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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What the Income Tax survey on BBC hideouts tells us about foreigners’ and Bharatiya Opposition’s brown sahib mindset? – Part 3

It didn’t’ matter much back then. At least not much more than a moment of Hindutva Right’s gleeful “I told you so!” sniggers.

But in the age of Twitter Files – just like Kashmir Files before it, everything’s assumed a new meaning. About left-liberal lies, protected by Deep State.

Twitter Files part 8 was interesting in the sense it was compiled by a left-wing journalist himself. There, Mr. Lee Fang had found out how, despite stating its opposition to neutralize ‘State-backed information ops’ from its platform, twitter was actively colluding with US military to nurture and protect massive troll-farms for Psy-Ops, in middle-east (but it could’ve been used against other countries too, and whose names Mr. Fang didn’t mention because he hates those countries… like Bharat for example – unlike Islamist terrorist infested ones in Middle-East whom all Left-Liberals love to death. Quite literally. But anyway, we don’t know for sure.)

This one, especially, caught my attention:

“I heard from Facebook that they’re securing a SCIF in DC for a meeting, possibly on Friday.”

SCIF means “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility”. If the people can’t guess from its full-form its function, let me tell you in plain-speak: It’s used by American spies for secure communications.

And clearly, details about a “SCIF” meeting won’t be published on somebody’s facebook wall, plus given its twitter’s senior management which is talking about it here, we got to assume they meant senior Facebook management in the email as well, not any ordinary user.

In any case, it wasn’t a best-kept secret for anyone with half-a-brain, but its an ironclad proof nonetheless: American Deep State was knee-deep in the entire Big Tech Social Media scene, not just twitter. Facebook was definitely one of them.

Which means, the ferocity with which they moved to salvage its reputation from The perpetual Liar’s attacks featuring Amit-Malviya’s alleged superpowers, it would’ve amassed blessings from American/Western Deep State for sure.

There’s another bit of curious co-incidence that wasn’t given much media attention, understandably so from the left-Liberals, since they’re the thieves, but frustratingly from the right too, especially our desi right.

An American whistleblower from State Department, recently gave an interview to Sunday Guardian Live, on 04-Feb-2023, which said, “Ran campaign against PM Modi in run-up to 2019 general elections, says Mike Benz, ex US diplomat.

It’s an eye-opening interview and I urge everyone to read it in full. There, he gives examples of propaganda pieces designed to interfere in Bhartiya elections.

Guess what’s the 1st name on the list of culprits?


He also lists other articles from NYT, TIME, The Atlantic, Quartz, Poynter Institute, CNN etc.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not so much), BBC features twice!

In response to a question “Were the US government agencies, including the State Department, aware of this interference to defeat BJP and Modi?” he also says:

That was not my direct portfolio, so I cannot answer that. It would be surprising to me if the State Department’s Global Engagement Center was not talking to and placing pressure on US tech company liaisons to facilitate censorship of Modi/BJP in India. The State Department keeps close tabs on social media influence of political parties and when they are hostile to a foreign leader, they tend to let US tech companies know early and often.

This so-called “Global Engagement Center” was featured prominently across twitter files too.


When I was at the State Department, I saw all these same think tanks like the “Atlantic Council” were inundating me and my policy peers with recommendations to promote censoring “misinformation” abroad in so-called “nationalist” or “authoritarian” governments. Modi’s name was always circulated in lists that hit my inbox of places where US tech companies should be more aggressively engaged in “content moderation” (meaning censorship).

Mr. Benz seemed like an interesting fellow, so I searched more about him and bam! Where he next appears is an even more damning place for Left-Liberals cozying up with Islamists.

An expose published by an American right leaning outlet, Washington Examiner a few days ago, detailed how American State Department was funding a (really? again?) British firm named ‘Global Disinformation Index’, whose only job is to target mostly conservative media outlets’ ad revenue on the pretense of ‘disinformation.’ GDI maintains a secretive “dynamic exclusion list” which contains the names of all the bad boys and which is then forwarded to Big Corporate boys, so that corporates can stop funding big bad liars.

Or so the theory goes.

