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Sunday, May 26, 2024

The New Brand of Netas in Bharat’s Political Scenario

‘PM Modi, BJP can get me killed’, says Kejriwal – it is ridiculous for a CM of a State to make such an atrocious accusation and instigate people. Kejriwal must remember that PM Modi has better things to do. The fact is that Kejriwal is an attention seeker and media crazy. He cannot get these two with his own performance and hence has to fall back on PM Modi and draw attention.

He is an upstart-and as many have stated, an anarchist. He cannot get away with the fact that so many of his ministers/MLAs have been arrested. Ruling Delhi is not an easy job and Kejriwal thinks that he has the mandate of the people of Delhi and has deluded himself into thinking he is equal to PM Modi. For every failure of his and his MLAs and Ministers, he tries to bring in PM Modi and accuses him, thereby hiding his own failures and diverting attention from the main issue-namely his inability to hold together and get on with governance. He has no good word for the governance of PM Modi and considers himself as the sole savior of this country. If he has some sense he will not instigate hatred, foment passions and create unrest and chaos by making such false accusations against the PM and the BJP.

Kejriwal’s goal is to create anarchy. Is that what a CM of a State should stoop to? Many political observers have rightly pointed out that the AAP must realize that it is a part of the government. But then Kejriwal has not been able to realize that he is a CM and is a party to the government. First and foremost he must know to behave like a decent man-must learn the art of probity and good manners. That is what makes one a human being.

On earlier occasions he called the PM a coward and a psychopath. In his latest accusation that the PM/BJP wants to kill him, he reveals the characteristics of both the terms he has used against the PM. He seems to suffer from psychological problems. Let him first learn what decency is and then assume his role as a CM. That no decent person will use such terms would be expected by those who elected Kejriwal to attend to governance and make Delhi a better place to live, than run around accusing the PM and the BJP of plotting his murder. It is also his duty to rein in his ministers and MLAs. What kind of politicians are we now seeing in the political horizon? In the name of serving the people and the country they are self-seekers wanting to be netas. Towards this end they indulge in fomenting dissatisfaction, create unrest and on these they try to launch their ambition to power.

But then Kejriwal is not alone – he has a few others like Rahul Gandhi, Kanhaiya Kumar (a new face and another upstart) and Hardik who have also joined these ranks. What do they want? A careful assessment of their activities and utterances will reveal that they are just itching to grab power. They have become tools in the hands of political parties who are out to create chaos and destroy peace.

In this category one must focus on Rahul Gandhi because he seems to think and act as though Bharat is the fiefdom of the Nehru-Gandhi family. But he fails to realize that he is a zero and has no moral authority to question the PM, because he knows that his party had been in power for 56 years and what is its accountability? Yet Rahul Gandhi struts around questioning the PM. He tries to champion the cause of those who have grievances-those who are attacked. Not because his heart bleeds for them but because he finds them vulnerable and tries to play on their sentiments of dissatisfaction. If he really cared for the oppressed and the suppressed then he should have a positive approach. Faulting the PM and the BJP is not the right strategy to bring solace. If the farmers commit suicides – he is there to tell them that it is because of PM Modi and his government’s policies. He even tries to instigate them by pointing out that the PM is not with them, but he Rahul Gandhi stands by them.

He forgets that the wrong policies and the indifference of the Congress all these past years are the root cause for the suffering of the farmers and the SCs. A scrutiny of the policies adapted by his grandmother-Indira Gandhi- with her famous slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ had only abetted the rural-urban flow; she propelled the rural masses to flee to the urban centers to take up some employment. Under-employment and unemployment increased and the pauperization of the rural masses was a steady unfortunate growing phenomenon. What had the policies of the Congress done to restrain this? Why had it not provided the farmers with facilities and better support prices? Why did they need to turn to the exploitative money lenders in dire need? Why was the agriculture sector abandoned and desolate? The result of this long period of abandonment of the rural people has naturally become so gigantic a problem.

Farmers’ suicides are not a recent phenomenon and it is not isolated to the BJP period. During the Congress regime more farmers committed suicides-neither the then PM nor Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi rushed to their rescue and provided them with some solace during the crisis. Today every time there is a suicide RG is there – not to provide solace but to question the PM and tell the people why the PM is not with them and has not visited them? ‘See,’ he tells them, ‘I  am standing with you but where is the PM – he is travelling to other countries?’

In his recent bugle call for the coming elections in UP, RG has again reiterated the same. He rushes when atrocities are committed against Dalits, farmers, tribals and weaker sections of the society. But the PM only gives lip service he accuses. What service does RG give? Lip service combined with leg service by rushing to them and shedding crocodile tears. Next, what does he do-takes his holiday and enjoys the comforts provided by these weaker sections of society. He does not shed a drop of sweat and does not know what suffering is but makes a show of empathy and sensitivity.

