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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mofiya Parveen – Dowry linked to the suicide of a Muslim girl from Kerala

21-year-old Mofiya Parveen Dilshad ended her life on the night of Tuesday, November 23 near Aluva in Ernakulam district. In her suicide note obtained from the spot, she accused her husband Muhammed Suhail, his father Yusuf, and mother Rukia of pushing her to take her own life. 

She also mentioned that Aluva east police Circle Inspector, CL Sudheer failed to act on her complaint. Her suicide note read that ‘action should be initiated against the CI’ and that ‘my last wish is that maximum punishment should be given to Suhail, his mother, and father, who are criminals.’ 

It is alleged that the immediate trigger for the suicide was the conciliatory talks held at the police station on Monday where Sudheer insulted both Mofiya and her father in Suhail’s presence. Mofiya told her family that if this is what awaits a law student in police stations, what will be the fate of the common man.

It was in March this year that another Muslim woman named Ayesha from Ahmedabad had committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river. In her dying note, she too had blamed dowry and domestic violence.

The marriage

The deceased started getting marriage proposals since her parents wanted her to marry soon. She was a third-year BCom.LLB (Hons) student at Thodupuzha Al-Azhar Law College and wanted to complete the course before marrying. 

Suhail too proposed but she rejected it. He then sent her requests on social media and proceeded to groom her. This continued for a few months and Mofiya fell for it. 

Mofiya informed her parents and they married in April this year. Her father Dilshad said that they were told that the groom was from a well-to-do family and that he was working with a construction firm in the UAE. His family said that they did not want any dowry and Dilshad agreed to the marriage. It later emerged that they had lied and that Suhail in his late twenties, was in fact unemployed. 

Dowry and domestic violence

The remand report said that a few days after the marriage, Suhail’s family demanded a dowry of 40 lakhs for shooting a film that Suhail was planning but that request was turned down. That is when domestic violence began and she became a slave at her husband’s house. Even the money earned by Mofiya doing Mehendi work was used to meet the expenses of Suhail’s family. 

Mofiya told her classmates that Suhail is a sexual pervert and that he physically abused her on several occasions.  He even wanted her to get a tattoo on her private parts. Dilshad said that he does not know if Suhail had other affairs but he used to watch porn all night long. 

Her mother-in-law tortured and abused her and Mofiya’s new family started to portray her as a mental patient. They even tried their best to disrupt her online classes. Just one month after the marriage, she returned back to her parent’s house.

Suhail approached the mosque and alleging mental instability, tried to divorce (talaq) her. The mosque officials refused to accept it and tried to patch up things. Dilshad took his daughter to their house for a discussion where Mofiya fell at Suhail’s feet and cried informing him that she loved him and asked him to take her back. He did not even lift her from his feet.

The couple was recommended counseling sessions in Ernakulam. The psychologist was suspicious about Suhail’s rude behavior and even advised Mofiya to file a complaint with the police at the earliest. Mofiya hesitated and said that she will give her marriage another try.

Police handling the victim’s complaints

Last month, Mofiya filed a complaint with the Aluva rural SP against Suhail and his family for domestic violence. The SP ordered CI to look into the matter and he asked both the families to engage in a compromise talk in his presence. Amid the talk, the CI threatened and insulted Mofiya and her father in Suhail’s presence. 

Mofiya had gone to the police station with a well-drafted legal complaint about domestic violence that she faced. The CI was rude to her and her citing legal sections enraged him and her detailed statement was not recorded. Sudheer yelled, “Who are you to teach me the law? I know what needs to be done.” 

After returning from the police station, Mofiya was dejected and told her parents that she wanted to spend some time on her own and went into her room. When they tried to call her there was no response and she did not open the door. Later she was found hanging in her bedroom.

Circle Inspector Sudheer

The law stipulates that in cases involving harassment of women, the police should visit the victim and record her statement. Asking the victim to come to the police station is illegal. Dilshad said that he suspects that Sudheer was bribed by Suhail’s family.

Sudheer has a controversial past and recently he had tried to mess up the Uthra murder case where he was the initial investigator. Serious lapses were reported where Sooraj killed his wife using a poisonous snake. The crime branch team led by DySP A Ashokan had cited multiple lapses at the hands of Sudheer but no action was initiated.

As news trickled out and public outrage grew, Suhail and his family absconded. On Wednesday morning, police nabbed them from his relative’s house in Kothamangalam but no action was initiated against Sudheer.

The mysterious comrade

Dilshad categorically said that Mofiya had told him about the presence of a comrade who was working as some kind of quasi PRO (public relations officer) at the police station. Local media suppressed that allegation. They also did their best to hide the fact that Suhail and his family were in fact a communist family. 

The Congress meanwhile sensed an opportunity and jumped into the scheme of things with their leaders making a beeline towards Aluva led by the Leader of the opposition, VD Satheesan.

Kerala CM and the Home Minister who incidentally never spoke about the political assassination of RSS Karyakarta S Sanjith called Dilshad and promised him cooperation. Dilshad now says that the comrade he mentioned earlier was in fact a Congress worker and that he does not have any other information, other than what his daughter had told him. 

Dilshad said that his struggle will continue until a case is registered against Sudheer for homicide. He also wanted the authorities to go through Sudheer’s finances and accused him of being corrupt to the core. 

Allegations of the worst kind that Sudheer is facing made his position weak. The communist regime tried to protect him by transferring him to Thiruvananathapuram but later buckled and suspended him.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Mofiya had suicidal tendencies. A teacher who had taught her at Aluva girls higher secondary school alleged that she tried to commit suicide during her school days and that the teaching staff used to handle her ‘carefully.’ The teacher added that she is ready to co-operate with the investigators if needed.  

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