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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Allegedly ‘pro democracy’ I.N.D.I.A. Bloc parties murder democratic Freedom of Expression, AGAIN…(and AGAIN) – PART-1

The obligatory Sardar ji joke… forced on Punjab by AAP

Because AAP has done it again.

And as opposed to popular saying, the casualty is actually not the justice, surprising though it may sound (since in our country, ‘justice’ was long buried in the annals of collegium, its flesh rotten, withered away in the oppressive, hot darkness of black, caked soil, deprived from all water given the rapidly decreasing status of punjab’s water-tables)…

The real casualty is the Punjab Police.


Once known as scourge of violent khalistani terrorists, it’s heartbreaking to see Punjab’s finest becoming the butt of all the bad jokes.

It’s heartbreaking.

It appears, this time, the stage for the poor stand up comedy was hastily set up in Jammu. Where a YouTuber named Nikhil Singh had dared to create – guess what? A supposedly anti-religious stuff criticising the alleged existence of some kind of prostitution ring and other anti-social elements lurking around near his alma-mater: Lovely Professional university.

Reading the report I couldn’t get my head around it. How’s that possible?

But again, we don’t have all the facts so we must tread cautiously.

But what is astonishing is a curious matter: When OpIndia accessed the FIR, they reported that it didn’t even contain the name of YouTuber Nikhil or his channel anywhere!

This was in fact, a repeat telecast of the hilariously dark episode of what happened with another famous YouTuber Rachit Kaushik a few weeks ago. He hadn’t had his name on the FIR either based on which he was arrested (in the kind of circumstances that’ll soon be elaborated in a minute.)

And the similarities hardly end there, either.

Just like in that case, where the complaint was actually against a handle named No_Conversion, Nikhil Singh was not arrested based on a complaint directly against him. But a person Vipan Kumar approached the police against an X account name Warlock_Shabby which had shared a clip of that video. (According to OpIndia, this account doesn’t exist anymore.) saying it’d hurt Christian and Hindu religious sentiments.

For the case of Rachit, in what can only be described as a truly orwellion dystopia, Punjab cops, under control of ‘democracy and clean governance’s biggest defender,’ colloquially known as AAP, reportedly arrested Rachit  Kaushik (who is, ironically, for all secular parties claiming to defend democracy, the founder of YouTube channel named ‘Sab Loktantra’ and known fondly as “Baba” by his followers). In fact, this arrest happened in a truly urduwood style! If reports are to be believed. A dashing overtake by cops’s scorpio! Blocking the way of a dangerous terrorist! Pulling him out of his car before he can reach for the nuclear launch codes in the glove-compartment! Triggering the apocalypse of the democracy as we know it! Right in between a wedding in the family – like a mob boss! – whereby ‘Don’ Rachit was accompanying his niece (the bride), from parlor back to the wedding venue.

Nothing more dramatic and emotional, a tearjerker really, than holding off a nuclear apocalypse for a day or two, ending democracy in Bharat and elsewhere, until you’ve married off your niece!


Because of alleged ‘hurt religious sentiments’ of a ‘pastor’ named ‘Aisha Sultan’. (Seriously, hearing so many contradictions in the same sentence caused an epic confusion in my mind, worse than thinking up this poor imitation of ‘Democratic-Defense-Force’ episode number 109,277,786.)

Anyway…just like Star-Trek, it is getting episodic.

Because this isn’t the 1st time when AAP has pulled such antics.

Recall the (literally) fast-paced drama worthy of urduwood’s sasta VFX when Punjab police had come, overnight, to arrest Delhi BJP’s charismatic young leader Tejinderpal Singh Bagga. That nail-biting chase sequence involved, apart from hurting Bagga’s Sikh religious sentiments (they refused to even let him wear his turban, an essential religious practice!), punching and kicking of his family, procedural lapses and tense showdown between 3 separate state’s police forces.

Haryana police stopped Punjab Police’s convoy midway and Delhi Police took him back.


(Damn I’m getting old!)

All this drama, why?

Because of Bagga’s outraged yet totally acceptable remark of not letting kejriwal live in peace, until he tendered an apology to Kashmiri Pundits. Note that all this was going on during the release of a movie that had served as a catharsis for ALL Hindus: The Kashmir Files. And yet, Delhi CM kejriwal had blatantly insulted the traumatized Hindu community which was forced to live as a refugee in their own country, all because of brutal Islamist kashmiri terrorists backed by Pakistan.

Kejriwal had laughed – yes LAUGHED! – at the ONLY movie that had honestly dealt with their misery, and he LAUGHED ON IT ON THE FLOOR OF THE DELHI ASSEMBLY!

And what the State, under control of allegedly ‘pro democracy’ I.N.D.I.A. Bloc party AAP (the current status of their relationship in the bloc is, well, ‘complicated.’) focuses on, instead of the plight of an entire community that had suffered, literally, a genocide and ethnic cleansing?

