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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“If not for DMK you wouldn’t have become IPS”, DMK leader belittles Annamalai

A DMK leader has abused Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai for daring to expose the shallowness of Dravidian ideology. It was an attempt to belittle Annamalai by saying that if not for the reservation system he couldn’t have received a good education and become an IPS officer.

Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, the secretary of DMK’s Environment wing, took to Twitter to belittle Annamalai saying that while Dravidian ideology gave him education and made him an IPS officer, BJP made him graze sheep. Annamalai is from a middle class agrarian family which rears cattles as a part of their lifestyle. He is often abused based on this identity and Dravidianists call him “goat Annamalai” thinking that it would insult him.

But Annamalai proudly owned that identity. Dravidianist elites cannot digest the fact that someone can rise up the ladder and question them on their fake ideology and continue to try to belittle him by revoking his agrarian background. Along the same line, Karthikeya Sivasenapathy had also tried to make him feel insulted through his tweets claiming that if not for reservation brought by DMK in TN and by Mandal commission at national level, he couldn’t have become an IPS officer.

However Twitter users dug out data and pointed out that Annamalai had scored high marks and wasn’t dependent on quota to get education or to pass the UPSC exam. In fact he was the best performer of his batch of IPS cadre and got the privilege to speak at Rashtrapati Bhavan in front of the then President Pranab Mukherjee.

Dravidianists never leave a chance to remind people of their background when they go against the ideology, or even show signs of it, to “show their place”. RS Bharathi, an RS MP of DMK had said that if not for M Karunanidhi, SCs wouldn’t have become judges at the Madras High Court. He said, “If those from Adi Dravida (referring to scheduled castes and tribes) community could become High Court judges, it is the alms given by Dravidian Movement”.

Annamalai has been exposing bluster of DMK and Dravidian ideology in providing social justice and equality. To give an example, DMK staged the downtrodden Narikuravar community woman meeting CM Stalin and asking for help. Then other events such as the CM visiting her house, taking food there and extending help were also staged. But to the public eye it was amde to appear as a genuine effort with ten help of DMK pliant media. Now, the same woman has said that she was offered a loan and free house among other things.

But now she has alleged that she has neither received the loan amount nor have they built a house for her. In fact even the bricks brought to build toilet under Swach Bharat Abhiyan scheme were taken back after a few days. She is mocked by people when she goes to sell beads as she became famous thanks to CM MK Stalin’s staged events. Annamalai had shared her videos and tweeted “DMK model of development; Of the Family, By the Family & For the Family”. His upfront nature rattles DMK which tries to put down Annamalai by hook pr crook to make him irrelevant in TN politics and the recent attempt is one such.

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  1. Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, the secretary of DMK’s Environment wing, like many of his fellow party men talks nonsense. Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai has risen to where he is today by his own efforts and hard work. Instead of making dubious comparison Srisivvaganapathy should concentrate on his party and its future instead of peddling pedestrian verbiage. What has Sri Sivasenaganapathy done for the environment since his appointment as the DMK’s Environment wing? Madhampatti, on the outskirts of Coimbatore, is a rain shadow area (wonder if the gentleman knows what a rain shadow area means)? The problem is that most politicians are semi literates (Inspite of holding a degree). Remember being literate does not mean being EDUCATED.


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