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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Have elderly Bengali Hindus also started leaving Kolkata?

It was initially young working population leaving Kolkata, now it’s the elderly. My in laws, like many, had it enough in Kolkata after spending their entire lifetime left the city after ~ 74 yrs. Like many, they can’t relate to the city & it’s culture anymore.

Couple of developments in the past few years.

1) Security- My FIL (father in law) was the President of one of the oldest Durga Puja Committee in Central Kolkata. He is well revered & well connected. Despite his local reputation, there was an attempted break in. Something unheard of in his hood.

2) When he put his property up for sale he spoke & met 96 prospective buyers. 94 were Muslims while 2 Hindus. All 94 wanted to buy the property in cash. Now, clearly demonetization was a failed venture that put the country through misery for nothing. Moreover Muslims are occupying Hindu belts at alarming rates, changing the demography of the city.

Another interesting observation. There is suddenly a huge trust deficit between the 2 communities. The moment my FIL sold his property some of the neighbors have already started exploring options to move out. They are perceiving Muslim neighbors as threats that is working to the benefit of the Muslim community. They are able to buy good properties on a distress sale.

3) Healthcare has completely collapsed in the city. We all are aware of it.

Million $ question – Will Bengali Hindus in #Bengal over time see the same fate as Jews in Israel? Fighting an existential battle to retain their identity & land?

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by @GhostedOU812 on October 21 2022 – twitter thread archive 1, archive 2)

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  1. Muslims in west Bengal are not indians, majority of them are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Now notice the duplicity of the bengali muslims. In 1946 they were the ones who supported jinnah in direct action and killed lakhs of bengali hindu and subsequently partition india in 1947. But they are not satisfied with pakistan in 1971 shamelessly they stream into india asking for india’s help jinnah two nation then gets fucked and after getting Bangladesh at our charity they start massacred bengali hindu in Bangladesh and now they want to occupy west Bengal and destroy india. Traitor

  2. Seems like this area is doomed to fail from the beginning. 35 years of Communist rule & 10+ years of Didi’s Islamist rule have taken its course. Moreover the liberal lifestyle of Bengalis in general, the gynocentric system that considers any bengali women as maa durga or kali, irrespective of their character or evil nature, added fuel….Now you see that Bengalis are leaving the state, but wherever they would settle, they would again be the proponents of liberalism

  3. I came across a line that 94 buyers were muslims and 2 were hindus…..thats the main concern in the article i guess……Dear Hindu Post Desk , if u wanna buy dat property then buy it…….and save ur so f…kin culture…..who is stopping u?……Or else keep ur mouth n post shut…….u people r the worst one….who go against community guidelines…..

    • hey bigot, this is a space for Hindus to discuss what they are facing and how to deal with it. Not everything is about you. ‘Kafirs’ have a right to dignity and life too. We now have a very clear understanding of how your ilk gradually capture any locality by abusing the generosity and trust of your hosts – the orchestrated harassment which gradually rises in tempo – girls harassed, abusive language in front of elders, meat waste strewn, opposition to hindu worship and festival celebrations, rash driving, picking fights….the two-facedness of first attacking the other and then playing victim. U lot think you can destroy this nation without any opposition? citizens of all backgrounds and religions are now catching on to you hate-mongering, two-faced supremacists. we normally don’t allow abusive bigots to comment, but made an exception to show readers of the sort of inane comments we receive every day.

  4. Who is the Responsible Authority(Government, People, The System….Who) of it if it is or not if it is then also should take action by Three of Them as early as possible. Where 90% of population are uneducated (as per my opinion) and don’t know what is the Value of One Vote in So Called Democratic Country and Not Concern about the Fact of a Society then That Society will be Misguided at Any Time but Sanatan Dharma Lombee People has shown their Power of Existence since a Long Time in this World (As I believe). Iswar is Everything, Everywhere ( Main Believe of Sanatan Dharma).

  5. Absolutely racist nonsense , mischievous narrative of accusation without any proof . All institutions cultural , bureaucratic, business are all coveted by non Muslim especially Bengali Hindu. Muslims live in the poorest ghettos of Kolkata city in pathetic condition.
    The posh areas like New town, Salt Lake , Ballygunge , Alipore , Tollygunge , etc are dominated by Bengalis who shun Muslims by not allowing them to buy property or tenancy in their localities branding them as beef eaters but will allow an Anglo Indian or Christian to stay .
    This racism is increasingly being aired by the so called liberal nowadays just like what’s happening in racist BJP ruled States. Typical absolutely irresponsible misrepresentation of facts & unfounded blame games to create divisions on grounds of religion and caste.

    • Usual denial of an ordinary Hindu’s lived experienced – go take it up with him on twitter for additional ‘proof’. Chaps like you stayed quiet when 1 lakh Hindus were forced to flee by the fascist ruler of your state, when thousands of Hindu women were molested or raped and dozens killed in a state-sponsored pogrom. And you have the gall to talk of humanity? What is more, you then go on to attack Hindus of being ‘racist’? You think we are fools and don’t know the hate your maulanas like Peerzada Abbas Siddique of Furfura Sharif spew, what radicals just did to poor Dalit Hindus on Kali Puja day in Kolkata, or what your fellow radicals in Bangladesh are doing every day to the ‘malaun’ Hindus? Rather than diverting attention from the issue, and blind people the very obvious Islamic radicalization issue that Bengalis are grappling with on both sides of the border, you are resorting to usual ad hominem attacks and grandstanding.

  6. Main problem of Hindu people is caste system of the religion. People of one caste don’t believe the people of another caste as there is no marriage among the different caste. So called Sudra is considered inferior quality and not consider ed as human like Muslim. That is why muslim is more close compared to upper caste Hindus

    • great, now we have the typical head-in-sand self-alienated sickular Hindu viewpoint too. pls splash some water on your face, and ask yourself- how is an OBC the PM of the nation with massive support from all sections of society, if Hindus don’t consider ‘shudra’ as human? the marxist/colonial-era atrocity literature has brainwashed some people to such an extent that they have lost the power of logical reasoning – who does the othering? the ones who regard the ‘other’ as ‘kafir’/hell-bound ‘idol worshippers’ or Hindus who say that anyone can attain moksha if their mind is pure and they have no karmic baggage? why are poor Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan, most of whom are SC/ST suffering if Islamic society is so egalitarian and inclusive?

  7. The Bengal demographic problem is not about is more about the influx of non Bengali population from Bihar & UP
    It is because of this group(both Hindus and Muslims) that our elderly population are encouraged to sell off

    • Dear “Vijay Dinanath Chauhan”, must hand it off to folks like you. Willing to go to such lengths to create a fake identity to just spread disinformation. do u guys get trained in peddling such fake narratives, or the taquiya skills are just part of the millieu in which you grow up?

  8. Just Rubbish….Politically motivated article. I am living in tollygunge area for the last 50 years, it has mix population of both the community. We are living in so much amicably.

    • “Politically motivated”? A real person is recounting his experience, and instead of trying to empathize and understand, instead of asking why violence against Hindus breaks out at the drop of a hat in your city, you are trotting out the usual well-rehearsed excuses. Go and see that twitter user’s timeline to understand that he is no fan of the party you love to hate. Shame.

  9. Hindus can’t co-exist with Muslims.Sucessive West Bengal govt. too is bent on making West Bengal part of a Greater Islamic Bangladesh.More over Most of the Bengali speaking Hindu are more comfortable with Bengali speaking Muslims than a Hindi speaking Hindu.Those who want to remain Hindu have no choice left but to leave this state.


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