On Bagga “Harming and Causing ‘Hurt’ to Kejriwal with his tweets”.

With his tweets!

Imagine the contest:

Real life ethnic cleansing Vs. ‘hurt caused by tweets!’

If this wasn’t the worst joke in our democracy, then I don’t know what is.

Subsequently, within 5 months, Punjab and Haryana High Court disagreed with Punjab Police’s extremist interpretation of Bagga’s righteously innocuous remark of ‘Agar wo maafi nahi mangte to Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha ka ye Karyakarta unhe jine nahi dega’ being anything more than legitimate freedom of expression constitutionally made available for opposition to the mighty State.

And certainly far from inciting any sort of violence.

With the High court quashing the FIR along their poignant remarks: “There cannot be any democracy without freedom of choice and free speech.”

Question now arises, of course, about, what happened to the ‘D’ right in the middle of ‘I.N.D.I.A.’ bloc then?

Does it stand for D-Company, instead of the other thing we the voters are being led to believe?

Because mindlessly obeying their foreign masters who love to project their own sins onto others without any thought or reason, anti-Hindu, anti-Bharat opposition and its Lutyens Elite ecosystem keeps screaming daily about them being all about ‘democracy!’

Nothing else!

Absolutely nothing else!

And one of their main diatribes had always been about alleged Hindutva government muzzling ‘Freedom of Expression of dissenters and media and free press.’

They keep screaming about constitution and ‘Idea of India’ from their secular loudspeakers so many times a day, probably even Namazis might feel jealous of them; it certainly does cause a giant headache in the minds of so many sane people.

Because boss…

Okay, ‘Hindus are undemocratic fascists! Worse than Nazis!’ Everyone among secular-liberal, Abrahmo-Leftist cabal keeps screaming that, right?

But you’re supposed to be different, no?

You’re supposed to be pious, righteous, liberal and ‘arch-mages of democracy and Holy Knights defending the religion called Freedom of Expression enshrined in the secular god called Constitution,’ correct?

  • What happened then, to your own alleged commitment to the religion of alleged ‘democracy’ we’ve got here in Bharat?
  • What happened to upholding Fundamental rights guaranteed to everyone under Article 19.1? and not just your sycophants?
  • What happened to ‘I may not like it, but I’ll defend to death your freedom to say it!’

AAP certainly isn’t alone in indulging that particularly egregious, shamelessly hypocritical undemocratic behavior brazenly in the name of defending democracy itself, but it rings especially hollow and heartbreaking given both its origin story of anti-conressi-corruption and the widely suspected back-ground story (of it being a Ford Foundation, American Intelligence front to covertly take-over Bharatiya democracy, to promote, well, ‘more democracy’ and ‘more freedom.’)

At any rate, other constituents of INDI Alliance hadn’t been any better.

It’s a cross-over of sorts.

Only worse than recent woke Marvel, DC franchise movies.

Chhattisgarh ruled by congress

For example, during the dark days of Chhattisgarh being ruled by congressi hardliner Baghel, a Raipur Journalist writing satire columns against congress government had been arrested ‘for spreading fake news.’ (Got the joke, totally! Have you?)

Maharashtra ruled by MVA

In Maharashtra, how can anyone forget Bharat’s top news-channel’s firebrand anchor Arnab Goswami being arrested from his home under the corrupt and vindictive Uddhav government, (who loves to use ‘gaumutra jibes’ against Hindus, preferred by the likes of apparently perfectly democratic Pulwama Islamist terrorist); an arrest by a wholly corrupt cop who just might pass off as a gangster himself and who was prime accused in putting a bomb in front of Ambani’s house!

All because Arnab dared to question foreign born congress matriarch on her silence on palghar mob-lynching of Hindu sadhus and addressed her with her original, given name.

Case against Arnab?

Actually it was reopening of an already closed case, for an alleged abetment to suicide, apart from some fake TRP scam.


For the alleged TRP scam, there were severe doubts even back then, of report naming some other channels but vindictive MVA falsely attributing it to Republic. Legally? Maharashtra govt. had already withdrawn the case, and the 1st informant had also given his no-objection to such withdrawal. With ED going so far as to say that their own investigation is ‘at variance’ with local police’s at the time, while giving clean-chit to Arnab. And finally? Maharashtra HC dismissed that case only days ago, on 6 March 2023, with stringent remarks like “threatening witnesses” and “fabricating evidence” reserved for then MVA govt.

As for the ‘reopened’ alleged abetment-to-suicide… the key-charge, of abetment-to-suicide itself, was dropped in the chargesheet, within the previous MVA govt. rule itself!

