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Friday, December 8, 2023

Protests in Bangladesh, Bharat, and across the world against anti-Hindu pogrom during Durga Puja

Anti-Hindu pogrom witnessed during the Durga Puja has elicited a strong response from Hindus across the world with members of the community protesting against the atrocities meted out to the minorities of Bangladesh.

Anti-Hindu pogrom in Bangladesh

The orchestrated anti-Hindu violence that began on Ashtami was witnessed even on the Vijayadashmi, one of the very important Hindu festivals. Ram Thakur Ashram, ISKCON temple, Loknath temple, Radhamadhab Ahakra, and all Durga Puja pandals in Noakhali were attacked by Islamists who have since been on a rampage slaying Hindus, attacking temples and assaulting Hindu homes and establishments.

anti-Hindu pogrom
Anti-Hindu Pogrom in Bangladesh

Islamists set homes of Hindus afire apart from vandalizing temples while the supreme leader of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, issued an ultimatum to the Hindus of Bharat in what looks like an attempt to pass the buck instead of taking responsibility for the minority citizens of her country. “We expect that nothing happens there (in India), which could influence any situation in Bangladesh affecting our Hindu community here… they (India) have to be aware that such incidents should not take place there which would have an impact on Bangladesh, and the Hindus in our country face attacks”, Hasina said in an interaction.

That the lives of minorities of Bangladesh is under immense threat is all too well-known. However, the plight of Hindus has hardly evoked the kind of response it should from ‘human rights groups’.

As the Islamist gameplan unfolds in nations such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, the international community continues to remain a mute spectator. Hindus across the world, however, have realized now is the time to stand up and be counted. Unless Hindus across the world raise their voices against the Islamist atrocities, justice would never be served.

Protests against anti-Hindu pogrom

As #SaveBangladeshHindus continued to trend on social media, Hindus in various parts of the world condemned the wanton violence against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh. Hindu Dharmic Organization Bharat Sevashram Sangha has issued a letter condemning the brutal attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. Puri’s Govardhan Math also raised its voice against the brutalities through its Twitter page.

Several Hindu organizations protested in Dhaka’s Shahbagh area demanding that the government gave them assurances of safety of Hindu minorities.

Hindu organizations protesting in Dhaka
There were protests in New York City as well

A protests was also held at the ISKCON headquarters in West Bengal’s Mayapur where devotees from several countries gathered to register their protest.

Hindu organizations took to the streets in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh where they gathered near Kali Mandir located at Sasni Gate Road. The police addressed the gathered crowds and requested them to end their protests.

The plight of Hindu minorities of Bangladesh is one of great concern and individual stories emerging from the Islamic nation raises several questions about the safety of Hindus in that country.

Hindus formed about 30% of the population of the region before the partition of 1947. Under the Pakistani rule, it came down significantly to 18% in 1961 and after the war of 1971, about 13% in 1974. This is simply due to the Hindu genocides Islamists perpetrated during the 1971 war and resulting mass migration to Bharat.

Even after 1971, the situation continues to be pathetic for Hindus of Bangladesh and the country is currently home to about 1.4 crore Hindus making up about 8% of the population. The share of Hindus coming down to about one third of the share in 1951 has never been the subject of news. In contrast Muslims of Bharat, who have increased their population from 10% in 1951 to about 15% in 2021, are regularly painted as oppressed!

(Featured Image Source: Twitter)

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