Someone should stop him and demand what he and his mother have done for the past ten years? Would the poor of this country be in such miserable state, at the receiving end, had they been empowered by the Nehru-Gandhi family which enjoyed the fruits of their sweat and blood? Now this big tamasha and show embarked upon by RG reveals his utter lack of a conscience. It has been blunted and dulled by the luxury and the kind of life he lives. This hypocrisy is proof that he wants to continue fooling the vulnerable masses. This is nothing but cheap publicity and no mature person will stoop to this kind of childishness. This is not just any isolated behavior of his. Throughout he has exposed an imbecilic sense and attitude.

Sonia Gandhi  in Parliament on the 20th July slammed the NDA Government-stating that it’s polarizing society and destabilizing institutions. Mother and son are simply exhibiting their pettiness and seem unable to tolerate sitting in the Opposition benches. Communalism and destabilizing institutions was the brand of politics which the Congress followed right from the time of Nehru. It started with the re-organization of States and continued unabated during Indira Gandhi’s time with her infamous call to the judiciary for ‘committed judges’ and then the imposition of the Emergency.

For that one single dictatorial act of hers the Congress should have been banned and the other political parties should treat it at pole’s length. Communalism was vigorously injected into the polity when Rajiv Gandhi overturned the Shah Bano verdict and later broke the Babri Masjid locks. Even the proliferation of political parties was because of the Congress High command which made and unmade Chief Ministers.

The Kashmir problem must be laid at the door of the Gandhis because it was Nehru’s ill-conceived policies that have made it what it is today: a State of unrest, bloodshed and bitterness. Now the Congress –especially Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi sheepishly talk of the BJP communalizing society. They become the great champions of the SCs and the Muslims. It is they who resorted to communalism and casteism. It is they who have ghettoed the people- divided them and paved the way for polarization of society.

Sonia Gandhi must remember that the Hindus of this country are the most tolerant people in the world. But then with her fascist background she will not be able to comprehend this kind of openness and tolerance. The Hindus embraced every religion and made Bharat the cradle of all religions. Will Islam and Christianity be able to do this? Who ravaged and rampaged and looted this country? Who destroyed thousands of temples? Who started proselytization and even today continues this with great crusading spirit? Why neither she nor her son nor the world bodies condemn this and are unable to arrest such a trend? This does not come under the right of freedom of religion.

Freedom does not mean converting and forced conversion is anathema to real faith. When one mentions force it can be any sort of allurement – from a plate of rice to admissions to institutions – employment et al. Look at what has happened to the North East States? The Hindus for centuries have been at the receiving end and no one bothered to put a stop to this. This silence and indifference has only encouraged Islamization and Christianization of Bharat – even the Pope had said that ‘he wants to plant the Cross in India.’ Is Sonia Gandhi an abettor to all this? Today when the Hindus can take no more and are driven into a corner, they are trying to hit back. This becomes global news and the media rushes in with its screaming headlines when a tin roof or a bamboo pole of a makeshift church is pulled down – ’Church vandalized, Christians (read minorities) have no security’…such slogans are raised against the ‘intolerance that has gained momentum under the BJP.’

What about other countries? When the conflict in Syria drove millions out of there and let them lose to migrate into Europe and other countries, why didn’t the Islamic countries open their doors to these unfortunate migrants? When Hindus are brutalized and killed in our neighboring Islamic countries why is there no outrage from NGOs and why is there no condemnation from Sonia Gandhi and her slogan shouting son? Are Hindu lives cheap that they can be mauled and murdered – their historical homeland occupied by others? Which country would allow a foreign born person to lead and direct its national policies? This is the tolerance of the Hindus. So to keep on blaming the BJP will only aggravate the whole issue and will not bring peace. Sonia Gandhi and her son have other countries to rush for solace but for Hindus this is their one and only birthplace. They cannot allow this Bharat Mata to be trampled by others, on the basis of caste/creed/ region.

It will be relevant at present to scrutinize the Scheduled Caste atrocities. True that they are still being discriminated against, and many are still stuck to their traditional menial jobs. Who has to answer for this? Should the BJP and Modi with a two year period in power be held answerable or should the UPA, Congress and regional parties like SP, RJD be held responsible? It is a delicate issue if one is to analyze the policies which were directed for the SCs upliftment. Did these policies really uplift them or were these policies used to keep them where they were continuing their menial jobs and being oppressed?

The discrimination of the SCs is not a new phenomenon. It has been there for long. But in their name Commissions have been set up and who benefitted? A few leaders like Mayawati, Buta Singh & Paswan et al have benefitted. This brings me to the question of Reservation. The cake is one but if more and more castes demand a piece – naturally it will become smaller and smaller. Manmohan Singh, when he was the PM, said that money does not grow on trees- quite true. Hence, development will also be curtailed accordingly. Take the reservation policy which the founding fathers meant for a limited period-50 years. It seems that we need it permanently now. Who has benefitted by this reservation policy? What do we have today- demand for more and more sections to come within the ambit of reservation? The numbers of categories have increased. Hence one should say that the backwardness of the masses has increased after 68 years of Independence.

