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Monday, June 5, 2023

Bharat toughens its stance after WHO’s bias against Covaxin

Following WHO’s (World Health Organization) bias against Covaxin, Bharat’s indigenous Covid-19 vaccine, Bharat has toughened its stance.

Bias of WHO towards Covaxin

WHO has been dillydallying on approving Bharat’s indigenous Covaxin developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO’s chief scientist stated that the technical advisory committee has postponed its meeting and would now be meeting only on October 26 to decide the future course of action in connection with emergency use authorization (EUA) for Covaxin.

It must be noted that a meeting between an independent group of experts and WHO was to take place earlier this month. As per reports, the risk/benefit assessment was to be undertaken during the said meeting following which a final decision was to be made with regards to approval of Covaxin. But the international body continued to stall the meeting as it has been doing over the past few months.

It appears that the global health organization is purposely delaying approval for Covaxin since by its own admission, Bharat Biotech has already supplied all the required information sought by it. “Covaxin manufacturer, Bharat Biotech, has been submitting data to WHO on a rolling basis & submitted additional info at WHO’s request on 27 September. WHO experts are currently reviewing this info & if it addresses all questions raised, WHO assessment will be finalized next week”, says TFI.

It is pertinent to note that the agency had said that it could not “cut corners” to approve a domestically developed vaccine. However, the same body had approved Sinopharm Chinese vaccine for emergency use within just 10 days. It must also be noted that the emergency use listing (EUL) to Sinopharm was awarded merely on the basis of interim data.

Bharat has now toughened its stance and according to a Reuters report, the Bharatiya government has delayed committing vaccine supply to the COVAX global sharing effort. This decision must be seen as a response to the dillydallying by WHO despite the fact that Covaxin is more effective in fighting various strains of Covid at a relatively lower cost than Pfizer and Moderna.

Slander against Covaxin

Ever since Bharat Biotech brought out the vaccine it has been faced with slander even at home from various quarters including media, opposition politicians and individuals harboring personal bias against PM Modi.

Besides netas like Akhilesh Yadav, Shashi Tharoor, Mamata Banerjee industrialists like Rajiv Bajaj, ‘cartoonists’ like Satish Acharya, media houses like The Print and others have also been at the forefront of slandering Covaxin thereby promoting vaccine hesitancy just because they wanted Bharat’s vaccine program to flop out of their hatred for PM Modi.

Media headlines were all about how ‘hasty approval’ had been given to Bharat’s indigenous vaccines.


The media as usual resorted to half-truths in order to mislead the public regarding Covaxin and also insinuate that the Bharatiya government had been hasty in approving the indigenous vaccine. In yet another hit job, the Economic Times article dated 24 June talks about how Covaxin is unlikely to get full approval until next year despite the fact that all vaccines had only been granted emergency approval.

Similarly, Congress was also caught indulging in a misinformation campaign in order to discredit Covaxin. Congress IT cell workers started spreading a rumor that the indigenous vaccine Covaxin contains calf serum. The party’s IT cell leader Gaurav Pandhi shared an RTI reply from the government about the ingredients of Covaxin, saying it contains Newborn Calf Serum (NBCS).

Other naysayers included Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav who announced that he would not be taking the “BJP’s vaccine”. According to Congress leader Sashi Tharoor, the vaccines have been prematurely approved and he stated that this could be dangerous. Then there was the Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum headed by one Harjit Singh Bhatti which has not only raised questions on the approvals for the two vaccines but also demanded a rollback for the same.

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  1. Also, it’s good that people are finally starting to realize that WHO, mainstream media and governments don’t have our best interests in mind and aren’t the honest and trustworthy people we’ve been lead to believe they are. If the source is any of the US’s mainstream media, I guarantee it’s not true.
    If Covid and all it’s drama has taught us one thing it should be that it’s important to do our own research and come to our own opinions and beliefs.
    Please let the truth you believe be from your personal research, not what others say you should believe and always remember WHO approved China’s dangerous vaxx in 8 days with limited data.

  2. As an American married to an Indian that is having his visa case held up because he got Covaxin, I’m infuriated by the discriminatory actions of WHO and of FDA. There are millions of us Americans that refuse to take the vaxxs allowed in America because they are either experimental with no long term data & funded by Gates who has said he wants to control the worlds population with vaccines or created with aborted fetal stem cells. Our government is harassing and punishing those of us that haven’t been vaccinated, yet they refuse to allow us to have the one vaccine that majority of us in US would be willing to take, Covaxin.
    I just wanted to let y’all know that there’s millions of us Americans standing with India getting Covaxin approved. There is zero reason except corruption and greed that it hasn’t been approved yet. And the fact that our American FDA denied Covaxin before they even have all the paperwork filed should cause everyone to question why it’s so important to these governments to get this mRNA into us.
    I’m also surprised that AstraZeneca shot is allowed and being taken by so many in India, from my understanding, that also has aborted baby stem cells in it.

  3. WHO is not a independent and honest body any more. It is sold to financial supporters and work under influence. Their behaviour is clear from investigation of source of COVID-19 only.

  4. So many forces against Hindutva, the civilisational lifeline of Bharat! It appears that International forces of Islam, Communists, World Christian fora and Corporates have ganged up against Hindutva, which is another name for Sanatana Dharma. Worst are the their Indian Trojan horses. Why?

  5. It’s sad to see WHO behave like this. Smacks of corruption, financial influencers, bias and very unprofessional. So manipulative. It’s kinda cruel


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