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Friday, January 28, 2022


Rashmi Samant

Rashmi Samant who was forced to resign as Oxford’s first Indian Student Union President vindicated by university’s internal investigation

The Oxford University's internal investigation has vindicated Rashmi Samant, the Oxford student who was bullied by a professor for her Hindu background. Through Twitter,...

Lessons from the Oxford and SOAS sagas

The recent  racist cyber bullying  and cyber lynching of Rashmi Samant  at Oxford University and the  furore in SOAS university, London, over the inadvertent...

Leftist Oxford societies whitewash Hindumisia, side with Rashmi’s bullies

After Hindu student Rashmi Samant was forced to resign from Oxford Student Union after being bullied by Hindumisic gang, societies affiliated with the university...

रश्मि सामंत और हिंदूद्वेष (हिन्दूफोबिया) से ग्रसित पश्चिम अकादमिक समाज

पश्चिम में अब “अस्वीकार करने वाली संस्कृति” अपने चरम पर परिलक्षित हो रही है। पूर्व राष्ट्रपति ट्रम्प ने जब कार्यभार सम्हाला था तभी ट्रेंड...

Hindu girl who won Oxford Students Union election bullied to resign by Hindumisic gang

After Hindu professionals at Cisco were targeted by liberals and organisations like Equality Lab in the USA with false accusations, the left-liberal cabal in...

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