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Friday, July 12, 2024

JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh blocked, jeered and hurled political slurs at Prof trying to enter his lab

JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh has become the latest darling of Lutyens’ media ever since she emerged as the leader of yet another violent, disruptive protest at JNU – this time over ‘hike’ in hostel fees.

For 2 months now, the Left-dominated student union body JNUSU has held the entire University hostage. Read this report of what has transpired in the University over this period-

  • “These ‘students’ slapped locks on the gates of all school buildings where they stage sit-ins throughout the day and do not allow their professors to even enter their offices.No professor dare defy them. Those who try are heckled and harassed until they give up. The official security guards keep standing in utter helplessness.
  • Protesters held under hostage the Dean of Students (DoS), whose health was deteriorating by the minute. First, he was denied access to an ambulance and later, it wasn’t allowed to take him to the hospital.
  • Held a female professor hostage for 30 hours.
  • They barged into the home of a hostel warden in the dead of the night, snatched his four-year-old toddler and refused to give it back until he resigned.
  • These vandals defaced the buildings of their university with the choicest abuses and didn’t spare even the statue of Swami Vivekananda”

Things came to a head in the last week of December when the left-controlled JNUSU took extreme steps to prevent students from registering for the next semester – first, students interested in pursuing academics  were heckled & abused; then the expensive server infrastructure and campus were WiFi were damaged; finally, students were intimidated and thrashed to make them toe the JNUSU line.

Now, a video has emerged showing Aishe Ghosh and her group barring Associate Professor Anand Ranganathan, who teaches at the Special Centre for Molecular Medicine (SCMM) JNU, from entering his lab.

As the Professor exhorts students to be logical and rational as they are aspiring scientists, Aishe Ghosh jeers from behind,

Aap zara apne science ki padai kar ke aaiye..mujhe lag raha hai (unintelligible) (You go and study your science, I think…….people like you being professors are putting the logic of Hindutva here, now we can understand what is happening”

The professor replies, “You are not even embarrassed….this is where you are going to join politics, you are going to become a politician.”

Aishe Ghosh says, “This is what the Vice-Chancellor has taught us from the last 4 years……now we understand when we watch TV debates that what logic is used (to justify increase in hostel fees) from 10 to 300, it is going from here.”

The professor says, “Rs. 6.95 lakh is the subsidy given to every JNU student (every year).”

Ghosh replies, “So, so?” Another student chimes in “We are not asking you what your salary is..”

The sense of entitlement and hooliganism in the tone adopted by these ‘students’ is clear for all to see. They label a distinguished scholar like Prof. Ranganathan a ‘Hindutva’ proponent just because he has written against the scourge of Islamism and appeared on some TV debates exposing the hollow activism of the left-liberal cabal. The professor has criticized RSS and Sangh organisations too at different times, and no one from the ‘right’ has applied any labels to him. But the first sign of dissent against the left-wing radicals and they brand you ‘communal’, ‘Hindutvawadi’ and what not – which are the worst possible pejoratives in their political imagination.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan (Communist Party – Marxist) meeting Aishe Ghosh in Delhi (Source: Twitter)

These ‘students’ are not interested in completing their education and becoming productive members of society; they see campus as a place to hone their political skills and as launchpads to lifelong activism, politics and a chance to join the self-serving NGO-political cabal as social justice champions.

Fee ‘hike’ for subsidized and fellowship/scholarship earning students?

As a reminder, this is the tuitition fees that JNU students have to pay (these fees have remained unchanged since the time of Indira Gandhi)

Source: JNU website

This annual tuition fees is much less compared to other central universities like Delhi University (Rs. 6,000 to 40,000)  or University of Hyderabad (Rs. 1020 to 1,70,000). Their education is practically free, they are paying even less than what many students studying in Government or aided schools would be paying.  Each student studying at JNU is subsidized ~ Rs. 6 lakhs per year by the taxpayer (4.4 lakhs in direct subsidy and the rest is a deficit carried to Capital Fund).

The only thing which was ‘hiked’ was hostel fees by Inter Hall Administration (IHA) which manages all of JNU’s hostels. The decision was taken after a 3 year long consultative process, and forced by UGC norms. All IHA decisions have to be ratified by the Executive Council (EC). But protests broke out as soon as fees were increased by IHA, and when EC met on 13 November it revised the hostel fees as below –

Source: Swarajya

But even this reduction was not acceptable to JNUSU left-wing extremists. This despite the fact that almost 90% of the 6000 students living in JNU hostels receive scholarship or fellowship ranging from Rs 800 to 47,000 per month (over half of them fall in the Rs 5000-8000 bracket).

The reason that students of a particular mindset dominate student politics at JNU are twofold

a.) 72% of the students here belong the humanities stream –  social sciences, language, literature & arts and international studies. Most of these students get selected through an admission process where 100% marks are assigned to interview (after candidates obtain a minimum cutoff in the written examination)

b.) Many PhD scholars in humanities overstay their welcome – around 1/3rd of them take over 4 years to complete their course. It would seem that these students have ample time for everything, protests included, but their studies. A left-dominated JNUTA (JNU Teacher’s Association) further ensures that the University remains a quagmire of radical-left politics.

This twitter thread dissects what is at the heart of the perennial protests at JNU, and the hatred towards VC M Jagadesh Kumar – “Their post-grad admission process was more like a foot-soldier-recruitment process. The VC disrupted that by introducing a computerized exam, with a minimum cutoff of 50% to qualify for viva-voce (interview round).”

So, earlier, it was left to the discretion of the JNU admissions committee (an academic body entirely controlled by the leftist cabal) to decide the written examination cut off! Read what radical-left professors like Prof. Nivedita Menon at JNU have to write about these changes brought by the VC –

“The JNU entrance examination until now has enabled teachers to select students with the best potential, because it employed a fair benchmark of minimum attainment, which was not affected by factors beyond the student’s control….The commitment to social justice is also deeply compromised by the shift to online entrance exams.”

A clearer admission of how JNU has functioned as a hotbed of radical-left politics would be hard to find. This cabal is getting directly exposed for the first time ever, hence the desperate shrillness of their protests and the quickening of the conveyor belt churning out new faces like Aishe Ghosh every few months.

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