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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hindu Dharma: The Solution for Modern Problems

Karma and Yoga are two concepts that the world swears by, and both of them find their roots in the Hindu Dharma. Though Bharat and its culture are constantly at the receiving end of a lot of bad publicity, these two Hindu concepts have unanimous appeal. Karma is a universally accepted theory – what you sow, so shall you reap; people across the globe swear by Yoga and the wonders it has done to their bodies and also their mind. Yet, when it comes to considering different ideologies of Hindu Dharma to be capable of having global implications, the idea is shunned by everyone.

On a global level, there are many problems we inhabitants face which have become identical over the years; irrespective of the geographical location of the person. People are stressed all the time – be it from work, relationships or life in general. Stress has become an inseparable part of our lives and it seems to be increasing by the minute. The other problem that will have most global residents nod in unison is global warming. From the elderly people to young children, everyone is facing the wrath of a warmer planet. And despite having to face the issues, there is hardly any change in the way we humans abuse and overuse Mother Earth.

While science is still trying to find out comprehensive solutions for these problems, Hindu Dharma has been preaching some positively relevant concepts since a long time. Below are some of the concepts which if applied on a global level will definitely yield good results:

  • Sarva Dharma-Sama Bhava: The world today needs this idea of peaceful co-existence to persist. Instead of trying to prove which religion is better, it is better we let everyone follow what they want to. A large chunk of global population is facing a big problem called conversion – be it forced conversions like the ones Muslims undertake; or the careful and tactical conversions undertaken by the Church. In Bharat, the conversion racket is spreading like an epidemic. The irony is that Bharat itself has a culture which treats different beliefs with equality. The Hindu Dharma teaches that whichever belief makes you reach the ultimate truth should be undertaken – Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava. That is why different religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism could thrive in Bharat, with the dominant Hindu Dharma also existing.
  • ​​Jiva Daya: The Hindu Dharma has always spoken about god residing in all beings. Today, the consumption of beef and other meat products is adding a lot to the environment changes. Going vegetarian is definitely something that has been preached in many Hindu scriptures.
  • Ayurveda: Hindu dharma gives a lot of importance to various plants and trees. And like Yoga, Ayurveda has also become a revered concept. Of the many plants that the vedas deem necessary for every household, basil is said to cure most common ailments. But what is noteworthy is that it is also said to be able to cure the dangerous disease called cancer. Sadly, cases of cancer have risen alarmingly in the recent past. Hence, having a natural solution to such a big problem is nothing short of a boon.
  • Gotra system: Scientific research has also proven that the gotra system followed in the bharatiya culture helps avoid mixing of the same DNA for marital purpose, which may result in hybrid DNA in the child. When two individuals belonging to the same gotra marry, it causes genetic disorders in the offspring.
  • On a more scientific and mathematic level, Bharat contributed to the introduction of surgery, discovery of zero, and other important breakthroughs such as geometry, trigonometry, astronomy and much more. Apart from that, the culture of music, dance and everyday living as prescribed by the bharatiya culture is revered across the globe.

The pointers listed above definitely make a case as to why the Hindu Dharma can be the answer to most global problems.

Let me reiterate what has already been told many times before – Hindu Dharma is a way of living.  That few people have the vision and thereon the courage to follow this belief is what marks the future of us earth dwellers.

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