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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arabic forced on Devaswom school students, sexual abuse in madrassas: Kerala Model unravels

While people of Kerala were still reeling due to the stunning revelations of the Swapna Suresh gold smuggling saga, something which national media has not given even 10% of the coverage they would have devoted if something similar had occurred in a BJP-ruled state, the CPM-led state govt has taken another step towards realizing its anti-Hindu agenda. This time, its target is Hindu owned schools under the Devaswom Boards’ administration, where students are being forced to learn Arabic.

Devaswom Boards were originally created by the state government to take over and manage the Hindu temples. Many of these temples also ran schools, which have now come under control and management of the state government. There are around 3000 temples under the control of these boards.

The Boards are controlled by members, nominated by both the government and from the local community. The entry of atheist Communists, who are nominally Hindu, has brought with it many complex issues. Some decisions have in fact been blatantly anti Hindu and chiefly aimed at looting temple resources. It is to note that mosques and churches operate independently without interference from the government.

Hindu children forced to learn Arabic

Hindu students forced to learn Arabic

In the present case, the regime is forcing Arabic language on the Hindu students! It became evident when four Arabic teachers were appointed recently to teach at Devaswom schools. Teachers were also appointed for other subjects but the fact that no Sanskrit teachers were recruited shows the real intent behind recent appointments. It must be noted that Sanskrit is an Indic language and is mentioned in the 8th schedule of the constitution, while Arabic is neither Bhartiya nor understood by any significant population in Bharat.

Rape epidemic in Madrasas

In the meanwhile, cases of sexual misconduct by Madrasa teachers have made parents apprehensive about sending their children to such schools. Many incidences involving madrasa teachers raping young girls and sodomising boys have been reported from Kerala. In a particularly gruesome case, a madrasa teacher from Kasargod, raped and impregnated his own daughter, and also sold her to many locals for sex. The girl was then forced to get an abortion.

This heinous episode could have been avoided, had the law been enforced in a strict manner. The rapist already had four POSCO cases pending against him and he was out on bail. This points to serious lapses on the part of our laws, judiciary and the judicial system as a whole.

Repeated incidents of sexual abuse and rape of underage children by madrasa teachers in Kerala prompted the local police in Kasargod to intimate madrasas in the area to carry out criminal background checks before employing teaching staff and employees. Madrasas were also asked to intimate the local police if there were any such cases registered against existing members of their staff. It was an honest attempt on the part of the police department to reduce the number of child molestation cases in their area.

Instead of lauding their attempt, the police came in for fire from an Islamist political party which opposed the notice citing ‘stereotyping’ against a particular religion. They also alleged that since this was an attempt to ‘further alienate and shame them in society’, the notice should be withdrawn and that the police should apologize. This accusation came from Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) youth wing district president Ashraf Edaneer and the party’s general secretary T D Kabeer. It must be remembered that IUML is the Indian wing of the party that originally demanded Pakistan. It has traditionally been a partner of the Indian National Congress (INC) and it has to be remembered that they are not even in power in the state currently.

What happened next shows the situation in Kerala. The district police chief, Superintendent of Police D Shilpa, backtracked and said that this was not an order. The notice issued by a few police stations was cancelled. It is alleged that she succumbed to pressure from higher ups including political parties like the CPM. The minority appeasement policies and tactics of the CPM, especially the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan are well known in Kerala. Recently, his own daughter married one P.A. Muhammed Riyas whose cousin, a man convicted for the murder of a Hindu activist, managed to come out on parole and attend the wedding.

The issue of whether such madrasas can and will continue to employ sexual predators of underage children remains unclear. Local news websites quoted SP D. Shilpa as saying that this notice was given without her knowledge. Police cannot issue such instructions against a particular section of society and as soon as it came to her notice she intervened and the police withdrew the notice, the officer claimed.

Notice reportedly sent by Kerala police to few mosque committees 

A few such mosque committees attached to police stations at Cheemeni and Bekal was where these notices were given, and she added that she has spoken to the concerned mosque committee members and convinced them to ignore the matter. She added that there is no need to create controversies in this regard. This pusillanimity shown by a senior woman police officer regarding sexual exploitation of children is disappointing.

The original letter had only informed such committees that the social and criminal circumstances of employees should be verified and only persons with an impeccable record should be employed. There was a mention of legal action to be taken against any erring committee members. As a responsible citizen, why would anyone be offended by this letter, regarding welfare of children, is beyond understanding.

The acts of commission and omission of Kerala govt betray its anti-Hindu and Muslim appeasement tendencies. In a truly secular state, these issues would have been dealt with differently. Kerala shows an extremely distorted model of secularism that was followed all over Bharat till a few years ago. Do we want this model to continue in “God’s own Country” is a question that needs to be asked.

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