Bengal ruled by allegedly woman ‘Didi’

And given the recent giant hypocrisy of a certain anti-Hindu ‘woman’ alleged celebrity ‘journalist’ accepting a Rajya-Sabha ticket – despite previously swearing off it publicly and chiding other alleged journalists for doing so, and that too, when she’s doing so by joining TMC of bengal ruled by an alleged woman, right in the middle of Sandeshkhali horrors! Given also, the additional depressive fact of this ‘woman journalist’ having the gall, still, to brazen out her monumental hypocrisy in the name of ‘standing up for journalistic freedom’, then, well, there’s no way in hell we can skip that state now. Can’t ignore, at all, to mention its shameless arrest of a Republic TV journalist named Santu Pan live on camera during recent Sandeshkhali protests led by poor Hindu women of lower castes (if identities other than being a ‘woman’ matters to these people), against what the victims alleged to be ‘institutional, systemic gang-rape patronized by State of Bengal’ and State’s response to the media who reported it? booking another anchor from ABP Ananda!

But it’s hardly ‘breaking news,’ is it?

Given the history of oppression of journalists (and people) in bengal under all sorts of anti-Hindu regimes.

But this one, in the day and age of Social Media, is especially ruthless and shameless!

Because how can we forget the non-stop harassment of OpIndia and its Editor-in-Chief Nupur J. Sharma by the uber violent party TMC, unleashing a reign of terror in Bengal during elections (or otherwise), for merely quoting other news-reports. So much so that the poor lady (a woman journalist) had to leave her home of decades, her state, and resettle in Delhi.

That case, again, stand quashed by the Supreme Court.

As far as harassment of OpIndia – and hatred for Biharis, is concerned among secular, “educated south!” chest-beating-parties, how can anyone forget Tamil Nadu government imprisoning a mere small youtuber from Bihar on draconian charges? And dragging OpIndia – again – for nothing except reporting on the issue?

Tamil Nadu ruled by Dravidian DMK

Whatever he said (the Bihari YouTuber), the proof of this party-with-separatist-genes heading Tamil Nadu government and its unlimited hatred of not just Bihar but entire North India, particularly the Hindus – and those who speak Hindi, was openly declared on the bloody floor of newly inaugurated national parliament’s 1st session itself! Where one of its MPs openly used Pulwama terrorist’s anti-Hindu genocidal language against them, by shamelessly calling all of these as ‘Gaumutra states!’ Not to be left behind, another state leader from the same racist, anti-Hindu party is caught on camera disdainfully spreading hatred about “hindi speaking UP/Bihari people being good only for sweeping roads and cleaning toilets.”

In any case, the poor bihari YouTuber was thrown in jail to rot for 9 months! Released on bail just in Dec 2023.

While so-called “Bihar first” parties  of ‘I.N.D.I.A’ did nothing. Not for the man, and certainly not against their own ‘allies’ who hate Bihar and Biharis so much. (And UP … and the rest of the ‘Northies’.)

Why didn’t they file cases against these anti-Bihari, ani-Hindi people when the law allows for it to prevent discrimination under categories of both language and place-of-birth?

(Read the abominable section 153A for the exact legal language here.)

Heck, I’m a man who’d rather see Freedom of Speech being upheld, so my personal question to these democracy and Free-Speech defenders would be: why didn’t the “Bihari” politicians of so-called I.N.D.I.A bloc – whose latter “I” stands, allegedly, for ‘Inclusive’ – got on the roads and used their Freedom of Expression under article 19.1.(a) and (c), to ‘democratically’ protest against this naked bigotry and hate for Biharis and North Indians and those who speak Hindi?

What happened to their ‘Mohabbat ki Dukaan?’

Or has it too, gone bankrupt along with the rest of their moral posturing about ‘democracy’ – or worse, came to be raided by ED for anti-corruption scandals even in ‘Mohabbat’. (Certainly seems possible, given their institutional defense of ‘Love Jihad’.)

And as far as “hurting religious sentiments” goes… as the confusing alleged pastor ‘Aisha Sultan’ had claimed against Sab-Loktantra founder. (Or rather, the Punjab Police, who got confused about it under AAP’s warped understanding of democratic principles)…

And given the renewed interest in Gyanvapi disputed structure…

How can anyone forget the massive, global, Abrahmo-Leftist double standard about Nupur Sharma ji’s case? And then that of alleged fact-checker’s?

And, as far as the underlying logic of ‘hurting religious sentiments’ goes, well, nothing else compares to so-called I.N.D.I.A. bloc’s main ally in the south, and its dynasty’s heir-apparent, ironically named Stalin, giving a call to ‘Eradicate Sanatan Dharma’, entirely, by comparing it with ‘dengue, malaria and corona’ and yet these I.N.D.I.A. bloc parties either brazenly came out in his support for this genocidal hate-speech against Hindus, or remained pusillanimous.

(To be continued…)

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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