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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Covid-19 Vaccines

EU politics over Bharatiya vaccines and how Bharat handled it

Bharat has threatened to not allow free movement of vaccinated European travellers if European Union's member countries fail to recognise vaccines made in Bharat....

UP records less than 1% vaccine wastage

Vaccine wastage in Uttar Pradesh has dropped to even less than 1 percent since the extensive vaccination drive has been started in the state...

Congress spreads misinformation about vaccines; aids missionaries in setting anti-Hindu propaganda

In their hate for PM Narendra Modi and as an effort to undermine Bharat's abilities in handling the pandemic, Congress has started spreading misinformation...

More than 2500 vaccine doses wasted in Congress-ruled Rajasthan

On the one hand, Congress-ruled states have been blaming the central government for vaccine shortage but on the other, vaccine wastage has come to...

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