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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How Jihad against Hindus is covered up by leftist media & historians

One common emotion after watching The Kashmir Files has been “Hame pata hi nahin tha! (We didn’t know that!)” That makes one angry so much so happened and we didn’t know about it.

This article shares how Jihad against Hindus is covered up by Leftist media and historians ever since Bin Qasim set foot here. 

Jihad against Hindus is whitewashed in the following steps.

1) Kill the story.
2) Deny it happened.
3) Remove the Islamic motivation.
4) If story persists. Blame Hindus themselves.
5) Invert. Project Muslims as victims.

Partition, Godhra, Kashmir, Ayodhya all were airbrushed like this. 

Let’s start with Kashmir

They killed the story, then denied it happened. They hid the “Convert, Die or leave” slogans from Masjids to whitewash the hatred for Kafirs. Now they are blaming Jagmohan. Movies like Haider, Mission Kashmir tried to paint Muslims as victims. 


Partition has been completely whitewashed. Islamic motivation of making Darul Harb into Darul Islam has been covered up. Syed Ahmed gave two nation theory. Today they blame a Hindu Savarkar for it. 89.2% Muslims voted for Jinnah in. Today they play victims. 

Ram Temple

Temple destruction by Islamic invaders was hidden. If Bin Qasim destroyed Somnath 17 times, it was to loot, not because of hatred for idol worship. Finally Habib in SC said, Hindus destroyed a Buddhist temple to build Ram Mandir.

Delhi Riots

Violence started in Bengal and Delhi just after CAA was announced. It was covered up. There was zero outrage. Islamic slogans of 1947 dobara hoga, Moplah ki talwarein samandar mein nahin fenki hain were airbrushed. Finally after months of hatred, they tried to pin it on Kapil Mishra.

In Kashmir, a convenient lie has been to pin all terrorism and exodus on Pak sponsored terrorism. The people who leaked the location of their Hindu neighbours, they were Kashmiris.

Yasin Malik, Maqbool Bhatt, Bitta Karate, were Kashmiris. Bharat’s Home Minister at that time was father of Mehbooba Mufti. Same Mehbooba who said, 370 hataya to Tiranga uthane wala nahin bachega.

On Dec 2, 1989, Mufti Muhammad Saeed became the HM of Bharat. By Januaury Hindus were driven out of Kashmir.  Farooq Abdullah released 70 Islamic terrorists from Kashmir in 1989. There should have been a reason.

Jan 19,1990 – From Masjids they starts screaming, ‘Convert, leave or die.’

Farooq resigns, Jagmohan becomes governor on Jan 21.

By that time it was too late! 89.2% Muslims voted for Jinnah in 1946. Most of them stayed back after helping make Pakistan.

Kashmir is another Pakistan they wanted to make. Silence of so called ‘moderate’ Muslims on The Kashmir Files and Kashmiri Pandit genocide is deafening.

Imagine a powerful Kashmiri Pandit producer like Vidhu Vinod Chopra couldn’t make an honest film on Kashmir. Because he fears that if he told the truth then the ‘Khans’ of Bollywood will not work with him. People like Naseeruddin Shah, who protest against the death of a cattle smuggler and say why no meaningful cinema is made, do not support films like The Kashmir Files. Neither they speak on the issue of exodus of lakhs of Hindus.

That is why one wonders that how many Gulfam Hasans live among us. In an industry ruled by Khans, an honest film on Kashmiri Hindu genocide couldn’t be made. Only films from point of view of Islamic terrorists were made like Haider, Mission Kashmir. It is a testament to the fact that Secularism is a one way street in Bharat. 

Their photo-op of putting one puja picture on Diwali makes fans excited but when Ram Mandir is liberated from the encroachment encroachment of Jihadi Babar, all keep mum. Their silence on The Kashmir Files and Ram Mandir is their ideology. Rest is optics! Shahrukh Khan does Raees and whitewashes Abdul Lateef.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s blue eyed boy Raju Hirani whitewashes the son of Fatimah Rashid (Sanjay Dutt) who kept AK-47 and bombs for underworld.

How can such industry make The Kashmir Files where the Jihad of Islamic invadors was whitewashed due to the fear of spread of hatred. They well hid the Jihad of Partition.

That’s why we were always misled. Because those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

They are the ones who name their children Taimur whose object of invasion was finishing the hi Kafirs.

There is Two Indias! The one who is the fan of Jihadists and the other who is quiet even after being a victim of Jihad. Hindus, even after Ram Mandir judgment, quietly lights a lamp whereas Muslims blast bomb in Mumbai to support the encroachment of Babar. Two Indias indeed. 

Whatever Bin Qasim, Ghazni, Aibak, Aurangzeb, Jinnah, Suhrawardy, Ghulam Sarwar, Abdullah, Mufti did with Hindus since 1400s, everything had the same religious motivation, making Darul Harb Darul Islam.

Demography is the destiny. Everything else is comfortable lie! 

Hindu Judges open Supreme Court at midnight for Islamic terrorists. Khans of Bollywood are not even standing for innocent Hindu victims The Kashmir Files. This is the asymmetrical relationship Secularism demands.

‘Secular’ Hindu is a person who is happy being a second class citizen. Kashmir is that Pakistan that was created right before our eyes.

Us Hindus have taken 30 years to even acknowledge the pain of kashmiri Hindus. Some of us are still in deniel and maligning Indian Army.

This is the success of Leftist brainwashing. Jinnah did Partition, 89.2% Muslims voted for it but they blame Savarkar.

Abdullah, Mufti, Yasin, Bitta did Kashmir Hindu genocide but they blame Jagmohan.

Pakistani terrorists did 26/11 with local support but they blamed RSS.

In 1921 Ali Musliyar declared Malabar an Islamic state and butchered Hindus in ISIS style.

Today Moplah Jihad is known as peasant rebellion that poor Muslims were opressed by Hindu landowners so the former killed the later.

Same logic in The Kashmir Files that Hindus had monopolised jobs! Marxists whitewashed every act of Jihad using their poverty porn.

Ghazni looted Somnath for its wealth. Muhammad was a rich merchant. So why did he destroy all the idols at Kaaba?

Because rejection of idol worship is the bedrock of Islam. This is why you only see silence from so called moderate Muslims on history of temple destruction in Bharat.

How can they condemn Aurangzeb, Tipu, Ghazni, Sikander Butshikan for destroying temples because they did what Muhammad did in Kaaba! 

That’s why to fool Hindus, they act like, nothing of this sort happened. Its a easy cop out because they won’t have to condemn what didn’t happen. The tree of Secularism grows on the soil used to cover up dead bodies of innocent Hindus. Be it Kashmir, Noahkhali, Moplah, Godhra, Calcutta.

That’s why it is imporatnt to bring up such stories. Because it was a teamwork of moderates and extremists.

When demography changes, land changes from Darul Harb to Darul Islam and thus, your status changes from permanent resident to a guest. 

(This article was compiled from the tweet thread of @Nitin_Rivaldo)

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