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Friday, December 8, 2023

Bhagwan Krishna taught ‘jihad’ to Arjun: Congress leader Shivraj Patil

Congress leader and former Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil compared Bhagavad Gita to Quran and said that Bhagwan Krishna taught ‘jihad’ to Arjun. This statement is hardly surprising coming from a Congress leader because Hindudvesh (Hinduphobia) is the DNA of the Congress.


In the clip shared by ANI, Shivraj Patil is heard saying “There is a lot of discussion about Islam. And our work in the Indian Parliament is not about Jihad but ideals. Jihad is only evoked when all efforts, undertaken with a clear mind, fail. Even after all efforts, if someone doesn’t understand the clean idea, power can be used, it’s mentioned in Quran & Gita… Shri Krishna taught lessons of Jihad to Arjun in a part of Gita in Mahabharat” (video archived here).

“Yes, one should not be using force to make someone understand anything. This is what Mohsina Ji wrote in her book,” he said in the end in a damage control bid.

“The Quran says there is only one God who has no physical form and hence they don’t install murtis. Even Christianity promotes the same idea. Judaism also says the same. All these religions say there is God but he has no form. The Gita also says Bhagwan has no form”, Patil said issuing a clarification as a face-saving attempt (video archived here).

The clarification has no connection with what Patil said about the Gita. Therefore, instead of answering the question, he simply indulged in whataboutery. This is nothing but an attempt to Abrahamise Hindu Dharma.

Nothing better is to be expected from Patil who was the Union Home Minister during the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai. It was during his tenure and by his UPA government that the term ‘Hindu terror’ was coined. A Wikileaks expose termed Shivraj Patil as a spectacularly inept Home Minister.

“The UPA Government at the Centre and Congress Government in Maharashtra were paralyzed by the scale & ferocity of the assault – our initial bumbling response is epitomized by the way then Home Minister Shivraj Patil was more focused on changing his clothes frequently for television appearances, rather than mounting an effective response to the unfolding attack”, HinduPost had noted back then.

Patil is only reiterating the Hindudvesh of Congress as has been witnessed several times. In January this year, Tamil Nadu Congress president KS. Alagiri justified their ally’s speech that the purpose of the Congress alliance is to destroy Sanatana Dharma. During Janmashtami, Congress councillor Sukhraj Aulakh made anti-Hindu remarks.

“Congress only wanted to send labourers home at its own cost. Bisht Government started politics. Wearing saffron, Sanghis do evil deeds. They rape corpses after exhuming them and chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’ while getting naked in front of their daughters and masturbating”, Haryana Congress leader Pankaj Punia tweeted in May 2020.

This Hindu hatred flows from the top as evidenced by Rahul Gandhi’s speeches. No speech of Gandhi is complete unless he somehow brings in his Hindu hate. In his April speech, Gandhi delivered a sinister anti-Hindu speech.

It is high time Hindu Dharmic organizations including Mathas speak out about such brazen distortion of Hindu Dharma and Dharmic granthas.

(Featured Image Source: Zee News)

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  1. The Quran also says that God (Allah) has never taken and will never take any human form. Therefore, Sri Krishna is an imposter as per the Quran. How can anyone then say that Sri Krishna was teaching the same message as that? I mean, this is beyond ridiculous. Sri Krishna boldly proclaimed his own avatarhood in the Gita, whereas Islam is strictly against the notion of avatars. This is just one issue. On nearly EVERY issue, the Quran, and the Sanatani scriptures say the opposite of each other. To equate them, using meaningless nonsense like “sab dharm ek hain” “sabhi dharm ek hi cheez sikhate hain” “ishwar allah tero naam” is simply intellectual laziness. Worse, it is a suicidal lulling of Hindus into thinking that their mortal enemies are actually “just like them.” They merely call Bhagwan as Allah, nothing else. Nothing could be further from the truth. The entire ideologies of Islam and Sanatan Dharma are opposites of each other. We have had enough Hindus dying from one “Mahatma”‘s assertions that these 2 ideologies were one and the same. Let’s stop this foolishness now at least.

  2. Does this fool even know what is the QURANIC definition of Jihad? This definition is provided clearly in Quran + Hadees. It is as follows: the act of fighting (physically) those who do not respond to the call to embrace Islam is called Jihad.

    By what perverted logic did Sri Krishna teach this to Arjuna? Islam was not even invented at the time of the Gita, and if it had been also, one can only expect Sri Krishna to FIGHT such an ideology (that promotes rape, murders of kafirs), not promote it!!!! For God’s sake!!!


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