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Is Bharat making a mistake by allowing refuge to Taslima Nasreen?

Taslima Nasreen, a ground-breaking writer who has challenged and exposed Islam through her writings, has resided in Bharat for several years as a refugee. While it is a part of Bharat’s culture to grant shelter to the one who seeks refuge, we are compelled to brood over the consequences of giving shelter to the ungrateful lot.

Though she claims to be a secularist, how the Bangladesh-born activist has been conducting herself these days is alarming. There has been an evident change in her attitude after Congress lost power and BJP gained it in 2014. As a foreigner on the refuge, Nasreen is obligated to keep herself disassociated from the polity of the land. On the contrary, she has made unworthy comments on national security, policies, and the Hindu faith. She has repeatedly exposed herself clearly opposed to the Hindu cause, which places her on a parallel pedestal to any Islamist “writer” with a pen. 

Why is Taslima Nasreen in Bharat?

After fleeing her home country in 1994, Nasreen spent ten years in various western countries like France, Sweden, Germany, and the US. She returned to the Bharatiya subcontinent; at first, she started staying in Kolkata but was asked to leave by the West Bengal government. This happened soon after a Muslim mob physically attacked her in Hyderabad in 2007.

She made several exits and entries to the country till she finally got the nod to reside in Delhi, and things worked in her favour when her visa to continue staying in Bharat was extended in 2016. Nasreen has expressed her strong desire to reside in Kolkata several times, but she has been disowned by the former and reigning West Bengal governments. 

Forced out of her country for exposing Islam, she was attacked verbally and physically by ferocious Islamized mobs even in Bharat. For the political bearing that Muslims have on the political landscape of West Bengal, the ruling parties had to ban her from the state of her fondness. Her books are banned in West Bengal due to the political pressure created by the Islamists in the state. 

Despite the Islamist cabal’s attacks and sanctions on her, Taslima Nasreen has upheld her loyalty to her co-religionists. She has expressed her disagreement with some fundamentals of Islam through her books and writings. But in the past few years in Bharat, she tried to use her celebrity to condone the pro-Muslim narrative from beneath the veneer of affected secularism. 

Taslima Nasreen’s opinion on the CAA

Weighing in on the CAA, Taslima opined that the law should make an exception for Muslim “free-thinkers, feminists, and secularists” from the neighboring countries. However, the history of Bharat has taught us that all the so-called free-thinkers, feminists, and secularists from the Muslim community had only exercised Al Taquiya till there was a Muslim pandering government at the center. They all conveniently merged with the Islamist mainstream and started defending Islamists after BJP took over the country’s governance. Celebrities like Javed Akhtar, Aamir Khan, and cricketers like Irfan Pathan are famous examples of this ilk. 

Taslima Nasreen’s remark on the Sabarimala row

During the Sabarimala row in 2018, she had questioned if she, who was 56-years-old at that time, could visit Sabarimala. Sabarimala is not a picnic spot; it is a Hindu pilgrimage. One must observe a strict vrat and then go for the darshan of Ayappa Swami at the Sabarimala temple. The author-in-exile should have steered clear of a debate that was strictly for the Hindus. 

Taslima Nasreen weighs in on the Gyanvapi issues

Following the discovery of Hindu symbols, carvings, and the Shivalinga from the Gyanvapi Masjid, Nasreen held that the establishment should be renovated into multiple rooms for various religions. Very convenient! Why must the Hindu sacrifice his ancient temple, a significant pilgrimage spot, after the discovery of the most precious Shivalinga? The Hindu is done making sacrifices to please the non-Hindus in this country. It is time for the Hindus to reclaim every temple that was robbed from them by barbarian Islamist invaders. 

Taslima equates Hindus to Muslims

Taslima Nasreen has often likened the Hindus to the Muslims, and her contorted views stem from the limited sample of conservative Hindus in Bangladesh. The section of Hindus she considers to form her opinion doesn’t even make up a mere 5% of the Hindu population. 

She further believes that the Mughals didn’t come to convert the Hindus into Islam. This, despite billions of Hindus being slaughtered by the Mughals through the reign of Babar to Aurangzeb. 

She once tried to indicate that upper-caste Hindus targeted her Hindu ancestors. Hence they converted to Islam. However, she had herself tweeted several years ago that her ancestors were from the Kayastha community, which is not a lower caste. In the same tweet, she had expressed the possibility of it being a forced conversion. 

Some of her tweets even question, rather offend, the common Hindu sentiment.

This statement is now being repeated on social media by the anti-Hindus of West Bengal recently. Given none of the greats, she had named was a Bangladeshi, and that all of them were from Hindu families, why would she write such a tweet if not to give wind to anti-Hindu sentiments.

Nasreen’s dubious claims about Hindu dharma and unwarranted commentary on the intricate matters of Bharat’s domestic and international policies are detrimental to Bharat’s peace. Should she still be given refuge in this land is a question that has become commonplace now. If at all she is given the grant to stay here for longer, the ministry must certainly revisit the clauses before allowing her. 

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