Because in reality, the entities GDI marked as “low risk” (that’d be all the left-liberals), had all participated in not 1 but 2 biggest cons pulled in the history of American electoral democracy. Fooling entire American public in the name of, ironically, ‘disinformation’. 1 was the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier that was prepared by war-mongering Democrats’ bitter presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (who lost), to falsely claim that Donald Trump is colluding with Russia, and in fact, may have been an agent of Putin. And the 2nd , was the most outrageous burying-alive of the bombshell story from New York Post, about Hunter Biden laptop which had – besides all kinds of degeneracy – potential evidence of Biden senior being corrupt and even compromised by Chinese intelligence.

The less said about mass left-liberal censorship about covid origins and tonnes of other issues at the time when pandemic raged, the better it’ll be for all our mental health.

But anyway, that was GDI. And American State Department funded it to the tune of 330,000 dollars. Through 2 of its most controversial arms.

1 was through the notorious ‘Global Engagement Center’, which came up on Twitter Files.

The 2nd was, interestingly an NGO named National Endowment for Democracy. Almost entirely funded by American government, which Mr. Benz helpfully reminds us, was termed even by far-left propaganda outlet Washington Post as “as perhaps the US intelligence community’s most flagship and poorly disguised CIA cut-out.”

Now where have I heard that name before?

Ah, yes.

It was some of the 1st ones that were put on the “watch list” of Bhartiya FCRA laws – along with anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat George Soros Open Societies Foundation, back in 2016.

Before that, it was Russians who’d grown wary of it just a year before, terming it the 1st “undesirable organization.” (You got to give it to the Russians! The politeness of their language, even while kicking American imperial spies out!)

And why not, Mr. Benz openly calls it…well, see for yourself:

So what’s the Bharat connection of GDI funded by NED?

The most dangerous ones.

Because GDI had, in 2021, conducted yet another “study” of Bharatiya media scene called “India-Risk-Ratings”, which analyzed 56 media outlets which included some of the prominent nationalist news sources in Bharat, like OpIndia, Swarajya, Republic TV, OneIndia, and News18. And given the “experience” (read: expose) by Washington Examiner and the fact the GDI doesn’t make its ratings public when targeting news sources itself… not to mention ‘Bharatiya Democracy is ‘Not Free’, according to another US govt. funded bullying arm called Freedom House, and called ‘Electoral Autocracy’ by Nordic pro-Islamist hate-monger called V-Dem’, we can be fairly certain about similar laser designating of targets on right-leaning news groups’ ad-finances are more than likely to happen in Bharat as well.

It makes sense from more than 1 angle.

Because when you go to see who funds GDI, what do you find?

The usual culprits.

One of them is Luminate group, which, among other things, was a front for another heinous anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat NGO from eBay founder called Omidyar network. It works on the same agenda as George Soros: which is tukde-tukde of Bharat. For that purpose, it funds suitable candidates from LeLi and Islamist establishment, for example propaganda outlet Scroll. Omidyar was recently in the news for being investigated for bribing officials of Bharatiya Ministry of Home Affairs regarding … guess what? FCRA certifications! The authority that clears, well, foreign funding! And even before that, it was put on the same watch-list by MHA that prohibited regime-change fronts of west like NED and Open Societies.

As for Luminate itself, it had funded – apart from pro-Islamist and pro-far-left propaganda movies (must check its connection with our own urduwod, like this “Writing with Fire”) – so-called ‘Forbidden Stories”. A massive cartel of left-liberal bullies smack full of anti-semitism and anti-Hindu hatred. You can recall that when it broke Pegasus story, in collaboration with evidence-fabricating The perpetual Liar, the biggest uproar was made in Bharat. That made its way even to our activist my-lords and even parliament! Ultimately no evidence was found by even our activist SC. FS itself was launched by Reporters Without Borders, whose claims about Bharat being a dangerous place for journalists have already been ripped to shreds by one of their own Salvatore Babones.

And one other funder of GDI…. is goddamned British Government itself!

The same colonizer government that funds BBC.

