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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A stable and prosperous Pakistan is not in Bharat’s interest: Part-I

Like… duh?

Any 4-year-old who’d learnt the crucial life lessons to not wiggle around a steel fork in electric socket while the switch’s on, or, the one about not trying to take those mesmerizing blue flames of a gas stove to his room in his palms, would’ve told you the same thing about Pakistan, right?


Unfortunately, there are still so many of these 18+ newborns in our country that it needs to be spelt out to them.

Fitting, given the alleged tallest defender of Bhartiya democracy from an unseen (but quite imminent, trust me, vro) threat of Hindutva fascism is a ‘50+ yuva neta’ popularly known as pappu.

Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Perhaps all the clueless kids think they’re the only adults in the room and the actual majority of sane, rational people are, well, fascist kids who need to be saved from themselves.

So, in this situation…I’m not gonna lie.

I was thinking about writing this for a long time.

And imagine my divine surprise when suddenly Abhijit Majumdar writes an article in Firstpost, saying exactly what any sane person believes.

It’s titled “10 reasons why a weak and crumbling Pakistan is good for India.”

Perhaps my enthusiasm is mistaken and there’s nothing like ‘Bhagwan ki iccha’ about the whole co-incidence.

Shri Majumdar and me arriving on same conclusions at the same time? Yeah, common-sense is called “Common” “Sense” for a reason after all. Bhagwan has lots of other problems to take care of.

So I’d like to build on that opinion piece a little more and expand it a bit extra – with evidence from across the border thinking on the issue.

Fool me once…

1st of all, Pakistan had fooled and defeated world’s two superpowers in its own backyard and is in the process of fooling a 3rd. Sure, 1st time it took 10 years, second time it took 20, but end result was the same for both the Soviet Union and USA: the complete and humiliating defeat. China is hence rightfully wary, but if its tentacles wiggle too much inside that cursed territory of Af-Pak region, it’ll get sucked in the whirlpool of empire-crushers and get obliterated, or at least, significantly weakened.

At the same time, during both wars, Pakistan only grew stronger at the expense of the empire it fooled. And used that new-found power to inflict pain and hurt on Bharat and Bhartiya citizens. Chinese may have no love lost for Bharat but I expect them to act in their own self-interest. They don’t want that for themselves. Which is evident in palpable and increasing Chinese reluctance to bail-out Pakistan from its problems.

In any case, the question is not Chinese thinking, question is strictly about us. If a treacherous snake which had fooled and defeated world’s two superpowers in its own backyard and is in the process of fooling a 3rd,.. if that lying nation  promises us “peace”, do we want to believe that hiss of sweet-talk at all? Especially if certified anti-nationals – whom we all know to be most rabid anti-Hindu, anti-Bharat haters – are asking us to get on that leaking boat sailing in a sea of Hindu blood? Have we forgotten what happened after Lahore Bus Ride?

It was called Kargil War.

The urduwood made many movies made on it. I’d urge all anti-nationals to watch at-least those, given they’ve recently become apologists of the worst kind for urduwood’s limitless anti-Hindu bigotry.

Will the promised “peace” be honored by both sides and not act as just some sort of ‘maskirovka?’

Building on that argument is the 2nd piece of evidence. And it concerns the wounded and equally treacherous Abrahmic west.

By the way, for those of you wondering, ‘Maskirovka’ is Russian for Arts of Deception.

Now, we all know most of the anti-nationals in our nation are on the payroll of foreign Abrahmic-Leftist cabal. They’re foreigners’ – especially west’s – unofficial spokespersons, having no national interest in their hearts for Bharat.

And west right now is anything but happy with Bharat.

Our strategic autonomy is a thorn in their side. When world’s largest democracy refuses to join west’s self-declared fight between ‘Democracy Vs. Autocracy’ in Ukraine, it makes them feel massively humiliated.

But let’s focus on Ukraine.

And I mean, apart from the western propaganda reasons for why, exactly, the Ukraine is in such a dire situation today.

In simple words, Ukraine’s plight today is because of the failed Minsk Agreements.

What were they?

Essentially the diplomatic solution for the small-war that Russia and Ukraine fought way back in 2014 for Donbass region and its Russian speaking population that was much more loyal to Putin’s Russia than it was ever for Ukraine, and against whom the Ukraine started committing genocidal pogroms led by actual, real far-right neo-Nazi Azov battalions.

But why were Minsk Agreements failed?

Because the west never intended to honor them.

It was clearly admitted by German top authorities that Minsk Agreements were just a stop-gap measure to hoodwink Russia, to bide for time which would then be used to train and arm Ukrainian military. Later other leaders – including Zelenskyy himself, publicly admitted that Minsk Agreements were just a ruse. And he was not even the 1st Ukrainian President to say this. Petro Porosenko said as much.

They’d been preparing for this for nearly 8 years.

Results are in front of us.

Even if we assume “noble’ intentions behind western treachery, the fact is that west only supplied Ukraine with mostly “defensive weapons”. There’s no decisive blow one way or another. 1 year has already passed in what has become the sea of Slavic bloodlust. It has become a brutal war of attrition in which millions of Ukrainian people are dead or displaced. Meanwhile Russia isn’t much better off either. Its economy and military proved quite resilient sure, but there’s no denying the major losses it had suffered.

