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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What the Income Tax survey on BBC hideouts tells us about foreigners’ and Bharatiya Opposition’s brown sahib mindset? – Part 4

This story was supposed to be over. Like Hollywood’s Matrix franchise which was heavily inspired by Bhartiya dharmic traditions.

This is a kind of part that wasn’t supposed to exist, but became necessary to resurrect the story because of recent developments.

In the 3rd part of the story (this solid desi one, not the Matrix), I detailed how several western Deep State funded NGOs are indulging in mass-censorship of conservative media outlets in US, essentially calling them ‘high risk, fake news factories’ while completely ignoring the institutionalized lying of mainstream left-liberals/pro-Islamist outlets by marking them as ‘low-risk’. This ‘finding’ – if it could be called that – was then secretly shared with huge corporate donors, by telling them which news outlets were ‘worthy’ of being awarded advertising contracts. ‘Or else’ was something that was left unstated but implied nonetheless.

All this was done by a monster called ‘Global Disinformation Index’.

The 2 main culprits behind it (as identified by American Conservatives) were ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ (NED) and ‘Global Engagement Center’. (GEC) About both, you can read in previous articles in the series.

A 3rd and 4th culprit was Luminate Foundation and British Government.

About those too, I’d written previously.

But in short, NED is a CIA front and so is GEC, means almost entirely funded by American government. Luminate is an Omidyar front which is accused of bribing Bharatiya MHA officials for illegal foreign funding, and British Government is…well, british Government. Nothing more is to be said about its continuous tryst with anti-Hindu evil.

So the connection to Bharat and Hindus?

Turns out GDI has done one of its “studies” on media scene in Bharat too. And that list includes major nationalist voices.

Which means, there’s equally big chance that big advertisers are threatened to pull the ad revenue from those Bharatiya sites as well, while being encouraged to patronize anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat ones.

The Resurrection

But even as I wrote that article, one thing nagged at me: State Department whistleblower Mike Benz, repeatedly insisted that NED had both Democratic and Republican Foreign Policy Establishment.

But if that was so, then why did Republicans allowed their favorite media outlets to be censored this way?

Turns out, they probably didn’t even know its happening!

And as soon as they did – by Washington Examiner’s expose – they’d pulled the brakes on NED’s funding to GDI!

An exclusive Breitbart story says that, “According to a source with knowledge of NED’s decision to defund GDI, GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was instrumental in ensuring that GDI no longer would receive financial support from NED. Stefanik, an NED board member, has been concerned about the targeting of conservative voices and media, especially GDI seeking to demonetize them.”

What a turn-around!

And what’s more, NED official statement says:

“[G]iven our commitment to avoid the perception that NED is engaged in any work domestically, directly or indirectly, we no longer provide financial support to GDI,” Damon Wilson, CEO of NED, told Breitbart News in a statement.

“As set forth in our Articles of Incorporation and the NED Act, our mandate is to work around the world and not in the United States,” Wilson explained. “We have strict policies and practices in place so that NED and the work we fund remains internationally focused, ensuring the endowment does not become involved in domestic politics.”

Furthermore, fueled by Washington Examiner’s expose, GOP’s House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer has decided to haul over the State Department to answer tough questions over its funding of projects that were aimed at “domestic” audience.

It’s possible that a HR 140 would be used to expand the Hatch Act, by prohibiting federal employees from “using their authority to influence or coerce a private sector platform … to remove, suppress, restrict, or add disclaimers or alerts to any lawful speech.”

A bill would be introduced based on that questioning that’d require the government to report “every instance” of federal agencies communicating with private entities for that purpose over the past five years, naming the employees, platforms and “justification of the action.”

What does it tell you?

Given that we know that NED is a CIA front, and has both Democrat and Republican Foreign Policy Establishment inside its governing board, it means it was fine with targeting foreign news sources’ ad revenue, but it won’t be allowed to target American ones – irrespective of what GDI’s own “studies” show. (again, if they could be called that.)

And given it targeted mostly conservative media outlets even in the US, it’s entirely logical to assume they did the same for foreign press as well.

It’s a serious enough issue that Americans are determined to bring in a law that’d stop all such interference. So it’s definitely not just political ho-hum and outrage – but again, the proposed action is reserved only for domestic interference. For meddling in foreign countries’ politics, well, they’ve no concern if American government peddles vicious propaganda to destabilize even other “democracies” and “strategic partners.”


Let’s try to understand this in proper, BBC context.

The BBC context

GDI, whose aim is to kill nationalist conservative media, was directly funded by US and UK government. In case of US, it was through a CIA front, in case of the UK it was directly British government.

Which means, US and UK were waging economic warfare against free-press in Bharat.

Which means, US and UK targeting Bharatiya nationalist press is fine; them attacking nationalist press’s revenue streams are actually “Defense of Democracy”, but Bharatiya Authorities searching for BBC for illegal tax-evasion and theft of money that belongs to brown Bharatiya people, is actually an ‘Attack on Press Freedom!’

