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Friday, April 12, 2024

Treasonous Bharatiyas Abroad

Bharatiya social science and humanities academics abroad are playing a role that is unprecedented historically, by straining nonstop to legitimize assault on Hindu Dharma and, as a corollary, against Bharat itself. Indeed the very idea of Bharat is now being challenged in California on the brazenly stated grounds that the Hindu culture of its civilization is pure evil. The cynicism is hard to credit because the nineteenth century Protestant evangelical roots depicting Hindu Dharma as a system of caste apartheid cannot be unknown to the self-hating Hindu secularists of Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Columbia and Oxbridge, etc.

Bharatiya academics abroad, mostly in the humanities and social sciences, are a unique breed, actively complicit in conspiracies of foreign powers against their own country of origin. They are quite exceptional, amongst academics abroad, for routinely opposing their own country of origin even when its government attempts to implement policies for which they were elected. However, universities in the US and Europe and no doubt elsewhere, are ultimately creatures of their own state and society and cooperate actively in executing policies of their own national governments. The hostility of the US and the UK in particular towards Bharat is therefore reflected in supposedly high-minded objective research by its most distinguished academics. A random survey of acclaimed research on Christianity in Bharat immediately highlights how blatantly foreign academics work to vindicate the political goals of their country that evangelists have been tasked by their national governments to pursue.

In recent months there has been an anguished dirge, facilitated by Bharatiya social science and humanities academics abroad, about endangerment of Bharat’s diversity and pluralism, which is simply a cover to sustain and deepen Bharat’s societal fault lines that can be activated by its foreign adversaries to thwart independent action by the government. These are the kind of divisions nations overcome in the process of achieving political unity, and which create for Bharatiya academics abroad the fruits of the relative social harmony they conspire to deny their own country of origin. These academics appear to imagine their highly paid privileged positions exempt them from verisimilitude and the notion of shame for enabling the discomfiture of their motherland.

Their faux hand wringing is reserved exclusively for any outlandish allegation about Hindus committing injustices against Bharatiya Muslims and Christians. And there is never an apology when the alleged misdeeds are proven fabricated. The absurdity of sitting in New York, Washington and Chicago and lamenting the fate of mollycoddled Bharatiya Muslims while the US government slaughters Muslims by the million is a paradox that cannot be wholly beyond the intellectual grasp of these dimwitted but calculating Bharatiyas! Nor a word of empathy, from these global cosmopolitan humanists, whipped into frenzy by their infamous Harvard mentor, for author Taslima Nasreen, sentenced to death for innocuous dissent. One senior academic in the US expressed satisfaction to me that Hindus had also been murdered during the 2002 Gujarat riots, no doubt quietly applauding the 134 Tamil Hindus killed by Jihadists in recent years as well. But some two-bit JNU students, advocating the dissolution of Bharat, prompt a war cry for freedom and tolerance, only a few whimpers short of demanding F-16 aerial bombardment of Bharat, courtesy the upholders of Western civilization.

In the final analysis, Bharatiya academics employed in these countries have little choice but to conform unctuously to the injunctions academic institutions employing them impose. They are vulnerable even when they have tenure because the leaders of these institutions wield compelling authority. Such authority cannot be challenged by a non white person from the third world granted the privilege of conditional entry into the hallowed white man’s club. Some choreographed show of equality and ersatz dissent are merely devious aspects of elaborate deception to enhance the legitimacy of these August institutions. The lowly creature from Kolkata or Agra will subliminally remain untermenschen in the Euro-American milieu. The pathetic creature’s main task is to attack the Bharatiya state and its dominant cultural ethos, which is the default setting to keep them both off balance. The fact that some of these highly paid academics espouse alleged leftist positions, from the salubrious security of their hostile redoubts, is only an object of derision for their host.

These well paid traitors from the UK and the US provide legitimacy for Jihadi hostility towards Hindus and their faith in the UK. Such is the perversity that even British politicians and the media regard as acceptable the hatred of many Muslims, especially Pakistanis, for Hindus, owing to alleged human rights abuses in J&K and genocide (sic!) in Gujarat during 2002. In fact, using despised Hindus as bait to assuage the reflex anger many British Muslims feel towards them has become a cynical stratagem adopted by the British authorities. Last week I heard of a Muslim school girl refusing to work with a Hindu classmate on a joint project and the school was too afraid to sanction her. The ongoing debate in Britain about anti-Semitism is only whether Jihadi hatred of Jews and Israel is to be deemed legitimate as well. The British Left has no problems demonising both Jews and Hindus.

Of late Western countries have combined to deliver a potentially lethal blow against Hindu Dharma by officially declaring it synonymous with apartheid. Such libel encapsulates established historical precedent that stemmed from the unsuccessful 19th century Protestant attempt to evangelise in Bharat, which they blamed on Bharat’s caste system. The campaign to demonise all Hindu culture in Britain and across the EU, the US, the UN and other Anglo-Saxon countries has gathered momentum. The intention is to harass Bharat at international forums in order to oblige the government to extend reservations to Christian and Muslim converts and facilitate religious conversion. The advocates of curtailing Hindu religious freedoms, including the historical slave-owning US Southern Baptist cult and Hindu renegades, consider conversion to Christianity the only solution to innate Hindu caste racism. This diabolical conspiracy was begun in the British parliament, with strong support from Britain’s Labour and Lib-Dem political parties.

Not surprisingly, Britain’s Protestant churches are at the forefront of this racially-charged hate campaign, determined to pursue their conversion agenda in Bharat, now that Nepal is well on the way embracing Christianity, like Mizoram and Nagaland. There lurks deep in the British ruling elite psyche and national political culture animus towards Hindus, whom they have always blamed for ending their Bharatiya empire and being idolaters to boot. It is noteworthy that these conspiracies are being supported by some prominent British Hindu activists, some enjoying shockingly intimate ties to Delhi’s corridors of power, but expecting, in reality, to be rewarded for their treasonous role by the British authorities. Virtually all the ghastly, nominal Hindu members of the Houses of Parliament, support anti Hindu policies, but receive treatment as superstars when they visit Bharat. The colonial hangover will apparently last and last. As the saying goes: whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad!

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Dr. Gautam Sen
Dr. Gautam Sen
Dr. Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.


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