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Friday, June 2, 2023

For Protecting Hindu Dharma, A Letter to Dharma-Gurus

Dear Dharma gurus and heads of Hindu organizations,


As you may be aware, there has been a widespread threat about existence of our Sanatana Dharma (Hindu Dharma). No doubt Hindus have survived for 800+ years in many adverse conditions! We should be proud of our glorious civilization, and be thankful to our ancestors.


However, let us look at some historical trends:

  1. Afghanistan (birthplace of Panini’s Ashtadhaya) used to be full of Hindus and Buddhists; it is completely without them today.
  2. Just 70 years ago, a part of Bharat declared its independence and decided to break away. Known as Pakistan, it had 26% Hindus and now only 2% or so.
  3. In 1971, East Pakistan declared its independence citing anti-Bengali attitudes by its ruling military class. This new-born country of Bangladesh had over 30% Hindus at one point of time. That number is down to around 8%.
  4. Looking east: Malaysia, Indonesia (which has the largest Hindu temple in the world) have a very tiny Hindu/Buddhist minority left.
  5. Hindus have declined in Sri Lanka from 23.2% in 1901 to 12.3% in 2012
  6. In our own country, Kashmir was full of Hindus just 30 years ago. Where are those Hindus today?
  7. As per several reports, eighty million (8 crore) innocent Hindus have been slaughtered so far. This is equivalent to (80/6=) 13 Holocausts.
  8. In spite of being majority, Hindus were ruled by others for almost 1000 years.
  9. When America, Canada, Australia were not known 2000 years ago, we had hundreds of world class universes such as “Taxila”, “Nalanda”, “Valabhi, and 100,000 + Gurukuls (Schools). They were all destroyed during multiple invasions!
  10. Nearly 40,000 temples were destroyed/converted.
  11. In the same 800+ years – over 50% of Hindu sacred land has disappeared forever.

It is a threatening trend! The reality is that population and demographics drive culture of a land. Human population increases exponentially. There are some religions that encourage more children solely to increase their population, aiming to dominate democracies and the world in few decades! As such, the ideologies and beliefs that people followed in the past 1,000 years will change much quicker in the next 50 years.


Now, let us take a look at current Bharat, where Hindus are shrinking drastically.

  1. Hindus already have been paying heavy prices in Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala, and other parts of Bharat.
  2. Even today, 400,000 Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) are still living outside of their homes in filthy tents since 1990. 28 years is a long time!
  3. Hindus are living in a miserable condition in many parts of Bharat.
  4. Hindu festivals are under heavy scrutiny and are being dictated by others (look at West Bengal).
  5. While keeping other religions intact, Hindu Dharma has been taken out of the school textbooks.
  6. Students are being taught wrong history where invaders are glorified and real Hindu heroes, kings, leaders are demonized. It creates pride less anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat sentiments among (so called educated) youth.
  7. Hindu Dharma, Hindu Gods, Goddesses, festivals, culture, lifestyle, idols are being insulted, humiliated, and demonized in Bharat (by Left/Secularists/Communists/Marxists) and across the world on a daily basis.
  8. Love Jihad is constantly pushed, and hundreds of Hindu girls are being targeted.
  9. Forced conversion is on the rise
  10. Hindu temple money is being shifted to secular causes, including welfare of other religions.

In the recent times, this has been supported and endorsed by an entire group of self-hating Hindus who have been raised in an education system designed by people like Macaulay and Max Mueller. These Western academicians devised a way to spread their own ideology and create a class of Bharatiyas who would be Bharatiya by skin, but English in thoughts and beliefs. Their belief was this made the country easy to rule, and would prevent revolts like in 1763 (Sanyasi Rebellion) and 1857.

As an observation, the more educated a person becomes, the more he grows to hate Hindus. This same clan not only occupies bureaucracy, but also runs the education system. Not only are there entire universities (DU, JNU) dedicated to this cause, but this thinking has now permeated to almost all universities. As a result, Hindu Dharma/Hindus have been wiped out from textbooks.

There are millions of places of worship and religious schools who spread commands like “Oh believers, fight them until there is no more mischief” and want the way of life prescribed by their God to be established everywhere. They create hatred and intolerance for others.  There are millions of people who do not like the way we worship, eat, dress, and the way we live our lives. They want the world to live their lifestyle.

There are millions of people who believe; “Their religion is the only true religion. The rest of the world is their enemy and must be killed or converted!” Killing is religiously justified and glorified. Further, there is the ‘divine promise’ that if one dies in the holy war, he/she is guaranteed to enjoy paradise! This kind of ideology is dangerous for humanity.

Now, let’s think about the future

The world is changing exponentially fast. The technological, and social changes in the past 50 years are more than the past 10,000 years.

As soon as the Hindu population of Bharat goes down to the 70% magic number, political power along with everything else would shift to an anti-Hindu Dharma behavior. Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal and plenty of other regions stand witness to this.  In fact, it has already started in Bharat. At the current rate, it would take somewhere around 30 more years to reach the 70% threshold. After that, practicing Hindu Dharma, and other “Dharmic panths” like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism would be difficult to impossible; which could lead to a civil war in Bharat. Even if we build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya now, it would be destroyed again in a few decades! It is not only Hindu Dharma, but the threat is also against our culture, lifestyle, democracies, legal system, secularism, and humanity.

