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Sunday, November 27, 2022

What ignited the violent anti-CAB protests in Jamia, and what is Lutyens’ media hiding?

The country has been witnessing violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which has received Presidential assent and now become Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The protests first broke out in North-East where there are genuine concerns which Home Minister Amit Shah has promised to address. However, violent protests in other parts of the country are not only unwarranted but are being instigated by motivated elements.

On the face of it, the protests, that began with West Bengal outside of North-East and quickly spread to other parts of Bharat, seem to be spontaneous but zoom out and look at the bigger picture and a different story begins to emerge.

Places that have witnessed mass protests with incendiary sloganeering, and instances of violence & arson include Muslim majority parts of West Bengal such as Murshidabad, Rural Howrah etc., Ludhiana in Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Akola in Maharashtra, Mau in UP and campuses of universities such as Jamia Millia, Aligarh Muslim University, Maulana Abul Kalam University (Hyderabad) and Nadwatul Ulema College in Lucknow among others. And the common link in all these is obvious.

Whether by deliberate design or not, the undeniable fact remains that protests are being fuelled by vested interests and the entire Act is being distorted as some kind of ‘injustice against Muslims’ when the Act simply aims at providing a safe home for Hindus and other religious minorities from the neighbouring Islamic nations. Other persecuted people are still welcome to take refuge in Bharat or migrate legally for work and study – as the large number of Muslims from Afghanistan and other Islamic nations studying or living in Bharat will attest.

As it is, discussing Islam and Muslims in an impartial and frank manner is a very touchy issue in Bharat; add media and left liberals’ desperate opposition to such open discourse, and you have a deadly concoction that certainly threatens peace in the country and is sure to cause unrest.

Left liberals who have been losing one battle after the other – from the re-election of Modi to the Ayodhya issue where land has been awarded to the Hindus for construction of Ram Mandir despite all attempts by the so-called intellectuals to scuttle or delay Hindu claims – have now resorted to this desperate attempt of instigating Muslims and creating a perception of fear among them.

Playing on the insecurities of the Muslim youth, both the opposition and left liberals, with the able support of our TRP hungry and Hinduphobic mainstream media are making it appear as if this Act will relegate Bharatiya Muslims to second class citizenship and take away their rights. Instead of putting out the flames, this group is simply adding fuel to fire and creating unnecessary unrest all over Bharat.

Cheerleaders of violence

It is at times like these that the real face of these Hindu hating bigots comes to the fore. These people were cheerleading as mobs indulged in violence setting buses and trains on fire, pelting stones and attacking policemen who were merely doing their duty. Instead of condemning this mindless violence they were finding novel excuses to defend the arson.

While they advocated strict action against devotees of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, they want rioters to be treated with kid gloves today simply because they belong to the Muslim community. Why this double standard? Well, no one questions them and hence they get away with almost everything including acts of treason.

The big picture

Remember those jigsaw puzzles you did as a kid? Or that story of the four blind men who described the elephant as per the part they touched? This story is somewhat similar; the parts will tell you a different story but put the pieces together and the real story will become apparent.

There are two epicentres of this violence. The first is the state of West Bengal where Muslim majority areas witnessed large scale violence as reported by HinduPost earlier. While that violence had a limited impact, the real story begins at Delhi’s Jamia Millia University.

Let’s take a look at the sequence of events:-

So called ‘students’ begin stone pelting and violence from within the campus and are joined by masked thugs from outside; injuring both police personnel and media persons.


The mob has targeted policemen and media personnel who were simply doing their duty. Although these acts of violence may seem like spontaneous, they were actually well orchestrated and certainly pre-planned.

The left liberals sense an opportunity and jump in to take advantage of the situation and target PM Modi and his government. While it is clear that this violence has been orchestrated we have journalists like these from The Print (no surprises there!) glamorizing violence.

But Twitter users were quick to show them the real picture. As if condoning the violence was not enough, people like Hartosh Singh Bal and Yogendra Yadav were making desperate pleas and calling for more violence.

Is it simply about CAA? If that were so why would protestors raise anti-Hindu slogans? What has Allahu Akbar (Allah is great) and Naara-e-Takbeer (slogan praising Allah) got to do with the Act?

This video offers a lucid deconstruction of the template followed – 


While we understand that several Muslims might be genuinely concerned, given the fact that the opposition has lost no time in spreading all kinds of falsehoods; the basic question that needs to be asked is how is destruction of public property going to solve the issue? Why should the protest target Hindus, the majority community who have always given space to the minorities despite getting just hatred in return?

And one very important fact that has been lost in all the chaos are the personal assurances of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah who have time and again said that ‘genuine Bharatiya citizens’ have nothing to do with the Act and no one can take away their rights.

Now put all the pieces of information above together and you have the complete picture – CAA is merely an excuse used by Islamists to spread violence across Bharat. The truth is always a bitter pill to swallow but it needs to be told or even force fed when the issue at hand threatens national integrity and peace.

Whether we like it or not, the Muslim Ummah has often talked about Ghazwa-e-Hind (Islamic war to conquer Bharat) but our left liberals want to look the other way and insist that all Muslims are peace loving and it is insular Hindus who are suffering from Islamophobia.

These liberals need to take a good hard look at history (the actual one, not the distorted one that their fellow leftists have been peddling) and see how tolerant Bharat has been. It has provided space for every faith and the only thing Hindus have got in return are violence and their lands being taken away. Despite all this, the majority community is even today accommodative.

PM Modi has sent out a clear message and made it clear in no uncertain terms that no Bharatiya citizen will be affected by this Act. He has also said that this Act will merely provide a safe home for those who have faced years of persecution in their countries of residence.

And despite such a clear message being sent out by the Prime Minister of the country itself, international left media (just like their Bharatiya counterparts) would not stop spreading misinformation.

Bharat is the home of Hindu Dharma and other Dharmic faiths and therefore it is duty bound to provide protection to those persecuted outside Bharat in the name of religion. If Israel can provide asylum to Jews from all over the world and America considers it a duty to provide citizenship to persecuted Christians; what is wrong in Bharat giving a dignified life to Hindus and other Dharmics who have suffered decades of persecution?

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