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Saturday, May 18, 2024

“This govt was installed by you”, TN Speaker says in Christian event

The Tamil Nadu assembly’s Speaker has said that today’s government was installed by them and that the CM is well aware of that. He called Christians the foundation of TN and assured them that they can directly approach the CM to get things done.

TN assembly’s speaker Appavu had taken part in the centenary celebrations of St.Paul College on June 29. His speech in the event has gone viral on social media. He asserted CM MK Stalin’s words in another church event that the government was formed by Christians. He said, “Everyone received education because of the laws brought by the British. People of all faiths improved their lives by learning in Christian institutions. It was former CM Annadurai who brought glory to GU Pope, Caldwell and Veeramamuni”.

“Christian institutions are the most important reason behind TN topping the field of education. It is your toiling..if not for you Fathers, Sisters and Brothers TN would have been a Bihar. Above all this if I’m to tell the truth it was Catholic priests and nuns who moulded me and brought me to this position. Why even this government as I tell often, this government was formed by you and your fasting. It was brought by your prayers to God. This government is yours”.

The truth was out from the horse’s mouth when he revealed what those who have been studying the Dravidian Movement are trying to expose. He said, “The first and foremost force behind the formation of this Social Justice Dravidian Model government is the Christianity and Catholic priests. I have told the bishops many times. You do not have to wait for anyone. Discuss and decide among yourselves about your problems and solutions and approach the CM. He definitely will not refuse because he knows very well that this government was formed by you.”

Much on the lines of what former PM Manmohan Singh said about minorities having first rights on the country’s resources, Appavu said, “This is your government, he is your CM. You should not hesitate to get your needs fulfilled. I’m there to help you, and there are Inigo and Peter Alphonse. If we remove you there wouldn’t have been any growth without you in TN. Even though Catholic priests and pastors are the main forces behind the state’s growth, its growth in social justice and Dravidam is solely due to your toil. You are the foundation stones. Today’s TN was built on you”.

It is not surprising considering the fact that CM MK Stalin had said the same thing in a Church of South India event. He said, “This government was formed by you”. Perhaps DMK is thanking the church for wreaking havoc in the state through protests like anti-Sterlite one, in which Catholic priests were on the forefront, and ordering its laity to vote only for DMK. More than that, what is worrying is that Speaker Appavu’s words show that the Dravidian Movement follows the path the church has laid out for them. With DMK blocking Hindu customs, rituals at every point using every tactic in its book, is it paving way for the church to harvest all Hindu souls?

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