What are we doing to protect from this violent ideology? What are we doing to counter? After all, how long are we going to watch our destruction? Why should we continue to be helpless? Is our ideology working against us? While other religions are aiming to destroy or convert at any cost, Hindus should not ignore their madness. It is a question of our great religion’s existence! If we do not pay attention today, our knowledge and the religious activities we do today won’t matter in the long run! Our next generation would have to pay a heavy price of our non activeness.

Hindus’ goodness, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, non-violence, peacefulness, kindness, openness, tolerance, secularism, and generosity are being treated as a weakness! It is being abused. Our goodness is becoming a threat to our existence. Whatever we have been doing for thousands of years is probably no longer valid in the rapidly-changing world! We need to change our tactics and respond in the language evil forces understand. We need to divert some of our energies to counter the eminent threats. Simply praying and listening to spiritual discourses would not be good enough to protect us.

Hindus need to wake-up and do all that’s necessary to keep Hindu Dharma alive for centuries to come. It cannot be accomplished without your leaderships and blessings. I along with millions of Hindus have always admired your contributions to the humanity. We are eagerly waiting your guidance and direction! Your active participation is very crucial! Millions of our people have high regards for you and are always ready to do anything per your command!

The way and the rate at which demography is changing, we do not have much time left; however, we do have enough time to protect us peacefully, legally, ideologically, and diplomatically. Even though I do not have any authority, credentials, or required knowledge, I hereby suggest few solutions for your consideration. If the solutions are convincing, we need your support to convince our people and to create a massive awareness to implement the following actions. Discussing these topics in weekly speeches/Satsangs would help to create massive awareness. It would provide direction and motivation to our people:

Proposed Solutions

The best solution is to change some of the inhumane ideologies which are spreading hatred and violence across the world. But that is not in our control. Here are the alternative options:

  1. Enforce one or two children policy through strict laws to maintain the current demography. As I explained earlier, as soon as Hindu population goes under the 70% magic number, practicing Hindu Dharma and democracy would be impossible!
  2. Bring uniform civil code in Bharat; one nation under one law. It is difficult; and, it would become more and more difficult as time goes by. It would become impossible after few years. Current 80% Hindu population is good enough to make these types of constitutional amendments. It is “now or never” situation.
  3. Enforce one wife policy.
  4. Abolish Article 370 from Kashmir
  5. Help 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus to resettle in their own homes. They have been suffering in shelters for the past 28 years!
  6. Stop artificial social engineering through settling of migrants/refugees. It is ridiculous that Bangladeshi/Rohingyas, and other illegal immigrants are being settled in Jammu & Kashmir as opposed to Kashmiri Pandits.
  7. While keeping other religions, Hindu Dharma is completely wiped out and discriminated in Bharat’s textbooks. School text must be re-written, fairly for all major religions.
  8. Tight control on what is being taught in all theological schools (Or ban them completely). Bring one country one education system!
  9. Fight against unfairness, injustice, and atrocities
  10. Be vigilant and make sure our kindness, generosity, tolerance, democratic values, loopholes in the constitution, and secularism are not being used against us. Being kind and generous is great, but not at the cost of our own existence!
  11. Confront movies, people, media, TVs, channels, bloggers, artists, politicians, textbooks, schools, advertisements, and those in social media who are demonizing Hindu Dharma. Protest against them.
  12. Spread short, simple, clear and effective messages about Hindu Dharma through social media, movies etc.
  13. Keep religious conversions and love jihad under control
  14. Expose ideologies which are full of hatred and extremism.
  15. Identify and expose fake Babas/Cults. Stop their emotional and financial looting. Free up people’s time, money, and energy.
  16. Close places of worship and religious schools which spread hatred for others.
  17. Caste System has been misrepresented to be a European style feudal system. This truth must be brought out. Bring “Don’t ask caste, don’t tell caste” policy.
  18. Stop money shifting from the Hindu temples to promote other religions.
  19. We must strive to bring into the fold rest of the Hindu population who are still ignorant of the looming threats and are living under the influence of Bollywood anaesthesia.
  20. All Hindus should be encouraged to get involved in all levels of politics and elect those candidates who would support in bringing the above changes. A community with a 1 billion people is a huge vote bank. It is not ethical for idealistic people like us, but well, when our existence itself is threatened, we do not have much options left.

This is daunting and challenging, but realistic in every sense. Uniting all Hindus is the best idea, but we are so diverse with institutional egos. The second-best alternative is to keep common objectives. We have good number of devoted intellectual people, organizations, Gurus like you, and temples, working tirelessly for the Hindu Dharma! What we need is to channelize our energy towards above goals. Even a 10% wealth of temples and a 10 % of the energy would be good enough.

Most of the above steps require political will.  Government/ politicians won’t make the above changes until people force them. Not easy, but at the same time, looking at the tremendous potentials of our temples and other organizations, these tasks are realistic – if we divide and conquer. Each temple or association (or group of them) could take up one (or more) of the above action items as their core agenda. We will have to work with government agencies, politicians, and authorities. No demand is impossible if 80% Hindus aka 1 Billion Hindu demand it with one strong voice!

We are desperate for your wisdom, guidance, and a much-needed leadership to protect Hindu Dharma, to protect humanity, and to protect our future generations.

Best Regards,

Hemant Patel

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Hemant Patel
Hemant Patel
Professionally an Engineer, and an entrepreneur. He has received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the SVNIT Surat, India; and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. He has a keen interest in bringing social justice and social reforms to make the world a beautiful place to live.


  1. Our hindus do not know the benefit of being hindu . While most convert as they lack this knowledge . Hindu need a book “benefits of being Hindu” .


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