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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Mahabharata of 2019 – The Axis (of the Crooked) and Its War Strategy to Defeat Narendra Modi – Part 1

The 2019 Parliamentary Elections in Bharat are nothing less than the Mahabharata or Ram-Raavan war. It’s a do or die battle for our beloved nation. I hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his lieutenant Amit Shah comprehend the contours of it and have evolved their own strategy and tactics to fight it.

The Raavan & Kauravas in this case are obviously represented by the Pappu Brigade (Mahagathbandhan), the presstitutes, the Islamists, the Church, the leftists, a heavily compromised judiciary, corrupt bankers & bureaucrats, some of the wily self-serving BJP leaders, and every known anti-national and breaking Bharat entity including our enemy nations. I will term them hereon as the Axis (of the Crooked). It’s guided and steered by devious stratagems devised by global strategic think tanks like Cambridge Analytica (CA) who have been outsourced all strategizing by a Congress led by Rahul Gandhi, who himself is fast transforming into a trash-talking brazen liar.


It’s time Narendra Modi dons his battle fatigues and gets into a war mode. He has no option but to win the war to save his beloved nation if he truly believes in his own words ‘ye desh nahin jhukne doonga, ye desh nahin mitne doonga’ (I will not allow this country to bend before anyone or get erased). He cannot do it alone. His ministerial and party colleagues and bureaucrats, barring a few, are of little use in this all out war that will be fought with the ferocity, and bitterness that was only witnessed 71 years ago in 1946. We saw a little less intense version of it in 2014. The 2019 will be far more intense and ferocious. Here is an article that I wrote in the context of 2014 elections that’s relevant even today

It’s not a war for the pacifists, the weak-hearted, the principled and the vanprasthis. It’s not a war to proclaim and praise Yudhisthir’s self-righteousness. It’s Krishna’s war to re-establish ‘dharma’ and save the nation. Ironically, Narendra Modi is both, Yudhisthir & Krishna, in this scenario. He has to choose if he wants to play a defeatist, image conscious, and federalist Yudhisthir fighting the war with his hands self-tied to his back or a wily strategic thinker Krishna who plays for a win with no holds barred attitude combined with a sharp killer instinct that exhorts Arjuna to slay an unarmed Karna or uses Shikhandi to confine mighty Bhishma to the bed of arrows.

The multi-pronged war strategy, carefully developed, designed and executed on ground by CA, is no more hidden. It’s not a complex or nuanced one either. Only an ideologically bankrupt and bereft-of-ideas Congress will pay millions to CA for this.

The war strategy of the Axis

There are three clearly defined components to it that should be obvious even to a layperson and a new-born kid in politics.

  1. An assured 100% backing of minorities,
  2. Dividing Hindus using every possible ancient fault line,
  3. Creating mass disaffection among the Hindu population and ensuring that they don’t turn up to vote.

Let us analyse these three components briefly.

An assured 100% backing of minorities is the first key component of the war strategy of the Axis:

Muslims and Christians will not only vote for the Axis, they will also work as its highly motivated and extensively networked unpaid cadre just the way some of us, the unpaid ‘bhakts’, work ceaselessly on social media rebutting the lies of presstitutes and Congi-Commie-ISI bots. However, unlike the bhakts who have their critical faculties of doubting and debating alive and kicking, Muslims and Christians are very focused and clear about their sole objective – to kick Modi out of power. They have blind & total faith in this objective.

Now let me tell you the ramifications of this. Suppose the minorities constitute 20% of our population. Now this 20% is going out to vote with vengeance on the polling day and nearly 95% of their votes will go in the Axis column. The Axis does not have to spend a single paisa on advertisements and posters to motivate them. They don’t have to be brought to the polling booth by booth karykartas and panna pramukhs (party workers). They will come on their own, vote silently and go.

They will vote strategically in the late afternoon while Hindus in their localities are taking a nap. What’s more, for this population, all Modi schemes and  benefits thereof, don’t cut any ice. They may have got free cooking gas cylinders and stoves, cheap loans to build houses, grants to construct toilets, zero balance bank accounts, hassle-free instant passport sewa, better assured price for their farm produce, free health insurance, etc. However, at the hustings the minorities won’t even bat their eyelids before pressing the button of the Axis candidate and symbol.

To dispel any creeping faith of a tiny section of minorities in the goodness of Narendra Modi, the Axis will play up ‘the atrocity chorus’ orchestrated and conducted by well-funded presstitutes driven by their left-liberal & covert Chrislamist & overt Commie agenda. If that’s not enough, Pakistani/ISI cells and the Church funded NGOs will be constantly and relentlessly carrying out their insidious Hate-Modi-Defeat-BJP campaigns.

Dividing Hindus by exploiting their ancient fault lines is the second, and an obvious, key component of the war strategy of the Axis:

After an assured en-bloc vote of 20% of Bharat’s voting population, the Axis has to work at the rest 80% population (Hindus & other Dharmics). Its task is clearly cut out. So, it must get 31% from these Hindu votes to succeed at the hustings in the extremely unlikely case that all registered Hindu voters vote. We, of course, know the nature of Hindu votes. Hindus have rarely resorted to en-bloc 100% voting, not even when Ram Janmbhoomi Movement was at its peak. Any analyst can analyse the voting patterns in 1996, 1998, & 1999 to come to this conclusion.

A large number of Hindus don’t vote at all, particularly the ones living in urban areas. Let us assume nearly 30% of the population, all Hindus, does not turn up to vote, which is an empirically established fact. That brings down the effective percentage of voting population to 70% with 20% of minorities voting en-block to the Axis.

What it needs to succeed in 2019 is just 16% from Hindu votes. That’s the well-established 36% threshold for the winner. Whoever crosses it, rules the nation. It’s as simple as that. If you ask me if Narendra Modi has any chance of returning to power with his ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas’ mantra constantly reverberating in the air and in his public rallies, I will say no way. NDA will be routed at the hustings if Narendra Modi does not change tack. That’s what my ‘simple’ factual analysis says.

That brings us to the third key component of the war strategy of the Axis,

Creating mass disaffection among Hindus to ensure they don’t turn up to vote:

It’s constantly working at dampening the spirit of people through fake media reports and planting the seeds of doubt in their minds about everything. Please note these seeds of doubt are not meant for the minority population who are never doubtful about the outcome they want in 2019.

The seeds of doubt are only meant for fertile, free flowing, and argumentative Hindu minds. And these stratagems have begun to pay dividends. The dipping vote percentages in Gujarat, Karnataka, and even in by-elections in UP and elsewhere, point to this fact. And who is not voting? Hindus, particularly those living in urban areas. The percentage of minority votes in these elections has nearly touched 100%.

The game for the Axis in a nutshell is to unite minorities behind it and divide Hindus or discourage them enough so that they become indifferent to the electoral battle in 2019. All their actions so far are totally geared to such a strategy. The irony is that such an obvious war strategy seems to be succeeding in the absence of a coherent well-thought out response to it from Narendra Modi and his most trusted lieutenant Amit Shah and other BJP strategists.

The insipid, pretentious and idiotic ‘sab ka saath, sab ka saath’ sloganeering is at the core of the confusion in evolving a cogent and potent electoral strategy driven by strong convictions in nationalist ideals and goals.

-By Rajesh Kumar Singh

(To be continued…)

(This article first appeared here.)

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