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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hindu girl Aarti abducted, converted and married off to a Muslim man in Larkana, Pakistan

This week saw yet another case of a young Hindu girl being abducted and forcefully converted to Islam. Aarti (22) was abducted while going to work and later forcefully married off to a Muslim man in Larkana, Pakistan.

The local courts refused to allow the girl’s parents from meeting their daughter, following which members of the minority Hindu community were seen protesting in the same court. This immediately drew suspicion as to why would any court disallow a meeting, if the girl was willingly marrying, and pointed at state-abetted intimidation of the minorities

Arti was abducted on way to work in a beauty parlour

Reports suggested that Aarti was abducted by Fawad who converted her to Islam and renamed her Ayesha. Her father Dr. Namo Mal said that his daughter went missing after she left home for the beauty parlour where she is working. Police remained mute spectators. Larkana in itself was famous for being the city center of the 4500 years old ancient city of Mohenjo-daro that existed during the Saraswati-Sindhu Valley Civilization and is now famous as a city with the greatest number of Shia Muslim religious flags, called Alams!

Estimates suggest around 1000 young underage Hindu girls some as young as 8 are abducted annually for sexually slavery by Pakistani Islamists. The sordid saga of persecution against minorities continues unabated across Pakistan and even as the numbers of atrocities rise alarmingly, no government or media, either local or international, really seems to bother. Would the reaction from these groups and our courts be the same if it were a Muslim girl abducted in say UP? The silence of the anti-nationals who opposed the CAA bill is also tangible.

A local Karachi Journalist, Veengas J from The Rise News in Karachi posted the protest video and had this to write,

Just in: Hindu girl Aarti who was abducted from Larkana, got converted to Islam, and married off to man….Local court kept girl’s parents from meeting with girl. In video seen Hindu community held protest and asked for justice. “Khapay Phapay Justice Khapay”

Translated, the above probably means something like “Where is Justice” for the Hindu community? These Hindu cries are being stifled internally and if we turn a deaf eye there will hardly be any left in countries like Pakistan.

There were 1300 temples in Pakistan at the time of partition, out of which barely 30 function today, and even these face the wrath of Islamists all year long. The torture of young girls begins early in Pakistan where they are considered second class citizens and sexually harassed. Even the Hindu kids are taught the Quran and yet 15-year-old girls do not know numbers!

The Imran administration promises security to the minorities but rarely flinches when Hindu girls are abducted, raped, and killed or when Islamic zealots burn down other places of worship. They use primitive tactics of abductions and kidnappings to suffocate the minorities and keep them in check. Christians, Hindus, and even the Muslim Shia and Ahmedi are not spared Sunni wrath. 

The pathetic state of Pakistani can be gauged from the fact that the country with a parliamentary committee to protect minorities (with no minority members in that committee) from forced conversions has failed to even bring up a law to protect minority community girls from involuntary conversions!

Young Hindu girls as young as 14 are kidnapped from school and married off to 40-year-old laborers with two wives. Their courts then validate such weddings arguing that the girls have started menstruating! There have also been instances where locals gangs with help from local police kidnap, convert, and then marry off underage Hindu girls.

The court case of Hindu sisters Raveena and Reena who were kidnapped and promptly converted, and married off to the already married abductors, was widely covered but ended in a whimper. The parents informed the courts that they were minors aged just 13 and 15 but the courts in coercion with the ruling class using a farce of forensic evidence to determine their age was found to be 18 or 19 and allowed their abductors to retain their ownership! Later the girls were paraded around by armed Muslim men, almost like one would celebrate war booty.

For all the pro-Pakistani hue and cry that Bharat’s left-liberal media creates, we hardly see any Muslims with Bharat passports applying for Pakistan citizenship. What prevents International organizations like the UN from directly interfering in such matters of religious-ethnic cleansing? Are they waiting for the total annihilation of Hindus from Pakistan?

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