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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Mint’s anti-Hindu writer Shephali Bhatt exploits YouTuber Flying Beast’s daughter in article; 4-year-old is now getting threats

Any Hindu that shows the intestinal fortitude of standing up for his Dharma becomes the target of the multi-dimensional radical elements thriving in our “secular” society. Perhaps this is why most of the Hindus in Bollywood have steered clear of practising their Dharma, let alone upholding it. Though a handful, some celebrities still practice their religion with pride. Gaurav Taneja, popularly known by his YouTube name, Flying Beast, is one such inspirational Hindu.

When social media influencers on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram were ready to walk an extra mile to prove their secularism by peddling an anti-Hindu narrative, Gaurav Taneja walked the path less travelled. Flying Beast and his family promoted Hindu traditions, culture, beliefs, and festivities with every vlog that hit the screens.

Gaurav is an IIT graduate, has been a pilot for over ten years, and is now studying to become a lawyer. In addition, he is also a successful bodybuilder. His wife, too, is a highly educated woman and a pilot. Despite their massive professional and financial success, the Taneja family has kept itself grounded and rooted in the Hindu culture. But their success is not sitting well with the Islamist, Hindu-hating news sites and internet jihadis.

In May 2022, Gaurav and his wife Ritu Taneja held a havan at home. They also posted pictures of this havan on Twitter and vouched for the positive influences of havan. A Hindu man performing his religious duties seem to have irked the anti-Hindu cabal of Twitter, specially Sephali Bhatt of Mint, a subsidiary of Hindustan Times. 

Though she identifies as a tech reporter, she presented herself as a morally decayed, intellectually depraved content writer who exploited a 4-year-old child to spew hate on her father. Through her article was published on Mint on May 8, Sephali Bhatt showcased how she and her team witch-hunted of the internet star. Her propaganda article against Gaurav starts with her expressing absolute rage at the Hindu man for holding Havan and sharing his religious beliefs.

She also narrates how she/her team had approached every brand that had a business tie-up with the YouTuber, questioning them for being associated with Gaurav and encouraging them to drop the man and his pilot-wife as their brand ambassador. The irony is that while Shephali Bhatt accuses Gaurav of being a “political propagandist,” the sub-standard content of her article exposes her as the worst form of propagandist that there is. 

Bhatt not only mocks the religious beliefs of the Taneja family and tries to cause them financial loss, but she also goes after their 4-year-old daughter. The targeting of the toddler by the Mint journalist was the lowest any journalist could ever go. Bhatt’s depravity is reminiscent of Mohammad Zubair of Alt News, who was also booked under the POCSO Act for harassment of a girl child. The anti-Hindu cabal has plummeted to such an abyss of degeneracy that they don’t flinch before making a child a prop for their dirty propaganda. 

She goes on to quote a “child psychologist” to establish that a Hindu mother getting her daughter’s ears pierced or threatening to slap her after she drops her parent’s phone from the balcony of a highrise is “Child Abuse“.

With that logic, most Bharatiya parents should be put in jail, isn’t it? In our culture, we take pride in the fact that our mothers discipline their children to shape them into responsible adults. Even Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krishna were disciplined by their parents and we celebrate those time-honoured stories. Our society has not plummeted into the questionable standards of American parenting where children call the cops on their mothers on being disciplined and are then moved from one foster home to another where they are subjected to severe abuse and molestations.

Disturbed by the scene of “ears-piercing”, does the Mint journalist not know that there is a section of the Bharatiya society that has been cutting off the private parts of both their male and female children in the name of religious practice? What kind of activism did Ms Bhatt and “Child Psychologist” Joy Santhosh organize against this inhumane and premediaval practice?

Clearly, the writer has exploited the most natural conversations and bonding between a mother and her 4-year-old daughter to peddle her nasty propaganda reeking of Hindu-hate.

Delhi HC directs Mint to take down the defamatory article

Gaurav Taneja did not take this lying down and took the legal route. On Thursday, July 28, Flying Beast announced that the Delhi High Court had ordered Mint and its journalist, Shepali Bhatt, to take down the article and the tweets directed to defame the YouTuber and his family.

Gaurav also put out a Tweet informing his fans that the Delhi HC had accepted their lawsuit seeking a permanent injunction against Mint. Thanking his legal team for their support, the former pilot slammed the media house, and Shepali Bhatt for the vicious attack against him for practising his faith.

While Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah “fear for their children”, Gaurav’s 4-year-old daughter is facing a real threat

Shortly after announcing their legal victory, the father of two took to his Twitter to share that the family is now receiving threats for their elder daughter. 4-year-old Kairavi, lovingly known as Rashbhari, is a toddler. A Hindu child, used like a prop by the anti-Hindu degenerates posing as journalists, has now come under the radar of trolls and radicals. The father has lodged an FIR regarding this threat but this incident is enough to break the morale of a perfectly happy Hindu family. 

The threat call made against Gaurav’s daughter also acts as a grim reminder of our elites’ priorities. Years ago, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan claimed that his then-wife Kiran Rao feared for their son’s safety in Bharat. Soon after, actor Naseeruddin Shah also said he was ‘scared‘ for the safety of his adult children. 

But it is the 4-year-old daughter of a Hindu father who receives threat calls while the Islamists play the victim card. This thought must keep you busy for hours because this child represents every Hindu child in this country, now surrounded by dangerous, Hinduphobic elements. 

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