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Saturday, December 2, 2023

After Bihar Edu minister, SP leader Maurya spews venom against Ramcharitmanas – is this the latest anti-Hindu toolkit?

An FIR has been lodged against Samajwadi Party (SP) MLC Swami Prasad Maurya over his remark on the Ramcharitmanas, an epic poem in Awadhi language by Goswami Tulsidas. The FIR was lodged at the Hazratganj police station in Lucknow on the complaint of Shivendra Mishra. BJP state president Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary asked the SP to clarify whether it was Maurya’s individual belief or of the party.

Maurya on Sunday sparked a major controversy after he demanded the deletion of “insulting comments and sarcasm” targeted at particular castes and sects in Ramcharitmanas. The SP leader said: “I don’t have any issue with Ramcharitramanas but parts of it have insulting comments and sarcasm directed at particular castes and sects. Those should be removed”. He further claimed that in the Ramcharitmanas, some words hurt the sentiments of the Dalit community.

Sants of Ayodhya expressed their anger against Maurya and advised him to read the Grantha before passing uninformed comments. Paramahansa Acharya challenged the SP leader to explain the meaning of just one choupai of Ramcharitmanas, failing which Maurya has no right to comment on the Grantha the Acharya opined. Paramahansa Acharya added that people were free to read or not read the Ramcharitmanas but no one has the right to comment on it without knowing its contents.

“Swami Prasad Maurya has been rejected by the people. Bhagwan Ram’s character has been described in the Ramcharitmanas. Swami Prasad Maurya is a fool who is wanting to restrict or ban Adarsh Purush Prabhu Sri Ram. He has no knowledge of the Ramayan”, Acharya Satyendra Das, Chief Priest of Ramlalla, remarked angrily.

Additional DCP Rajesh Srivastava said that Mishra, in his FIR, stated that through news channels and newspapers, he came to know that Maurya made the unsavoury comments against Ramcharitmanas and such remarks may create a rift in the society and lead to communal tension.

However, the SP has distanced itself from Maurya’s remarks. The party’s chief whip in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Manoj Pandey said: “People everywhere, including other countries, read Ramcharitmanas, accept it and follow it and we all respect Ramcharitmanas”.

This has become a toolkit of sorts where loose tongues like Maurya are allowed to comment on Hindu Granthas at will and the party later washes its hands off saying the comments are the ‘personal views’ of the leader in question. Recently, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Shivanand Tiwari also said there is a lot of ‘kooda karkat’ (garbage) in Ramanaya along with diamonds and pearls.

Bihar Education Minister RJD MLA Chandrashekhar Yadav opined that Ramcharitmanas spreads ‘hatred’. He demanded the burning of books such as Manusmriti, Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas and Bunch of Thoughts by Madhav Sadashivrao Golwalkar saying these worked towards keeping a majority of the population backwards. Yadav opined that Islam was the only religion giving the message of love and honesty.

Leftist Hinduphobic author KS Bhagawan from Karnataka, who received protection from the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government, demeaned Bhagwan Ram by calling Him a ‘drunkard’. “If one reads the Uttara Kanda of Valmiki’s Ramayana, it will become evident that (Lord) Rama was not ideal. He did not rule for 11,000 years, but only for 11 years…(Lord) Rama would sit with Sita in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day drinking…He sent his wife Sita into the forest and didn’t bother about her…How can he be ideal?” he has been quoted as saying by ANI.

With the grand Ram Mandir’s construction apace and Home Minister Amit Shah saying it would be ready, Hindudveshi politicians like Maurya, Yadav and their cronies like Bhagawan are coming out all guns blazing with their cooked-up stories & theories.

There seems to be a toolkit to deliberately target Prabhu Ram, Ramcharitmanas, and Ramayana. Earlier, Manusmriti was targeted by Hindudveshis who took its verses out of context to propagate falsehoods about the Grantha. The same template is now being repeated with Ramcharitmanas.

Adharmics have no business interfering in Hindu Dharmic matters. No one is forcing them to read any Grantha but such interference cannot and should not be tolerated. Hindu tolerance is being taken for granted. Will Maurya and others dare to ask for Quranic or Bible verses to be removed? Adharmics should be the last ones to be talking of ‘reforming’ Hindu Dharma and Dharmic Granthas.

(With IANS inputs)

(Featured Image Source: Dainik Jagran)

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