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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Bangladesh: Mufti wants to ‘marry’ Maa Durga, Islamist politician denigrates Vedas, mob burns down Hindu home amid massive anti-Bharat protest

Bangladesh’s rising anti-Hindu sentiment has lately been at its all-time highest. Islamists thriving in the country are always looking for excuses to slander and abuse the Hindus. The “Nupur Sharma and comment of the prophet of Islam controversy” has only given them another reason to target the marginalized community. They are using speech and action to launch attacks on the Hindus in their country and beyond.

In a video clip that surfaced and went viral on social media on Saturday, June 11, Rafiqul Alam, the former mayor of Khagrachari municipality in Bangladesh, can be seen addressing a gathering. In his speech, likely in response to the former BJP spokesperson’s remarks about the prophet of Islam, Alam makes some outrageously false and absurd claims about the sacred Hindu texts, the Vedas.

In his bizarre speech, he rants, “Before commenting about Islam, know about what is said in your Vedas. Do you know what is mentioned in your Rig Veda?” While most of his speech remained unclear and imperceptible due to the incessant cheering of his audience, it was apparent that he claimed that the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda mention that without reciting the name of Nabi, Hindus will not get any peace. He also uttered some Arabic phrases in his speech that we have not been able to verify.

Continuing with his baseless claims, he asserted that the Muslims had ruled Bharat Varsha for over 800 years, but Islam was never forced on the Bharatiyas. He also affirms that had Islam been enforced on all the Bharatiyas, all the Hindus, including Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi), would have been the followers of Islam.

In another undated video that has become viral recently, a Bangladeshi Mufti (Muslim cleric) named Noor Hossain Nesari can be seen making disparaging comments about the Hindu Devi Maa Durga. While addressing his audience, he mocks the Devi, stating Khuda has made “das haath wala Durga” who is worshipped inside a temple room. He goes on to want in a derogatory manner, “oh, such a beautiful face! Film actresses are nothing in front of her. If she could talk, I would marry her. Such beauty, Allah Rehmat! But, she had ten hands and still can’t stand on her own.”

As his audience cheered his offensive remarks, he continued to insult the Hindu faith by stating the Hindus make their deities stand with support from the back. He also mocks that the Hindus offer delicious fruits and expensive sweets to their god, but she can’t eat them. “Such is their goddess; she just stares. She can’t even talk. Am I right or not?” The audience responds with equal vileness, and they have a great time belittling the manifestation of Shakti.

In a different incident that occurred on Sunday afternoon, June 12, in retaliation to Sharma’s comment, a furious Muslim mob torched a Hindu family’s house. The incident is reported from Chitalmari upazila in Bagerhat. Attackers had also jammed a road in the Kunia area. Though 33-year-old Dipak Sarkar and the other house residents could manage to escape the fire, it was not the end of their sufferings.

SP Ariful Haque stated that the attacking mob was returning from a demonstration held in Gopalganj to protest the incident (Nupur Sharma’s alleged ‘blasphemous’ comment on the prophet of Islam) in Bharat. As a means to control the situation, the police detained Dipak. According to the police, a few days ago, Dipak had got into an argument with some local Muslims over the issue. No information is available on whether the police have yet arrested the Islamist attackers.

Leaders like Rafiqul Alam, the mobs that burned down a Hindu home or the cops that arrested a Hindu youth for being a victim of anti-Hindu hate, are not random fringe elements. They are part of the larger anti-Hindu nexus in the Islamist country. Several political parties, fundamentalists of the Islamic Movement Bangladesh (IAB), Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam Bangladesh, and the Islamic Prophet Oykiajote have staged demonstrations after their Friday afternoon prayers to protest Sharma’s comments. These protests were strengthened by the support of pro-Pakistan political parties in Bangladesh.

The fundamentalists have called upon their followers to boycott Bharatiya products. As per reports, the chief of Islami Andolon Bangladesh (IAB) Charmonai Pir Syed Rezaul Karim, who is a 1971 war criminal, would be leading the subsequent mass procession. Over a hundred Islamist fundamentalist groups have staged such demonstrations across Bangladesh, including Pabna, Khulna, and Manikganj. Speakers at the rally at the DIT Railway mosque complex called for the Hasina government to take political actions against the remark and condemn the same.

At a protest held at the gate of the National Mosque in Baitul Mukarram an IAB leader stated that he would arrange a mass procession towards the Indian High Commission in Dhaka and submit a memorandum demanding punishments of those who commented on the Prophet, that is, Nupur Sharma. He added that if Nupur Sharma is not punished, he will continue his demonstration. The leader has also sought to bring a motion condemning the remarks of the former BJP leaders in the Parliament.

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  1. Very unfortunate to read news abt degrading of Hindu Gods and attack on innocent Hindus in Bangladesh. Had Ex PM Indra Gandhi agreed to merge this piece of East Pak during Bangla War, then these traitors and ungrateful human creatures might have no space to talk like this. Let india stop all the supplies to this unfaithtful religious terrorist and allow them starve for a bowl of food then only they will realise their Himalayan Blunder. All of these are indirect funding and support of Pak terroist arm. If they continue to do that soon they follow the Srilankan pathetics situation! Jai Hind!

  2. Bangladesh won freedom due to India. Without India’s military intervention, Bangladesh would never get her freedom. Yet just see how Bangladeshis are hating India. The Islamists overrunning B’desh have called for boycotting Bharat-made goods. How ungrateful are they! They have been waging genocide on Hindus, destroying their properties, seizing their lands, raping & killing their women and lynching their men under the false charge of ‘blasphemy’. Nupur Sharma’s case is another isolated incident that incited them to launch nationwide anti-Hindu demonstration and violence.
    Actually, these Islamists have nothing to do constructive to any country, be it Bangladesh or Pakistan. Under the excuse of religion, they spread hate (especially anti-Hindu), inciting the mob to wage violence against minorities. From Syria to Iraq to Libya, Africa to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and B’desh, the Islamists have did one thing: killing of people. Not a single Islamist has ever contributed to a country’s economy , scientific and technical development, spread of literacy, eradication of poverty, providing homes to the homeless and facilitating health system. Instead, they’ve unleashed a reign of terror and propagated ‘serfdom’.
    Most of the Govts are too weak to neutralize them, instead they kowtow them!


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