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Friday, December 2, 2022

“Submit only to Allah”: Lone Kerala CPM MP AM Ariff promotes Salafi org’s meet

CPM leader and Alappuzha MP AM Ariff complimented the 10th state conference of Kerala Nadwatul Mujahideen (KNM) to be conducted at Kozhikode. Arif conveyed his greetings to the Mujahid state conference through a video. The video has gone viral on social media, and the response has not been positive. 

Plenty of dignitaries and well-wishers have also welcomed the KNM conference. However, AM Arif is a representative of the Left, which claims to oppose all religions vehemently. That is why the MP’s greeting video was slammed on social media. Critics especially pointed out the MP’s words that ‘one should not surrender to anyone other than Allah’. 

The following is a translation of Ariff’s message. 

“Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barkathu, the 10th State Conference of the Mujahid Movement of Kerala, Insha Allah, is being held in Kozhikode from December 2022 to January 1, 2023. The main agenda of this conference is to raise the message that fearlessness is religion and secularism is pride. This conference gives a great message that needs to be discussed seriously in today’s situation. Religion means submission to none other than Allah. We fear Allah and His Messenger.” 

Arif MP said there is no need to ‘fear anyone else’. Experts pointed out that such messages follow a radical Islamist view that says there is no need to submit to the Bharatiya constitution. It is eerily similar to statements made by Taliban terrorists and the Pakistani cricket team. 

KNM State president T.P. Abdullakoya Madani told the media on Saturday that the conference would also discuss the ‘challenges faced by the Muslim community in the country’. He claimed that the meeting was being held when people were getting ‘divided and exploited, and many atrocities were committed in the name of religion’.

The KNM conference is centered around the rhetoric “faith makes humans brave and secularism makes us proud”, and that “Indian secularism is different from the Western notion as it recognizes the need for the coexistence of various religions”.

‘Superstition, drug abuse, religious extremism, fascism, and liberal anti-religious outlook’ will be the focus areas of this four-day conference. 

Islamists like KNM are masters of double-speak and have developed a unique language to peddle their supremacist, Islamofasicst ideas in the guise of humanitarianism. Their sudden concern for ‘religious extremism and fascism’ has arisen only because citizens of the country are now speaking out against their religious fanaticism and the threat they pose to Bharat’s unique Dharmic pluralism and cultures.

When an Islamist or Abrahamic supremacist speaks about ‘superstition’, it is a code word to denigrate Hindu Dharma, but they remain silent on superstitions like ‘blowing/spitting on food makes it halal’ or the biggest monotheist superstition – that only belief in their ‘One True God’ will award heaven/jannat in the afterlife. These fundamentalists will talk of secularism in Bharat, but nonchalantly deny even basic human rights to non-Muslims in Islamic nations.

Kerala Nadwatul Mujahideen (KNM)

Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM) is an Islamist organization founded in 1952 inspired by Salafism or Wahhabism, a fundamentalist and puritanical strain of Islam which emerged in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia with the goal to “purify” Islam by returning it to what, the Sunni Muslim preacher Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab believed, were the original principles of that religion as the salaf, that is first three generations of Muslims, understood it.

KNM works for an Islamic renaissance in order to eliminate ‘corrupt practices’ amongst Sunnis like including false beliefs, polytheism etc. After splitting into two factions, KNM merged back into one org in Dec 2016 following questions raised over their hardline Salafi ideology after 21 youth went missing to join the Islamic State terror group and the Modi govt. cracked down on Zakir Naik. The merger was facilitated by Congress-alliance partner IUML, and the KNM leaders vowed to raise their voice against ‘fascism’, battle UCC (Uniform Civil Code) and create ‘unity’ against communal polarization(!).

In August, the KNM asked the Kerala government not to support any demand to amend the Sharia law to give equal inheritance to women. In a memorandum submitted to the chief minister, Markazudawa general secretary CP Umar Sullami said that no such demand has come from the Muslim community. The chief minister convened an online meeting on August 19 to discuss the issue after the Supreme Court sought the opinion of the states. 

The SC petitioner’s plea was that the Sharia law should be amended to give equal inheritance rights to Muslim women. KNM argued that male members are duty-bound to protect the parents and the family. Ladies do not have such responsibilities. Sullami added that according to Article 25 of the Constitution, Muslims have the right to practice inheritance laws as per the Sharia. 

Meleveettil Muhammad Akbar (MM Akbar)

Recently, Meleveettil Muhammad Akbar (MM Akbar) commented that the concept of gender neutrality, which is being discussed in the new era, is anti-human and anti-women. Akbar is an Islamic preacher from Kozhikode who was a schoolteacher in Malappuram and is associated with the Mujahid Students Movement (MSM). MSM is the student wing of the KNM and is based out of the vast campus of the Jam’iyyat Da’wa Tablighul Islam (JDT) at Vellimadukunnu, Kozhikode. Akbar is the founder and director of the controversial Niche of Truth and Islamic Dawa organizations based in Kerala. 

Known as Kerala’s Zakir Naik, Akbar is also the managing director of Peace International School and runs a chain of schools managed by the Peace Foundation. The chain came under the scanner after it was found to promote communal divisions through its syllabus. The Kerala government ordered the closure of the Peace schools in January 2018, issued a lookout notice for Akbar, and the Kochi police arrested him in February 2018. The Kerala high court then granted the terror suspect bail. 

