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Friday, March 1, 2024

Peak Dravidianism: DMK MLA says Brahmin hatred is “deserved”; Minister uses “cow urine” jibe

More than ever Hindu and Brahmin hatredvfueled by Dravidianism in Tamil Nadu is reaching new levels now with even elected representatives making cow urine jibes. The DMK government’s Finance Minister and a second generation MLA are in news for tweeting things that aren’t considered decent or parliamentary in any civilised world.

TRB Rajaa, Mannargudi MLA and the son of minister TR Balu, tweeted that the hate Brahmins receive from Dravidianists is “deserved”. Last week the Higher studies minister K Ponmudi had said that every school and college should have “Dravidian schools”. Not many could understand what he meant by that and tweeted the same in wonder.

Dr.Sumanth Raman, a frequent appearance in TV debates as a political observer and medical professional, also tweeted wondering the same. To this the MLA had replied that it is for those “who want to study” Dravidian ideology and those “who want to wish it away too” implying that even those who don’t want to know about the ideology will be forced to study it. It led to the MLA’s followers arguing with the doctor when he tweeted that he would like to learn about “inclusive ideologies”.

Even after receiving so much hate for speaking the truth, the doctor had to monkey balance by labelling Hindutva and Brahmanism as “hate filled” ideologies and put them on par with the Dravidian ideology. However Dravidianists were having none of it and showed him his place. The MLA justified Dravidianists’ hate for Brahmins by saying that Brahmins are hated and “deservedly so” because Dravidianists were “in trauma due to oppression” for centuries and “denied basic rights” in the name of caste. 

TRB Raja holds a doctorate, has Rs.41.8 crore worth assets and was given a ticket and won in the assembly election because his father is a prominent leader of the party. Yet, he feels that his people were oppressed and Brahmins should be hated for that. It is to be remembered that the kind of hatred Dravidianists have for Brahmins stem from Periyar EV Ramasamy’s infamous saying, “If you spot a Brahmin and a snake together kill the Brahmin first”.

As if an elected representative saying one group of people “deserve hate” isn’t enough, a minister of the DMK government had to use the “cow urine” jibe to mock a veteran Tamil journalist. We don’t know whether the journalist is a Brahmin but in all probability the minister knows or assumed so. The minister had skipped the GST council meeting held on September 17, to attend a baby shower function organised by the TN Social Welfare department.

He was mocked by social media users for ignoring his own ministry’s responsibilities. However he could neither take the honest feedback from his own party sympathisers nor tolerate a little gossip about why he skipped the meeting. In such an inconsequential matter he had to say that people mocked and gossiped about him because they “drink too much cow urine”. It is to be remembered that the jibe is widely used by Islamists and terrorists who want to annihilate Hindu Dharma.

The minister had on many occasions claimed that he is a devout Hindu and an ardent devotee of Madurai Meenakshi. However, despite knowing the fact that the “cow urine” jibe was used by Pulwama terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar who wanted to kill Hindus, the minister used it unflinchingly. MLA TRB Rajaa also had used the “cow urine” jibe earlier to mock a UP minister. Even though the minister’s comment was controversial it didn’t have to invite such hatred.

Such episodes again and again expose DMK’s anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin nature, and how Dravidianists are steeped in hatred for a group of people while they claim to strive for equality and social justice.

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  1. There will come a time of total emigration of Brahmins from this dog gone state that’s declining rapidly in industrial economical educational and moral grades and sliding down the abyss. There’s no hope for tamils’ if they cling to the bigots the DMK Dravidian thoughts and muslim’s eunuchs posing as intellectuals of Dravidian thoughts. If Brahmins gone, then they’ll understand what was the strength of the state that sustained their growth and planned development. Even now most of their close advisers are Brahmins without whom they cannot survive.


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