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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Ongoing Rape Jihad

In the past couple of weeks, there has been an alarming number of sexual violence cases against Hindu girls, most of them minors, in Bharatiya subcontinent nations of Bharat, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The catastrophic and tragic increase in the number of rapes, killings, abductions and forced conversions has rung the bell, turning into a big cause of worry for the Hindu society.

The rapes and crimes span across all three nations and follows a distinct pattern of execution. Majority of the victims are minor girls below the age of 18 and and most of them are subject to severe mental and physical torture. The kind of attitude meted out to the innocent girls is heart wrenching and horrific.

The recent Aligarh murder & alleged rape case of a minor girl, around 2-3 year old, has sent the nation in shock. A innocent kid was subjected to unimaginable horrific torture by accused Zahid and Aslam. It was reported that the cause of this horrific crime was a sum of Rs 10,000 borrowed by Zahid from the minor girls’ father.

But the Aligarh case, just like all others, holds suspicion on deeper causes and reflects a pattern followed in many rape cases of minor Hindu girls. The small kid was thrown into a garbage bin, many critical body parts were missing, her body was badly decomposed and the family believes that acid was poured over her. The accused made all attempts to harm her & destroy potential evidence in the most barbaric manner possible. The attack shows intense hatred towards the little girl.

The case was not just a one-off and in the same week numerous more cases came out in the public domain where Hindu girls were mercilessly subjected to sexual violence by rapists belonging to the same community to which Aslam and Zahid belonged. In Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh a 8-year-old minor girl was sexually assaulted by Salim. The modus operandi of the attack was somewhat on similar lines.

Uttar Pradesh, becoming the hub of such crimes, witnessed another attack on a minor girl. A 8-9 year old girl was raped in a kabristan (graveyard) by one Arbaaz in Bareilly.  In Varanasi, a 9-year-old Scheduled Caste girl was sexually assaulted by Shahnawaz.

In Pakistan, abduction, rape, killing and forceful conversions of Hindu girls has, unfortunately, become everyday work. Mass number of forceful conversions and marriages are happening in Pakistan. Just days ago, a minor Hindu was gang raped and forced to drink liquor in Sindh, Pakistan. Weeks ago, two minor Hindu daughters from Sindh were kidnapped, forcefully married and converted to Islam. The case was also taken into cognisance by our former External Affairs Minister Shrimati Sushma Swaraj, but nothing changed and the cycle of violence against Hindu girls continues.

Source: https://hindugenocide.com/islamic-jihad/148-cases-of-sex-crimes-against-hindus-in-2019-by-jihadis/

The cases follow a distinctive pattern and raise alarms on the security of Hindu girls in Bharat, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Surprisingly, in Bharat, the cases of violence against Hindus has drastically spiked up after the re-election of Modi in second term. In some cases of violence, the attacker Muslims have been heard saying they are not afraid of Modi & Yogi (CM of UP) and that they will teach Hindus a lesson. 

Source: hindugenocide.com

What is worrying is that the sexual attacks on Hindu girls/women are rising across the South Asia. As per a report by HinduGenocide.com, a total of 148 cases (up to May 10, 2019) of sexual assault on Hindu girls, mostly minor, have come up.

All the crimes are carried out by Jihadis – Muslims executing the anti-Hindu doctrine of Islam called ‘Jihad’. Many such crimes go unreported, or misreported, due to the ulterior agendas of mainstream media. If this is the number of cases that are reported, we can estimate that more than one such crime happens per day.” writes Arti Agarwal.

Source: hindugenocide.com

There is a very high rate of sex Jihad against Hindus in cities having high percentage of Muslims. It is noteworthy though, that these are only the reported crimes. In many states like West Bengal, a very high percentage of crimes go unreported, or are reported in regional languages, and never show up in searches or in English media. Hence, these go unaccounted for.

What adds insult to injury is the plight of Hindus in their own Hindu-majority nation. A Hindu voice raising concerns over this ongoing rape jihad is subjected to mental harassment by duplicitous and disingenuous so-called champions of liberal values.

The systematic ignoring and sidelining of rape jihad in mainstream media coverage coupled with police and judiciary’s inaction or sluggish approach towards providing justice to victims of rape jihad, is raising concerns on the plight of Hindus. Over the years, the media and judiciary have institutionalised their Hinduphobia which is resulting in encouraging Islamists & perverts to take law in their hand.

There is a need to address the religious inspiration behind such heinous sex crimes against minor Hindu girls. The alarming number of sexual assaults against Hindu girls represents a pattern of rape jihad and the state must take action before things go completely out of hand.

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Yogendra Thakur
Yogendra Thakur
A student and two time state topper in Astrophysics and Art of Lecturing. Primary focus areas are Indology and Economics.


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