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Monday, May 29, 2023

Why is Lutyens’ Delhi So Angry With Narendra Modi?

That Delhi had sunk into a deep morass of sleazy deal-making during the UPA era became clear the moment the RadiaGate scandal broke in 2010, spilling the beans on how media, politicos, bureaucrats, corporates, and others were part of a mutually beneficial cabal. But how deep the rot went is becoming clear only now. This same nexus (what we refer to as Lutyens’ Delhi) is feeling the pinch since the present Government has largely shut off access to Government corridors for these power brokers and is allowing the law to take its own course with regards to their misdeeds. This is one big factor driving the manufactured outrages we see over matters like JNU, Dadri, Church ‘Attacks’, Yakub Memon, Intolerance etc.

A twitter user @Kabirsinghn who is also a lawyer & researcher primarily engaged in matters appearing in Supreme Court of Bharat & High court of Delhi has revealed that supermodels were used as honeytraps to grab tenders of infrastructure projects in the UPA era. He says-

“One particular lady used to be very popular in the Delhi circuit five years back. She was regularly sent to hotels of officers involved in decision making for tenders, and used to write with a lipstick on the chest of the male that she will be back if the tender was given to her boss’s company.

Modi has in part sealed off the north block (part of  Secretariat Building where Ministry of Finance sits) for these power brokers, and hence developed more enemies inside the system. One person paid INR 32 crore in cash, 7 years back, to a central minister for a wind mill project down south. Now things not that simple.

One very famous farm house for Delhi marriages in Chhatarpur, primarily used as spot for “Lady payments” in Delhi. All dried up now since ’14 (election of Modi Government)”

Slowly tightening noose of the law

This OpIndia piece neatly captures the spate of recent steps taken by the administration to bring to book the once high & mighty who abused the system. Is this the reason outrage on non-issues is getting shriller by the day.

Foreign funded NGOs under the scanner – peddling foreign agendas?

As part of the drive to make NGOs accountable for the foreign funds received by them under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act), the present Government has cancelled FCRA license of over 15,000 NGOs and other entities as of June 2015 for not filing annual returns and other violations of FCRA. Some prominent organizations impacted were Greenpeace India, AAP leader Manish Sisodia’s NGO Kabir, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Supreme Court Bar Association.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has also put 16 foreign-funding agencies on a watch list citing concerns for national interest, communal harmony and security.  Agencies on the MHA watch-list require prior approval from the Ministry for each transaction, to ensure  to ensure that funds are allowed to be credited into the recipients’ accounts only after MHA clearance.

Most prominent of these is the controversial Ford Foundation, a U.S.-based funding agency which has been accused by the Gujarat government of interfering in the country’s internal affairs and fanning communal disharmony. Ford Foundation is said to have CIA links and acts as a front to promote US national interests across the world.  It has pumped in more than $500 million in Bharat since opening its first overseas office in New Delhi in 1952.

Recently, Lawyer’s Collective  an NGO founded by Indira Jaisinh has also been served a show cause notice by MHA for violating FCRA provisions. Indira Jaisinh is a Sonia Gandhi confidante and was appointed as Additional Solicitor General in 2009. Incidentally, Jaisinh is also representing Gujarat-based “social activist” Teesta Seetalvad whose NGO is facing CBI inquiry for violating FCRA provisions. Jaisinh’s husband, Anand Grover, a well-known lawyer had recently petitioned the Supreme Court to stop death penalty of 1993 Bombay blast convict Yakub Memon.

Narendra Modi government evicts record number of illegal occupants from Lutyens Delhi 

A staggering number of freeloaders, politicians  and assorted sycophants have been squatting on prime property in the heart of the nation’s capital in what is called the Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ). The number of houses vacated has increased three times under the Modi government. Shockingly,  1,207 houses are still under unauthorized occupation in Delhi – of which 27 are with journalists. Could this imposition of the rule of law be behind the unrest visible in these elite circles?

The below tweet from Vijay Mallya says it all about how New Delhi and by extension the rest of Bharat functioned under Sonia raj – fraudsters and scamsters doing favours to politicians, media, and babus to buy their silence.

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  1. Very good information. Thanks. Lutyens Delhi existence is proved by its down turn. After Modi Ji taken PM post. Thanks Modi Ji.

  2. NM should get rid of some people very close to him who are betraying him. Am sure that he does things at the right time.

  3. I predicted this during Narendra Bhais’s election campaign. I said that he would have the entire Neta-Babu-Cop-Milard-Crony-Journalists doing their best to obstruct and undo everything he stood for. And this includes leaders withing the BJP.

  4. Insightful. But couldn’t understand how JNU and Supreme Court Bar Associations are NGOs?? Or is it just a proof reading/editorial slip?

    • Thanks for the feedback…the list of organizations whose FCRA license was cancelled is extracted from media articles referring to them collectively as NGOs. But your point is well taken, JNU and Bar Associations should be referred as entities/orgs. We have made the correction.

  5. These are the people who ‘used’ the country and its ‘natives’ as a commodity to enrich themselves. They had no concern for the Country or its ‘natives’. They tried to be the rulers like the British but worse than imitations of them.

    • What kind of favours?. You seem to be swayed by “Tittle Tattle”. Be specific. Are you sure sub consciously you are jealous of Adani’s success. The Adani group has also done well in other countries with more transperant systems.In fact many Indian businesses have done well outside India (Hindujas,Tatas etc) where they are judged on performance/merit and seizing opportunities unlike India where they have the “Govt on their back”. (UN terminology not mine).

  6. Such a bunch of lowdown thieves, cheats, and liars posing and yowling as fighters for principles of democracy and human rights. Need to be pole-axed, strung up and flogged: beginning with the Italian whore.


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