Earlier, many staff members from Peace International School left for Syria in 2016 and joined ISIS. One lady named Mereen converted to Islam after getting married to a Muslim. Her husband and his brother, both Christians by birth, had also converted to Islam. Her brother-in-law got married to a Hindu girl Nimisha of Thiruvananthapuram. These grooming jihad victims now rot in unknown Afghan jails while the male terrorists have blown themselves up and died. 

Peace school syllabus for class two included “Will you give your life for Islam?”, “How to treat non-Muslims?” Their textbooks did not follow SCERT, NCERT, or CBSE guidelines and taught nothing about Bharat. They were meant to radicalize children aged between five to thirteen. The controversial school allegedly belonged to a vast anti-national network of Zakir Naik.

Fearing arrest and prosecution, Akbar had shifted his base to Doha, the capital of Qatar. He was again arrested in February after he arrived in Hyderabad from Australia en route to Doha and was taken to Kerala. 

After Akbar’s arrest, many thought that his crimes would be adequately investigated and the culprits punished. There was hope that both Congress-led UDF (opposition) and ruling CPM-led LDF would forget the dangerous vote bank politics and do justice to the country. They did not, and Akbar is back in some gulf country. Why Akbar was released remains a mystery.

So, why is a communist MP cozying up to such a radical outfit? Incidentally, Ariff is the only publicly elected MP from Kerala representing the CPM. Out of the 20, the rest are from Congress. 

Akbar made his anti-gender-equality comments last week. He was speaking at a conference held at the Abu Dhabi Indian Islamic Center as part of the 10th Mujahid State Conference to be held in Kozhikode. “The new generation needs to know the exploitative history and presence of the concept of gender neutrality”, he said. Akbar argued that gender politics (equality) is creating chaos in society by ‘destroying the system of a family and exploiting women in the name of freedom’.

Imagine the outrage among so-called left-liberals if a Hindu religious leader were to say such things? Remember how they were frothing at the mouth when  Sambhaji Bhide Guruji merely asked a Hindu lady reporter to sport a bindi if she wanted to talk to him? On the contrary, the likes of Akbar, Ariff, Owaisi and other assorted Islamists are treated with exaggerated deference by Lutyens’ elites!

‘Communist’ AM Ariff

Earlier, Ariff rejected CAA bill in parliament. He indulged in fear-mongering among Muslims and said that those deemed non-citizens would adopt the Ghar Wapsi route to become Bharatiya citizens. He conveniently evaded that the CAA bill only slightly expedites and eases the citizenship process for persecuted Hindus and other minorities coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It doesn’t impact genuinely persecuted Muslim refugees either who are free to apply for Indian citizenship under the standard process.

By conflating CAA with the as-yet proposed nation-wide NRC (National Register of Citizens), leaders like Ariff have managed to spread all sorts of disinformation, to oppose a much-needed humanitarian law like CAA. Communists and liberals also gloss over the harsh reality that the NRC exercise is urgently needed to identify and deport the massive influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants who are threatening our country’s integrity and stability – a fact which even the Supreme Court has acknowledged.

Ariff, the MLA for the Aroor constituency at the time, courted controversy in January 2018 when he admitted he was against vaccinations and said those opposed to them should have been more effective in spreading their message. It was at a period when the Kerala government actively promoted the measles-rubella vaccination, going so far as to file charges against individuals who propagated false information about the shot.

All students were required to receive the Rubella vaccination under rigorous government regulations. Ariff participated in those review meetings. The government’s directive was on the one side, and anyone’s personal opinion opposing vaccination was on the other, he said. Ariff added that his children had grown up without vaccinations and openly admitted that it was double standards on his part.

It was a time when doctors and nurses were cursed, threatened, and attacked in many places, especially in Muslim-majority Malappuram. India Medical Association (IMA) doctors accused Ariff of distorting facts and asked him to retract his statements. They wondered how an MLA could make such unscientific comments. Ariff termed them advocates of ‘religious extremism’.

Concerns about Abrahamics refusing vaccinations due to their religious beliefs have persisted. Particularly among Muslims, superstitions significantly impact many people’s health behaviors. According to studies, some Muslims believe that God can heal them because they believe only he can provide a cure. According to reports, this concept significantly impacts Muslim health behaviors, which creates difficult moral decisions for the healthcare industry.

Even as Kerala contributed the highest number of new active coronavirus cases in Bharat, thousands of Muslim teachers in North Kerala skipped COVID vaccines citing religious beliefs. The Kerala government allowed them to attend schools and put the lives of lakhs of children at risk.

The lone communist MP from Kerala, Ariff, had also strongly condemned the NIA raids against PFI. He accused the NIA and termed the arrests of Popular Front of India terrorists as a ‘unilateral step’. This was when even Indian Union Muslim League and other Muslim political outfits encouraged the raids against radical Islamists. Hindu organizations believe that Jihadi sleeper cells were activated in Kerala soon after the NIA crackdown on PFI terrorists. 

Alappuzha is incidentally a Kerala district with the maximum number of Hindu voters. Hindus constitute around 69% of the population as per the last census, and they are the ones who voted for Ariff and sent him to Delhi. Only time will tell whether they understand the hypocrisy of Muslim Communist leaders like Ariff. 

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  1. “In contrast,in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today, whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 81.5% in 2001. Does any politician have the guts to ask Muslims to go for family planning?” P. Deivamuthu- 2006.


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