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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Pak-Jamaat and Khalistan nexus of Hinduphobic American org Equality Labs

In the last few years, there has been an upsurged discourse on the “Caste” angle in the US. Recently, Google was the lectern for controversy on it. The same attempt was seen to malign CISCO earlier. But in both cases, involved was a common organization.

That torch-bearing organization leading the campaigns on the “Caste” faultline in the US is Equality Labs. Its founder, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, calls herself a Dalit activist, and claims her roots from South-India, but she was born and has lived in the US in her entirety.

But as soon as we started searching the internet about Equality Labs, we saw many articles and reports pointing to the evidence that Equality Labs is a part of a larger network that thrives on maligning Bharat ever since its inception.

Our investigation further led us to a crucial finding that Equality Labs is not an officially registered organization in the US. And the people associated with it are not Bharatiyas but all Americans.

There were more suspicious things about Equality Labs yet to be unveiled. From concealing details from their website several times, to removing names of several people associated with them. The clean-up drive was massive, they even removed the archives of their websites.

But one of their reports (which too they have removed online and replaced with its modified version) was enough to expose them and its entire ecosystem.

In its first report of 2018, Equality Labs mentioned some key organisations and individuals. One organisation OFMI mentioned was founded by Bhajan Singh Bhinder with his protégé Pieter Friedrich.

Another organisation mentioned in the report was IAMC which is accused of lobbying against Bharat and fomenting communal rift during Tripura riots and its founder Shaik Ubaid is the vicious name of American Jamaat ecosystem.

Interestingly, Bhajan Singh Bhinder was a designated terrorist for funding the ISI terrorists to carry out blasts in Bharat in 1992. And IAMC was lobbying to get Bharat blacklisted in the USA. Its founder Shaik Ubaid was part of ICNA, a Jamaat-front in the US.

Coming to Equality Labs, its advisory board had at least two shocking names- Huma Dar, who is on a Pakistani payroll for running the Kashmir-Khalistan campaign. The 2nd name was of Sana Din- who is an integral part of IAMC.

Another key figure in Equality Labs was Natasha Dar, the co-author of their first report. Natasha belongs to the Dar tentacle, and is the daughter of Huma Dar. Interestingly, Huma Dar’s sister is also linked to Pakistan, who is married to a senior Pakistani officer.

It was fascinating to note that as soon as various OSINT platforms started exposing Equality Labs, the organization covertly removed all the names of these individuals and orgnisations.

Equality Labs’ connection with Pakistan can not only be seen with Huma Dar, Bhinder, and Jamaat. Its founder can founder can also be seen with Pakistan and ISI-backed Khalistani outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ)’s founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

Equality Lab’s connection with Pak-Jamaat nexus is also through its founder’s association with Abdul Malik Mujahid. Mujahid was the President of the student wing of Pak Jamaat. He later led Jamaat-US-front ICNA and now targets Bharat through JFA with terror outfit SIMI’s founder.

In its report, EL also referred to A.J.A., an alliance of OFMI (Bhinder-Peter), IAMC (Shaik Ubaid-Rasheed Ahmed), & HFHR (Token Hindu front). Swara Bhaskar was seen along with HFHR last month as exposed in our last thread.

Founders of Equality Labs are not residents of Bharat and its Political Director, Sharmin Hossain is from Bangladesh, whose name has now been removed from Equality Lab’s website. The picture shows Sharmin’s father with the Jamaat members when the group was settling in the Germany.

It is worth noting that these people and organisations, who proactively work on Bharat’s faultlines in the US always turn out to be the part of Pak-Jamat and Khalistan nexus! Yet they are mainstreamed by many people in Bharat to successfully spread their propaganda to malign Bharat.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of OSINTWa_com.)

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