These kinds of things are why their other pets are so rattled about ‘survey’ on their Bharatiya hideout BBC.

They’re scared about not just taxes but possible indications of illegal foreign funding, and who knows? about foreign western spies operating in Bharat in the cover of journalists, undermining Bhartiya national interests and its people.

We’re suddenly running full steam ahead in a direction of foreign funded chaos, facilitated by traitorous LeLis and Islamists, and opposition parties.

In fact, just yesterday, the anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat enemy no. 1 George Soros came on record to practically announce his hand being in opposition’s glove, when he said, “Modi is silent on the subject, but he will have to answer questions from foreign investors and in parliament.”

He also made other alarming declarations like:

 “Modi and business tycoon Adani are close allies. Their fate is intertwined,”


“Adani Enterprises tried to raise funds in the stock market, but he failed. Adani is accused of stock manipulation and his stock collapsed like a house of cards.”

Taken together, what does it mean?

It means, “proof” doesn’t matter if you’re a brown bhartiya corporate on your way up. Anyone can accuse you of being close to Modi and crash your stock. They can bring you down in the name of bringing down Modi and escape all accountability. And you don’t even have to be proven either close to Modi or even a stock-market offender.

Also, who is he, to tell Indian opposition what questions they need to ask?

It all smacks of a repeat telecast of 2005 cash-for-query scandal though on a much bigger scale, in which 11 MPs from BJP, Congress, BSP and RJD have been caught red-handed in a sting operation by Cobrapost, for taking huge sums of money to ask questions in parliament. It was also one of those moments when SC gleefully got to flex its muscles into legislative domain, encroaching upon the power of voters.

It also, almost feels bitterly ironic, that anti-Hindu/anti-Bharat opposition will repeatedly ask for proofs of surgical strike and balakot air-strike, doubting the valor of our brave heroes. But those defended by our heroes – which includes opposition by the way… when one of those Bhartiya person becomes a wealth generator and job creator; becomes better at it than even white foreigners, and all of it due to protection our armed forces provided on borders, opposition then doesn’t need even a shred of proof of this person’s own wrongdoing, let alone Modi having any collusion role in it, to demonize him, modi, Hindus and all Bhrartiya people for being, well, self-reliant, aatm-nirbhar – instead of, say, relying on 1 kg of rice-bag from prince-pappu’s nanihal called Italy.

And the biggest of all was when Soros remarked that “The Adani crisis will weaken the Narendra Modi regime, and will ‘open the door’ to a democratic revival in the country.”

That is the regime-change dog-whistle to entire pack of LeLi and Islamist wolfhounds constantly on the scent of Hindu blood. Because their Alpha, Soros, had declared that India is *not* a democracy right now, and its time to attack!

It’s the proof, if one was ever needed that Adani was just an excuse, the real target is Modi and Hindutva. Because Soros snake also hissed that Modi was no democrat and inciting violence against Muslims was an important factor in his meteoric rise.

All this when there’s already an explosive twitter thread detailing a Soros group backed conspiracy to defame Adani. And it was rattling enough that communist leader Sitaram Yechury’s wife Seema Chishti – whos’ also an Editor at The perpetual Liar, sent a legal notice of cease-and-desist against Vijay Patel and Organizer.

We need to be extremely vigilant to save our nation from these foreign snakes and their desi fangs, poisoning our society, our democracy, our law-making, law-enforcement and even law-interpretation by an increasingly activist SC.

We need to move fast and make bold decisions if we want to avoid being colonized once again by the white Abrahamic west working together this time with the Middle-East hell-bent on eradicating the oldest extant Bhartiya civilization from the face of the earth which’ll naturally follow from a Hindu genocide.

All in the name of white saviors saving brown savages from themselves and their ‘Flawed Democracy.’

But if you don’t feel the threat is real, then don’t worry… when your and your family’s name appears in a motley resistance of Hindus’ effort (because we Hindus always resist foreign oppression), painstakingly documenting victims of Hindu genocide while they’re fighting for their lives, their dharma and their civilization, it’ll be called ‘misinformation’ by BBC and GDI.

You can thank the alleged-fact-checkers you support in advance.

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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