And BBC is just one foreign outlet.

In the list of GDI’s Bharat studies, it had Republic World, OpIndia, Swarajya, Firstpost, News18, Amar Ujala, Times Now, Zee News, India TV etc.

Overall 18 news sources out of total 56 were rated ‘High Risk’

This study also consistently insists on News Sources to comply with global cartel of Journalist bullies and rent-seekers named ‘Reporters Without Borders’ and its ‘Journalism Trust Initiative’, And it has to be noted here by everyone that RSF is funded by Economic War Criminal and Left-Wing nation-killer George Soros.

In fact, the complete absence of some of the major Left-Liberal and Islamist news outlets constantly spewing genocidal hatred against Hindus, is, if anything, remains telling of GDI’s own bias, on what exactly it does want to analyze in the 1st place.

You get nothing on Alt-News, Siasat, The Quint, Newslaundry, Newsclick, HW News, The Caravan Magzine, Sabrang, CJP, Tehlka, Cobrapost, Loksatta, Jansatta,The Milli Gazette, Maktoob Media etc.


Let’s assume, that among those it did cover, there might be, indeed, Left-Liberal and Islamist news outlets analyzed by the GDI which fall into ‘High Risk of disinformation’ category. Let’s assume that for argument’s sake.

Even then, the dangerous point remains true: US-UK government backed Economic Warfare against Free-Press in Bharat.

The solution?

First of all, this is foreign government backed interference, so the Bharatiya Ministry of Foreign Affairs must summon ambassadors of these foreign countries and issue a demarche to them. Warning them off for interfering in our domestic politics this way. This is a diplomacy issue. And we’ve also got the chairman-ship of G20. Make our voice bloody heard across the global stage against these white western Abrahamic monster! As a voice representing all the countries from Global South.

Make it a point that west is trying to silence the voice of the 3rd world people it doesn’t agree with. All those who cry ‘discrimination’ and ‘othering’ of alleged ‘minorities/ castes/ gender(s?)/ trees/ wildlife’… whenever Hindus call for smallest of boycotts against filthy rich nepotistic corrupt drug-infested urduwood or against brutal violence by mobs of Abrahamic minorities’, let them hear the sound of hypocrisy from a global stage. It’s about media, and free-press. I’m sure if it gets up in the air, it’ll draw lots of flak from all over the world, and deal a severe blow to the arrogant white west’s whole ‘Democracy vs Autocracy’ shenanigans.

The solution

As for what can we do domestically?

Mandating iron clad auditing report of all western companies. If they’re found to have succumbed to pressure from the woke-left-liberal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) bullcrap like the above, then a tax called ‘free-press funding’ under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) must be made mandatory for them.

The company audit report must include whether they’ve cut advertising on a news platform recently, how long before that, they were associated with this particular news media organization? What was the trajectory of their ad-spending on this news platform across the years? Based on all that data, a calculated trajectory of future ad-spending must be made…

And double that amount, or the 0.5% of total global revenue – whichever is higher, must be levied against the corporate.

That money, in turn, must be given to the news-media whose ad-funding was cut based on dubious NGOs pressure-campaign like the above.

Or hey, maybe we can throw the net wide open.

Amend the FCRA law, that manages foreign funding. Section 3(1) and section 2 (1) h of it, specifically.

Every corporate/company which collaborates with anti-national foreign NGOs for trying to influence all the entities mentioned in section 3(1) of FCRA Act (the section which decides who cannot receive foreign contribution – irrespective of having an FCRA license or not), whether by increasing or decreasing ad revenue (which must be brought under the definition of “foreign contribution” as defined under section 2 (1) h) … All those companies / corporates must be brought under FCRA regulation itself.

In simple language: If a foreign corporate / company is deciding to shift its investment under pressure from a foreign NGO or anything like that, it should be treated as part of the same NGO and its entire operations must be treated as NGO operations. Consequently, it needs to have an FCRA license, and must fulfill all the criteria defined in the act for receiving any foreign funding, even if it’s done through it’s own parent company based in any foreign country. It cannot enjoy the protections under the FEMA or Companies Act. If it sends profits earned overseas, it must be charged with money-laundering.

Or maybe let’s limit ourselves with FEMA and FCRA only. Any corporate/company deemed to have worked with any NGO or pressure group to shift its investment/business priorities – including ad revenue, without sound financial reason and especially if it comes to dealing with entities defined under section 3(1) of FCRA, all these companies / corporates must be deemed guilty of trying to violate FCRA laws itself, and proceeded with in accordance of full force of the law, related to FCRA or Money Laundering.

That’ll take all the wind out of the political sails in any corporate/company that acts as proxy for foreign anti-national NGOs.

The goal is simple: Foreign companies/corporates can not be allowed to meddle in domestic political affairs.

Unless their own finances take a much more severe hit, than the one they’re trying to inflict on Bharatiya politics, they won’t understand the pain.

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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