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Friday, December 1, 2023

Duped Love Jihad Victim Speaks Out, Hear Her Out –

Exclusive : Below is a talk with a Love Jihad victim from Maharashtra traumatized by deceit and fraud. With an ongoing police case that she filed against the Muslim man who duped her, she is currently struggling to come out of severe trauma, more so because, as per her claims, the man not only duped her in love, but also did a fake nikah, pressurized her to do four abortions and finally ran away with her savings and jewelry. The victim has agreed to speak on record on the condition of anonymity, though she mentions the police station involved and requests judiciary to do justice in her case. Below mentioned is her side of the story in Hindi (audio) –


Below is the text summary of the conversation with her (in short) –

Are you ready for the interview? Thank you for speaking to us. Please tell us what happened with you…

Girl – I was already married. My husband used to beat me and mistreat me. So i left him and went back to my parents. Then i started working. In the workplace, I met this Muslim man, Wasim Ansari. Earlier husband was Hindu. Then Wasim tried to get friendly with me. I told him my story but he continued to come close. Then he promised that he would marry me. We got involved in a romantic relationship. We started living together, had an intimate relationship. He lived with me for 3 to 4 years. But he kept delaying the marriage. In the meantime, he pressurized me to get three abortions done. When I turned pregnant for the fourth time, he ran away taking my money and jewelry. Finally, when I was constantly telling him to marry me, one day he suddenly called me to Haji Ali for marriage on 1st July 2017.

U mean nikah? Did he change your name?

No, my name was same only. When later he ran away, he took with him the marriage certificate.

But marriage certificate is made only when you go to court…

Ya, i meant nikahnama. They give nikahnama.

Did u read that nikahnama at the time of marriage?

Actually, everything was written in Urdu only, nothing was mentioned in Hindi or Marathi. It had his, mine and the maulvi’s signatures. And he didn’t take me inside the dargah. The ceremony was quickly done outside the dargah, and when I asked to click a picture of the marriage, he said that pictures of marriage are not allowed to be clicked in his family.

So you don’t have the pictures of your marriage with him…

No, i don’t. But i have various other pictures of me and him. And when I went back to Haji Ali to take a copy of the nikahnama, there was nothing in their records. It was a fake marriage. He had only brought the maulana with him, who got that marriage done. I had not included my family then.

I read your police complaint / FIR. It is mentioned that he ran away with your money and jewelry?

I had saved 1.5 lakh rupees and few jewelry pieces. He took all of that with him, to his village. When he disappeared, I searched the house, and then went to his brother in law (sister’s husband) in Kurla (Mumbai). I told them he has disappeared with my money. They told me that he had left for village, and asked me to go to railway station as the train probably wouldn’t have left by then. I went to railway station and but not find him in that train. Then i took another train and went to his village with my cousin brother.

Upon reaching, his mother was shocked to see me. Wasim was in the village. I asked him why he left without informing me, he scolded me and asked me to leave. Obviously, I refused to leave and told everyone what all had happened. People from the village gathered around. His parents did not accept me. His mother called me names and pushed me around. But I stayed there. Some of the neighbors started saying that Wasim should now do nikah with me in the village. Finally, his mother told him to take me back to Mumbai / Nalasopara. He told me that he will come back with me and live with me. Next day, we came back by train but at the end of journey, he again ran away taking all my money and jewelry.  Basically, he was acting but I was so blinded by his love that I could not understand it.

So, then you filed a police complaint?

Yes, then I filed a police complaint. But police did not cooperate in the beginning. I did rounds of Nalasopara (West) police station for many days. Nalasopara (West) Police asked me many questions and said various things to me without filing the complaints. Things like ‘why were you living with him’, ‘if you are pregnant, what can we do’, ‘you should get abortion done’ et all.

What was the name of the police official there?

His name is Tugave sir. They took 10 to 15 days to file the complaint. Finally, he was arrested from Alibagh. Initially, for 2 to 3 days, his bail was not accepted because I had also sent my statement through my lawyer to the judge.  Finally, he got bail from Thana jail. The case is now going very slow. The judge and the lawyer don’t call me in the court. I just get dates. I am beginning to feel that my lawyer is careless. His lawyer had tried to bribe my lawyer too, to change my statement and spoil my case. Wasim also called me once and told me to pay heed to his legal notices etc.

He has also filed a fake case on me claiming that I have harassed him, raped him. But thankfully, police has not done much because they know that the case is fake. In so many years of his stay with me, he could have gone to police and made complaints if I had forced him into the relationship. His parents have rejected me, they haven’t even told him to return my money & jewelry to me. He said he won’t return those to me.


Accused – Wasim Ansari
Brother in-law & Father Of Accused

Have you told your parents? 

Yes, I have told my parents. They can’t do much. I am alone here, I did what I could.

And have you got the abortion done now?

Yes, I have got the abortion done. I am working, doing a job.

Alright, we’ll publish your side of the story. We’ll tag relevant authorities. 

Ok. I had sent you my audio recordings with his parents.

Yes, I have heard them. I think they have also harassed you a lot. 

Yes, a lot. They are trying to get his second marriage done. But without divorcing me, doing talaq, how can he marry again.

But they can do 4 marriages…

Yes, but he married a Hindu girl.

But, the marriage was done through nikahnama..

But he lived with me and cheated me, a Hindu girl.

That’s what you need to prove in the court, that he duped you / did fraud (Love Jihad)..

According to my religion, he has to divorce me, then only he can marry someone else… What has happened to me, should not happen with someone else.

Hopefully, you will get a speedy justice. We shall publish this talk. Thank you.

I pray for speedy justice.

Note : This case has not made it in national or regional media. The victim filed an FIR under sections 498A, 406, 323, 504, 506, 34. We are in possession of a soft copy of FIR.  Many people still think that crime has no religion, specially cheating and fraud at personal level. But it is worth noting that only in case of Muslim boys and Hindu girls, the entire family of the boy completely rejects any idea of justice to the non-believer girl, and also sometimes participates in the crime willingly. On the other hand, Islam disallows a Muslim girl to marry a non-believer (non Muslim) boy. A simple google search on this subject shows various articles and videos where Muslims themselves justify sexual exploitation of non-Muslim women.

We thank @vishakhranade for translating the FIR from Marathi to English. We also thank Rajesh Pal, an animal activist, for bringing this case to our notice.


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