Now, apply those models of “peace” brokered by western lobbyists in Bharat, with a treacherous snake like Pakistan that’s always been fed milk by equally corrupt west.

The west has a vested interest in brokering that deal.

Especially after China successfully brokered one between arch-rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Middle-East, making a solid beachhead in the desert that’s been a fortress of western influence so-far.

If border situation between Bharat and Pakistan gets stabilized, Bharat cannot claim to be needing Russian weaponry in as big of numbers to fight a 2-Front war as it had been headlining as a core national defense doctrine since 1962. Moreover, all military resources could then be focused on North, North-Eastern front against China. (Now do you get why China doesn’t want it to happen, and why its reluctant to bail Pakistan out beyond a point?)

Much more importantly, without completely eradicating the institutionalized anti-Hindu hatred that’s the raison d’être of Pakistan’s existence, an enduring peace with that wretched land of hate is just not possible.

Absent which, the peace-time is just a capacity building pause for the smaller nation to be prepared by the west for war against the bigger one. War, or any other kind of military adventurism that’d be just impossible for the bigger nation to ignore and NOT respond in a military manner.

An adventurism that’s impossible for the smaller nation to win and bigger nation to sustain.

Don’t believe me?

Wait till you hear straight from horse’s mouth.

What the enemy’s saying about ‘stable and prosperous Pakistan?’

This is a recent article I saw in Pakistan’s The Express Tribune dated 10-May-23 (By the way, that’s why Free-Speech matters. You need to know what your enemy’s thinking, that’s why you allow even them to speak.) It’s titled, “Is there a way out of this freeze?”

The article is written by one Talat Masood, a retired Lt. General of Pakistani army and a former federal secretary, who also happened to have served on ordnance factory board. And has been a “consultant” on several western think-tanks. In short, a dyed in the wool Deep State hawk of both Pakistani and US establishments, who had enough fingers in enough stinking pies to know which one’s running dry.

For the most part, the article is usual baseless Bharat bashing Pakistani propaganda centered around equally baseless claims about Kashmir.

The retired lt. General also admits, to have been part of a hateful Islamic State that’s been brutally discriminatory of its own minorities – especially Hindu ones. (Quite frankly, at this point, its something impossible to deny, given their own census reflecting the speed of light at which minorities have disappeared inside Pakistan in the last 75 years. Equally possibly, it’s yet another insidious way for the likes of him to covertly signal the hardline Islamists in his country, to take pride in having achieved success in one thing their nation was founded for: the elimination of all Hindus in The “Muslim Area”.)

But anyway, coming back to the point, most of the article is reflective of Pakistani Deep State’s begging bowl diplomacy that keeps accusing the so-called international community of not acting in Pakistani interests. But there’s one thing he says near the end that caught me – and exposed all the peaceniks for what there are: The hateful hoodwinking anti-Hindu pro-Pakistani separatists, masquerading as Left-Liberals.

He says – and I’ll quote:

“Lately, a scathing and detailed report by the UN Human Rights Council’s Periodic Review process on November 10, 2022 was made public. “The recommendations cover a range of key concerns including the protection of minority communities and vulnerable groups—-”. It is highly doubtful if it would stir the collective conscious of BJP leadership to make a difference in its conduct. The attitude of Muslim countries apart from a few exceptions of Turkey and Malaysia failed to raise their voice on India’s treatment of Muslims.

We need to realise that when Pakistan acquires a certain level of stability, has its house in order and places its economy on a self-sustaining path, its voice will then carry more weight in asserting itself and defending the basic rights of Kashmiris. As regards the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), it has not proven to be an effective forum on contributing towards the cause of either Palestine or Kashmir.”

See? This is what will happen if Pakistan becomes “peaceful and prosperous”.

Because what does it mean? “Asserting itself and defending basic rights of Kashmiris?” especially when a rtd. Lt. General says it?

That too, a General of that dishonorable, hateful, treacherous snake of a country called Pakistan?

Nothing except massive death, and destruction and terrorist attacks and suffering of Indians.

Because last 4 times, it had meant war and ‘bleed Bharat through a thousand Islamist cuts.’

In Bharat, it’ll be worse than Ukraine, given the population density. Heck, UN says we’re the most populous country in the world! A random Islamist terrorist attack in a bazaar full of Hindu people, will leave more dead bodies in its wake than anywhere else!

Forget what happens if a small-scale war breaks out, a few years after Pakistan “gets his house in order” and places its economy on a “self-sustaining path.”

And this is exactly why anti-Hindu anti-nationals in Bharat want peace with Pakistan right now – without addressing its core hateful anti-Hindu agenda.

But more on that later.

Part II – Read Here.

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


  1. Pakistan will implode and get balkanized into smaller countries,say Balochistan,Sindh and west Punjab.

  2. Pakistan was not in the interest of India, more specifically for the the existence of indigenous Hinduism be it in India or Pakistan or anywhere close by.

    So whether their it is civil governments or military regimes.
    Their musical chairs are not meant to facilitate India anyways due to the ideological basis of Pakistan that i mentioned here.


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