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


  1. The terrorist failed state of Porkistan should be broken up into smaller fragments like Balochistan ,west Punjab and Sindh.


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