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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Congress jumps to shame Hindus over dubious and fringe BulliDeals app

If an alien were to arrive today in Bharat and scan our mainstream papers and TV channels like NDTV, it would believe that the BulliDeals app is one of the most important crises facing the nation.

This repulsive and juvenile app which looks to ‘auction’ well-known Muslim women as a means of harassing them is one drop in the dark side of the internet, where deadly stalking and digital blackmail of ordinary minor Hindu girls has far more tragic and real-world consequences, and where social media platforms like Twitter have become actual child porn and rape video hubs.

But expect the Republic of India’s ‘secular’ polity to use the BulliDeals (‘masterminded‘ by an 18-year-old girl, if Mumbai Police is to be believed) controversy to shame the entire Hindu community. The same hypocrites meanwhile maintain a studied silence despite revelation after revelation on how radical Muslim clerics indoctrinate Muslim men to treat non-Muslim girls as objects for their sexual gratification or for conversion into Islam.

So it came as no surprise when Congress’ national spokesperson and ex-NDTV journalist Supriya Shrinate rolled out the cliched trope of “The country which worships Devi is now auctioning women, while government and society watches”.

Hindus have become inured to such selective outrage, guilt-tripping and coded hate speech to humiliate and target the community. We expect no better from self-alienated, manipulative HINOs (Hindus in name only) who have completely lost their moral compass and sense of humanity. Vir Das, Mahesh Bhatt etc are some other names who have used the same “Devi worshippers at day, rapists at night” trope against Hindus.

Frauds like Supriya Shrinate can virtue signal all they want – their game is up. Hindus will continue speaking up against the barrage of genocidal hate and actual violence they face from all sides. If the two youth who have been arrested for the distasteful BulliDeals app are indeed responsible for it, they need counselling more than anything. The motivation behind such deeds can only be the growing angst among Hindus at the double standards and criminal silence of our ‘secular’ state over the anti-Hindu hate crimes committed with impunity.

False flag operation?

Incidentally, in July last year, a similar app called SulliDeals, also allegedly targeting Muslim women, had surfaced. There were reports that a Muslim computer engineer employed with Accenture was possibly behind that app, but nothing was conclusively proven.

Now, six months later, a similar app has created coordinated, world-wide furore and invited bewilderingly fast action by a state police force mired in controversy, which has been otherwise dragging its feet on serious crimes like lynching of sadhus.

Something doesn’t smell right, and knowing how enemy nations are using sophisticated fifth generation information warfare against us, nothing can be ruled out. Only a thorough, professional investigation by a credible investigative body can bring out the truth of this matter.

It might be a diversion of our limited investigative resources, but the probe on apps like BulliDeals, SulliDeals and the hundreds of social media pages and accounts objectifying Hindu women and degrading Hindu Dharma should be handed over to a central agency like CBI.

In general, as we have now entered the era of AI & hybrid war, the government needs to wake up and form a specialized agency to tackle digital crimes and disinformation campaigns. Developing home-grown platforms to secure our digital sovereignty should also be high on the agenda, as HinduPost has consistently argued.

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