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Friday, December 8, 2023

Twitter accused of being ‘Brahmanvadi’; Is reverse racism the go-to strategy to guilt trip Brahmins?

Dilip Mandal, a professor associated with The Print, a portal run by Shekhar Gupta, has kicked off a storm by calling Twitter a ‘Brahmanvadi’ platform for not giving his Twitter account a blue tick yet.

Dilip Mandal went to the extent of inciting people to trend ‘Brahmanvadi Twitter’ on the social media platform. As a result many prominent handles jumped into this bashfest, including the official twitter handle of Rashtriya Janata Dal.

After he bullied twitter into giving him a blue tick, a day later he urged Twitter to take it back. He said everybody must get ‘equal status’ on twitter. Dilip Mandal says he is against ‘Blue Tick Hierarchy’ in his Twitter bio, had called Twitter casteist for not giving him a verification blue tick because according to him, Twitter gives out verification badges as per caste of people.

He spent the whole weekend along with other trolls accusing Twitter of being ‘Brahmanvadi’ for not giving him a verified badge and added that many other Dalit activists were deprived of a ‘blue tick’ because of Twitter’s ‘Brahmanvad’.

He accused Manish Maheshwari, Twitter India head of being a casteist bigot for being unfair to Dalits – because his Twitter handle did not get verified. Ironically Mandal is a consultant who is associated with Shekhar Gupta’s The Print. Gupta belongs to a so-called upper caste and has a verified Twitter account with a blue tick.

After a day of activism demanding his account to be verified, Mandal said that his fight is not for a blue tick, but the fact that ‘Twitter has upper and lower caste divisions’.

After his account got verified, Mandal has been threatening Twitter that unless the micro-blogging site verifies Twitter accounts of 500 non-political people from SC-ST-OBC community, he will get his blue tick removed.

He has also threatened that ‘Bhim Army’ is about to reach Mumbai office of Twitter to ‘shut it down’.

This trend perfectly sends the message that the current line of Dalit activists are a privileged lot who just want to create social tension between castes and capitalise on it by showing themselves to be the true champions of the underprivileged. Funnily enough, these people do nothing significant for the dalit masses but keep spreading misinformation about Brahmins and Hindu Dharma for personal fame. They are hellbent on injecting their divisive caste discourse into anything and everything – even something as benign and banal as a ‘blue tick’ on twitter – something which many ‘upper caste’ Hindutvawadis have also failed to obtain, by the way! 

The left intelligentsia, which manufactures views such as this and tries to create divisions within Hindu society with trends such as ‘Brahmanvad Twitter’, will always preach and virtue signal about secularism and communal harmony.

These hypocrites would preach about how all religions are same but would deliberately bring up delicate issues like caste identity to destabilise Hindu Dharma, which is dangerous for Hindu samaj in the long run and such cancerous ideas need to be nipped in the bud.

Here we see, how the left intellegentsia tries to guilt trip brahmins by citing this to be an incident of Brahmanvaad when the Twitter India Head is not even a Brahmin by caste. It looks like the liberals live by the rulebook that ‘No matter what, everything is the fault of Brahmins’.

Brahmins have fallen from their position of being knowledge leaders of society to a group of people who serve as the punching bag of the liberals. What a disgrace.

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