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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Why does the heart of secular-liberal jamaat bleed for Muslims of other countries but not for Kashmiri Hindus?

The movie ‘The Kashmir Files‘ has taken the world by storm. It has not just garnered views as a film but also got the public talking about the Kashmiri Hindu genocide that took place 32 years back. This film, on the one hand, has awakened Hindus, and on the other, it has exposed the double standards of the secular liberal cabal across the globe.

Initially, every effort was made by the cabal to stall the release of this movie but they couldn’t succeed. Since its release, the film has been systematically demolishing the decades-long one-sided narrative of Kashmir fed to Bharat and the world. Deniers of genocide have been changing their stance continuously, from no genocide to only a few Kashmiri Hindus were killed. There were those who attempted to dismiss the facts mentioned in this film despite there being strong evidence to back the incidents presented in the movie.

The cabal has been using the familiar “when you can’t confront them, confuse them” tactic by obfuscating the number of Kashmiri Hindus who died, while some say 280 Kashmiri Pandits were killed others have been giving numbers as low as 80, and still others are using the “why only Hindus are being talked about, why the Muslims who were killed in the Valley are not being talked about” argument.

While the cabal is bothered about the numbers none of them are talking about the humanity or the human rights aspect of the entire tragedy. Nothing better can be expected from Abrahamo-secular-leftists who force open the doors of the apex court at midnight to save a terrorist. Let alone being bothered about Hindu lives, they do not even want to let the truth to come out lest the real face of Islamic jihad become known to ordinary Hindus.

The cabal, however, doesn’t forget to empathize, sympathize, and express grief over similar incidents that have happened with non-Hindus in general and Muslims, in particular, in other parts of the world.

Do you remember Alan Kurdi?

In 2015, the picture of a small child lying lifeless on the seashore created a massive stir in the world. The child was identified as Alan Kurdi, and his family belonged to Syria. At that time, several citizens were fleeing to Turkey from Syria due to the ISIS threat and the child reportedly died as the boat carrying them sank.

Picture Credit – BBC

No doubt it was a tragic event and one needs to empathize with the child but it is about creating a narrative which the left and its media handmaidens excel at. This disturbing picture gave the secular-liberal cabal the ammunition it need to pressurize the European countries to give asylum to Syrian Muslim refugees despite the very real possibility of these refugees having been infiltrated by terrorist elements.

It is worth mentioning here that those who were shedding tears for the refugees and Alan Kurdi maintained a convenient silence regarding the role of the ISIS.

Picture Credit – ANI

Now look at this picture, do you know who this child is? Do you know his name? We are pretty much sure that most of us don’t know this child. You might have watched the Kashmir Files movie, in the climax scene they have shown Nadimarg Massacre, where terrorists killed 24 Hindus. This boy was among those 24 innocent Hindus, who were killed by Islamist terrorists.

The tragedy is he remains a boy, a nameless child, and just another statistic! While Islamo-leftists go around the world drumbeating about human rights and going over the top to stir emotions, they neither sympathize nor empathize with Hindus. Needless to say one will find thousands of articles, Wikipedia pages, videos, and pictures on Alan Kurdi and his family, but nothing at all about this Kashmiri Hindu child.

His crime? he was a Hindu – the perks of being a Hindu in a supposedly Hindu-majority country!

Do you remember the Rohingya Muslim exodus from Myanmar?

Rohingya Muslims were living in Myanmar for hundreds of years, the racial conflict between them and the Buddhist people has been going on for a long time. However, when the Buddhists could no longer stand the atrocities perpetrated by the Rohingyas, they began retaliating in self-defense leading to the Rohingya exodus. Despite the fact that there are more than 50 Islamic countries in the world, none gave asylum to the Rohingya.

Picture Credit – Time

The Rohingyas first entered Bangladesh and then settled in Jammu and Kashmir in a systematic manner by illegally infiltrating into Bharat using the porous Indo-Bangladesh border. Enraged by the atrocities on the Rohingya, Indian Muslims held violent protests across the country. Who can forget Mumbai’s infamous Azad Maidan demonstration during which the holy Amar Jawan Jyoti was vandalized by Islamist goons?

However, the issue here is that the Rohingyas were given every facility, government papers were made for them, electricity, water, houses to stay, and jobs were arranged by our governments and many NGOs. Contrast this with how Kashmiri Hindus, who were fleeing the valleys, were treated.

Kashmiri Hindus have not even been given basic living facilities to date. Many families were forced to live in a single tent creating a traumatic experience that led to stress, trauma, and PTSD diseases which also lead to the death of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits. In Delhi, the Kejriwal government spends hundreds of crores for the Rohingyas but doesn’t provide any facilities to Kashmiri migrants and Hindus displaced from Pakistan. Why is this discrimination against Hindus?

This kind of discrimination against Hindus has been going on for hundreds of years, and maybe it will continue unless Hindus wake up and take a stand for themselves. The film Kashmir Files also shows how targeted violence was committed against Kashmiri Hindus, how they were tortured and forced to flee, and how Kashmiri Hindus are still living the lives of displaced people in their own country just because they are Hindus.

Where Muslims are ‘victims’, be it Palestine, Myanmar, Syria, or Yemen, the secular liberal cabal is the first one to shed tears, gather ‘intellectuals’ and media to take the issue to the United Nations. However, when there is an attempt to bring out the truth of the atrocities committed on Hindus, these very people adopt every tactic to stop the same as has been proved by the attempt to muzzle The Kashmir Files. If the cabal cannot take a stand in favour of Hindus, so be it, but Hindus must no longer allow the Abrahamo-leftist groups to set the narrative and dictate terms.

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