Will any politician have the guts to call for a review of the policy and look into why it has failed to be a game changer? Those who have got more get more but those who were in the last rung of the social ladders remain there. The rich of the SCs have grabbed the benefits and they have become a powerful lobby. We have Mayawati – look at her clout – one is tempted to ask what she has done to erase the fences that keep these SCs in the social fabric oppressed. The creamy layers of the SCs have a vested interest and hence will not allow a scientific analysis of the policy. We have today the SCs, the MBCs, the OBCs, the BCs & the EBCs categories – the list is never ending.

Oppression and discrimination of the SCs has been around for centuries. Religion was no escape. Every religion continued this discrimination – be it the Christians, Muslims, Jains et al. So suddenly for Rahul Gandhi to reach out and make it look as though the BJP and the PM is responsible for this oppression and discrimination only betrays his hollowness. The question is what had the Congress being doing all these years to erase or at least alleviate this? Why should he and his mother- Mrs Sonia Gandhi blame the PM’?

The other day the papers gave the headlines “Sonia slams government, says it’s polarizing society, destabilizing institutions”(Indian Express July 21st) One must ignore her because as an Italian born woman and with hardly any in-depth understanding of the ethos and the social history of this country, she simply makes statements without substance. But then one must turn round and ask her and her son why has this come to pass? Why are they demanding the Modi government to clean the dirt/muck which they have accumulated all these years? Instead of being a constructive Opposition, Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi are destructive and block the government’s forward movement. Having injected communalism, regionalism into the country, it is they who are polarizing the society and using it to destabilize the government. What is hurting is the fact that Rahul Gandhi is not just critical of the PM but stoops to a low level of criticism which is unbecoming of a mature person. But then he is not mature and will never grow or learn. Hence he resorts to cheap catchy slogans like ‘Suit boot ki Sarkar’.

He forgets that Nehru his great grandfather was immaculately dressed with a rose in his button hole. Why should our PM not be well groomed? So an aspect of the criticism only reveals envy and a discriminative mentality. This shows his childishness. Now it is ‘Arhar Modi, Arhar Modi’. Rahul Gandhi must learn to present statistics and make valid interventions and not resort to slogans alone. He behaves as a street urchin running around shouting and screaming just for the kick of it. One wishes that he uses his runaway days to undisclosed places to do some serious reading and study. It is disastrous to project him as a leader- it is a shame that when he talked so much of democratic processes, he was simply gifted the VP seat of his party. Does he deserve it? Imagine him being projected as the next PM. He has become the laughing stock of sensible and mature people. Every time he utters something he puts his foot in his mouth. Of course his backroom boys script everything for him. But then they would know what he likes and what he is capable of- just utter catchy slogans and hence that is what they give him. I feel sorry for him.

Sonia Gandhi in the Opposition is no better- she only prods her sycophants to be aggressive. Can one live in a glass house and throw stones on others? But then she cannot give what she does not have – that deep knowledge of this country and love for this country. She has got more than what she deserved from this country and its people. She must look back and recall the days when she was an au pair – with what knowledge did she come to Bharat; what are her credentials? She has no substantive substance as the President of the Congress. She is unable to give a positive input to the Opposition. Just block governance. It seems to me that since under her and Manmohan Singh there was governance paralysis, she does not want Modi to govern.

But development is not for Modi, but for the nation. She forgets that crucial truth. When she makes the Congress block and to place hurdles, it is the people who suffer. But then what does she care for the suffering of the poor. Under her poverty has only increased, and with her patronizing attitude she sees that as beneficial – poverty enables her to throw crumbs to the outstretched hands. Hence she wants the people to remain poor – with begging bowls and with outstretched hands. It takes time to remedy the paralysis of the previous UPA government, and to make the government function robustly. But it certainly is not becoming of a UPA which governed for ten long years to demand a report card from a two year old regime.

For the first time in Bharat’s history we have a Prime Minister who works and works hard. It is Modi the PM who for the first time has made Bharat globally recognized as a powerful and strong country. It is PM Modi who in a two year period has become an astute global Statesman. Should we not be proud of this? May be the Congress, its President and VP are suffering from envy and cannot tolerate that someone is greater than the Nehru-Gandhi family. They have exposed this low level mentality. But this country will push forward and gain greater momentum under the stewardship of the current PM who is a rare diamond. PM Modi is an example of what democracy is all about – that one from the ordinary levels can rise to the highest position by sheer hard work, conviction, determination and of course patriotism – that is what democracy is all about. Continue, PM Modi, to be the Suit Boot ki Sarkar… make us proud!!!

Bharat Mata ki jai!

(Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.)

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Dr. Hilda Raja
Dr. Hilda Raja
Dr. Hilda Raja was a PG level professor at Stella Maris College, Chennai. Post retirement, she worked with many NGOs and as a Development Consultant. She was nominated on the Advisory Committe of the CBCI (Catholic Bishops Conference of India ) for three years. Having studied throughout in Minority Institutions and reared in a Christian ethos, she is fully convinced that the Hindu soul is secular and Hindu Dharma is totally misunderstood by other religions. For her, Bharat and all that it holds is sacred.


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